Romaji Chanko
Personal Info
Hair ColorGreen
Eye ColorUnknown
Home PlaceParajuku
Idol Info
Voice ActressChinatsu Akasaki

Chanko is one of the original support characters of the series. She is a student of Paprika Private Academy and the bodyguard of Sophie's Fan Club.


Chanko has slightly curly green hair pulled into a bun on her left, with two loose strands on each side of her head. She wears a blue bow with a pink 'S' on it, which stands for "Sophie". She is also quite chubby. She has bright pink cheeks. She has her eyes closed every time she is shown.


Chanko is very protective of Sophie and will push away anyone who comes near her. She is also very friendly and caring. She tends to end her sentences with "~chanko".


Sadako - They get along well as part of Sophie's Fan Club. She is often ordered to fight off anyone who comes close to Sophie by Sadako.

Sophie Hojo - She protects Sophie from anyone trying come close to her as part of Sophie's Fan Club and is her bodyguard.


  • She is referred to as Guardian Chanko by Sadako.
  • She and Sadako are the only named members of Sophie's Fan Club.
    • However there is not an official kanji spelling of her name.
  • It is shown that she has a Lovely-type PriTicket, meaning that she would be a Lovely-type idol.
    • Though not confirmed, it is speculated that Chanko is already an idol.
  • It is shown that she does modelling work inside of PriPara.
  • She shares her voice actress with Falulu Bokerdole.
  • She is the third supporting character to have a CGI model, preceeded by Cosmo Hojo and Nao.