Flashback: Before the wedding

Furanzu's Project Paradise is starting. He plans to have the wedding in the PriPara Castle. Laala loves Furanzu more than anything. She wants to marry him so she asks her parents for permission to marry him. They agree and their parents plan a surprise for them. Elsewhere, Furanzu needs several items in Pretty Rhythm world for this to work. He goes to the PriPara Station to travel to parallel worlds. Furanzu comes and he picks six legendary items. The Meganii's and the Meganee's from all over the world help Furanzu in completing his Project Paradise. Furanzu orders Meganii to give the six items to Laala. She needs to wear them for the Wedding Live.

Mysterious Miracle

Furanzu doesn't have much time to see Cosmo, but still goes to her for a wedding coord. He arrives and asks her to make another parallel coord for him. Cosmo agrees and they rush back to PriPara. Furanzu thinks that to make another parallel coord, it needs all 4 designers to work. Furanzu goes to the station again and he finds Shou and Yun Su. In PriPara, Cosmo calls Ajimi to come and Ajimi, in her usual erratic manner, rushes too. The Saints want to see the wedding as well. They return to PriPara as the 4 designers complete a design. Furanzu stops suddenly them as he thinks of a new plan. A mysterious miracle will happen. He needs 2 more great designers to make a mysterious coord that will be the most powerful coord in history. He orders Momo and Aira to help them with the design.

The Wedding

Furanzu plans to marry her in outside of pripara.every royal families in the world come and they went to the royal church.Laala wears a wedding dress and furanzu,a suit.A couple of ours later and they married.They want to perform together.They goes to the prism stone and now Furanzu said "Use this coord"Meganii gave the coord to laala,the pure white wedding dress.furanzu also gave all the 5 prism accessories to make her beautiful.The tiara does suits to laala and they got married.after that they perform in the castle.nd a mysterious miracle happens.the 5 powerful accessories glows and it gives the power to make a special performance.After that.Laala faints and she barely said that she is pregnant 1 month ago.Furanzu is happy and he gives a power to the 5 accessories to make it the key to the secret of pripara.the project paradise takes years to complete it needs furanzu and laala's daughter to finish the keys to the secret of pripara.