Furanzu's Project Paradise - part 1

Furanzu becomes the Prince of PriPara, but he is not finished yet. He decides to make a project that can change the PriPara. There are 5 sub-projects needed to complete the bigger project. He orders all the Meganii's around the world to finish it. All the Meganii's and Meganee's obey his order. As soon as the first project is completed, he needs to find a powerful idol that can test its power. The first project is making the legendary stage inside the castle were the only the Eternal Idols can perform. The PriPara Goddess has no power over ruling PriPara anymore. Furanzu commands Jewlie to perform on that stage and she obeys instantly. Jewlie performs a live and the legendary stage drains her power to make it more beautiful. The first project was extremely risky and dangerous.

Project 2

Furanzu's second project is to make all the rulers of other PriPara's obey him. Furanzu goes to PriParis to take revenge, as his former father had betrayed him for not giving the throne to him. He walks towards to the castle alone. The guards couldn't stop him with how much power he held. He arrives in the throne room, where the King and the Queen are seated. They all bow down to him instantly and hand over the throne. Furanzu says "One year ago, I came here to ask for the throne and you declined me, and now you gave me this little castle? You are my former parents, you treated me like a normal person without status." The King replies "I am so sorry. I beg you, my son, please forgive us!". Furanzu counters "I'll forgive you after you dethrone yourself". The royal family accepts his demands and he continues his talk "I am now the ruler of PriParis. I'll make you my Prime Minister but you must obey all my commands, even if the cost is your life. There is one thing. If your daughter comes to me, even once, I'll sentence you all to eternal torture". The royal family accepts this and leaves the castle. The royal guards begin obeying Furanzu's orders. It is unknown what the purpose of the second project is.

Project 3

Furanzu is now the ruler of all the PriPara's, but he is not finished yet. His PriPara Project still has some way to go. Phase 3 of the project is to arrange a wedding. Once the wedding succeeds, it will move on to Phase 4. Furanzu doesn't mind if he is not of legal age to be married to Laala. The Meganee's around the world are busy arranging and finalising the wedding plans but it will take a year to finish.

Project 4

Phase 4. Furanzu gets married to Laala and she falls pregnant. Furanzu plans to have Melody be born on Christmas. It is needed to reach the final project. The legendary baby will open PriPara's biggest secret and the unknown fate of the world and PriPara.

Project Final

"All of it was to make it to this phase" Furanzu says this words. He will never regret that memorable day. All his needed is to open the secret. When Melody was born, she was the only key to the secret of PriPara. Furanzu must now wait to see what he had sacrificed everything for.