PriPara Idol Songs♪ Collection by SHiMer (プリパラ アイドルソングズ♪コレクション by SHiMer PuriPara Aidoru Songuzu♪ Korekushon by SHiMer) is an album collection by SHiMer. This collection contains 3 mini-albums and 1 group album.

Featured Singers


Mizuki cover

Mizuki's album cover

Mizuki Hoshizora - Tsuki no Megumi (The Moon's Blessing)

  1. Eternal Flame
  2. 流星 (Mizuki ver) (Original by i☆Ris)
  3. Message from Mizuki
  4. Eternal Flame (Instrumental)
  5. 流星 (Instrumental)
Shion album cover

Shion's album cover

Shion Todo - Shion-iro Panda (Aster-colored Panda)

  1. Absolute Life of a final show Girl
  2. No D&D Code (Shion ver)
  3. Message from Shion
  4. Absolute Life of a final show Girl (Instrumental)
  5. No D&D Code (Instrumental)
Hikari Idol Song Collection

Hikari's album cover

Hikari Todo - Sekai no Happy Light (The World's Happy Light)

  1. Sparkling☆Days
  2. Decorator (Hikari ver) (Original by Miku Hatsune)
  3. Message from Hikari
  4. Sparkling☆Days (Instrumental)
  5. Decorator (Instrumental)
SHiMer cover

SHiMer album cover

SHiMer - Hoshi no Kanata e (Beyond the Stars)

  1. Sweet Sp!ce (SHiMer ver) (Original from Aikatsu!)
  2. No D&D Code (SHiMer ver)
  3. TBD
  4. Message from SHiMer
  5. Sweet Sp!ce (Instrumental)
  6. TBD (Instrumental)
  7. TBD (Instrumental)


  • This is the first Idol Songs♪Collection to feature Mizuki Hoshizora and Hikari Todo.
  • This is the 3rd album to feature a message from Shion.
  • The coords featured on Mizuki and Hikari's covers are both coords worn by Laala Manaka.
    • This was, according to the two of them, because they both admired Laala, and wanted to try on her coords. The Meganee photographing them picked out some good ones and they ended up on the covers, which surprised both Mizuki and Hikari a bit.
      • This make Shion's cover the only one that was "planned", as Mizuki and Hikari were only having fun with Laala's coords and didn't know their photos would end up on their covers.
  • Hikari's cover is the only one out of the solo albums which lacks an animal (Mizuki has a small black butterfly).
  • All the solo album covers are written with titles that are white and have black outlines.
    • However, on the group cover, the title is written in black with a white outline instead.
  • This is the first collection to release two different versions of the same song. (No D&D Code)
  • Hikari's cover is the only one which isn't a square
    • This was, according to Hikari, because the album designer (aka Ivanly xD) made hers at night and wasn't thinking straight (totally true xD).
    • It is unknown whether her cover will be redone or be kept the same (when I'm bothered maybe xD).