Part 1

Melody's mission is complete. Now she can go back to her own time, but she won't. She wants to spend time in the present because she loves her young father. Furanzu agrees to stay in the present for the test as well, as wants to test her mysterious Prism Voice.

Part 2

Furanzu wants to make Melody sing. She sings a song and something miraculous happens. Furanzu couldn't believe that he couldn't resist her voice. Her voice is so beautiful, he thought. No one could ever beat her in singing. There are several Prism Voices. Melody's Prism Voice is currently unknown. Even Furanzu himself couldn't believe that his plan had worked. After giving his power to Laala, it turns out that Melody had inherited the Prism Voice from Laala and now has an even stronger one.

Part 3

After Melody sings, something happens in PriPara. Furanzu stops Melody from singin any further. He tells her to hold back when she is singing just in case. Furanzu's plan succeeds and now all he needs to do is to wait.