Kanji 安藤
Romaji Andō
Personal Info
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorGrey
FamilyHibiki Shikyoin - master
Idol Info
Voice ActressTakuma Terashima

Andou is one of the original supporting characters of the series. He is Hibiki Shikyoin's butler.


Andou goat

Andou inside of PriPara.

Andou has long straight black hair tied in a low ponytail. He has sharp grey eyes. The hair framing his face is cut straight and his bangs part in the front. Like Hibiki, he has noticeable eyelashes.

Like a regular butler, Andou is commonly seen wearing a suit and white gloves. He wears a violet vest under his coat and a white pocket handkerchief in the coat pocket.

Inside of PriPara, he takes the guise of the goat as ordered by Hibiki when she sent him to infiltrate Laala and her friends. He retains the outfit after PriPara is changed to CelePara, and it is currently unknown if he will ever get out.


He is a quiet and aloof man who appears to very loyal to Hibiki. As a butler he waits on Hibiki and is very obedient. He also appears to not be easily swayed as showed when Dorothy's "Max Beam" had no effect on him.


Hibiki Shikyoin - Andou's master. He is shown to be very loyal to Hibiki, following her orders without question whenever Hibiki demands something. He is later fired by Hibiki after telling Laala and friends of Hibiki's wish to become a Vocal Doll. He is rehired after Hibiki reconciles with the rest of the idols before returning to EuroPara.


  • He is the first character to be a butler, followed by Meganii Akai.
  • It was stated by Hibiki that Andou always wanted to see Hibiki dressed as a girl, which was shown in Episode 89.
  • He shares his voice actor with Usagi.