Aria Haruno
Kanji 春野 アリア
Romaji Haruno Aria
Personal Info
Hair ColorIndigo
Eye ColorDark Blue
FamilySonata Haruno (mother)
Home PlaceParajuku


First AppearanceEpisode 26
Idol Info
Favorite Brand(s)Holic Trick
Idol TypeCool
Voice ActressFumiko Orikasa

Aria Haruno is one of the main characters in the series. She is a 8th grader and also the Vice President in the Student Council at Paprika Private Academy. She is a Cool-type idol. Her brand is Holic Trick. This character is RPed with Ivanly912.

Aria is also a singer outside PriPara, and therefore is very popular. Her fans gave her the name "Parajuku Queen" and she is admired by a lot of other singers around the same age as her.


She has long, indigo hair which curls at her waist. She has dark blue eyes and is usually seen wearing Cool-typed clothing.


Aria is humble, despite being the "Parajuku Queen", even going as far to wear a disguise to avoid the media. Despite this, she also wants to see people smile and helps new singers when they are struggling. Whenever she feels down or has an artist block, she likes to go shopping for new clothes.


My Dream

Aria's mother, Sonata, was also a singer, and Aria admired her when she was little. She wanted to be just like her when she grew up. Sonata started giving her vocal lessons since she was 3, and therefore has a very nice voice. Her neighbors occasionally visit Aria's house just to hear her practice. She also had rules about what to drink and eat, but she wanted to be a singer very badly so she didn't mind.

Aria also watched PriPara TV when she could, and admired the Saints and their voices. When Saints disbanded, she continued watching and she started admiring Laala's voice, which she didn't know was the Prism Voice.


After Aria turned 6, Sonata decided to let her take an audition to see how people besides her neighbors thought of her. She entered Aria in a small audition, where the winner gets to sing as an opening act for another singer. After Aria sang, she was chosen on the spot, and all the other girls auditioning were sent home.

A Voice to Make the World fall in Love

As the day for her to sing the opening act came up, she started getting nervous. However, on the day of the event, she learned the singer she was singing the opening act for was Sonata, her mother. Knowing this, Aria got less nervous and instead focused on performing her mother. The audience loved Aria's voice, and she became popular. However, the audience didn't know she was actually Sonata's daughter.


After singing that opening act, Aria got offers for more jobs. She started struggling with her schedule, and Sonata noticed this. Sonata called her manager and asked if she could recommend a manager for her daughter. The very next day, a lady named Sylvia shows up at Aria's house. Sylvia offered to become Aria's manager, which she agreed to. Thanks to Sylvia, Aria's job started becoming less stressful for her.

You want to be my designer???

One day, after she finished her photo shoot, she was approached by Cosmo Hojo. Cosmo told her that she had been watching her, and that she was impressed. She offered to be Aria's designer and design her clothes for every live. Aria agreed, and the two of them started working together. They eventually became great friends.


A few years pass since Aria met Cosmo, and she became a very well-known star. Her fans started calling her "Parajuku Queen" which embarrassed her a lot. However, Sonata, Sylvia and Cosmo were all supporting her, so she eventually got used to it.

One day, when Aria, Sylvia and Cosmo were having a meeting about her next stage outfit, a PriTicket landed on top of Aria's head. Cosmo explained how it was a PriTicket that could take her into PriPara, and Aria got really excited. She had continued to watch PriPara TV even after becoming an idol, and really wanted to go check it out.

Leave it to me-pri!

One day, when Aria didn't have work but she had school, she went to the Student Council Meeting. After it was over, she consulted Mirei. Mirei agreed to take her into PriPara after school, and Aria got really excited. After school, Mirei took Aria to Prism Stone and explained everything. Meganee told her that her brand was Holic Trick. She scanned her ticket and entered PriPara.

More TBA (maybe xD)


Cosmo Hojo - Cosmo is Aria's designer, and the two of them get along well.

Sophie Hojo - When visiting Cosmo's house once to discuss her outfit, Aria met Sophie. She felt really happy to meet her, as Sophie was a popular idol in PriPara. Sophie and Aria started hanging out occasionally at school and became great friends.

Mirei Minami - They are both members of the Student Council, and therefore get along well. Mirei relies on Aria a lot when she has lives in PriPara, and Aria always takes care of work for her. Mirei really appreciates Aria's help and seems to trust her a lot more than the other members of the student council.