Every idol wants to become a Kami Idol, but none were chosen. Their performances weren't enough to make them one. Some idols sacrificed their lives but they always failed. Furanzu, he sacrificed everything to become a simple idol but his sacrifice became even more confusing. He possessed an unknown power that can easily change PriPara forever. Many idols want to sacrifice their friends, families, deeds and even their life to achieve the impossible, but Furanzu only sacrificed his vengence. He wants revenge on everything. His happiness was taken away, his anger became power. His life becomes that of a destroyer and his mind wants to become a ruler of everything.

Perfomances of the past to the future

"Master the performance. The Making Drama will be created from your heart. Spread your beautiful wings and becomesa powerful idol!". Laala from the future said this asthey are making a performance that could create an eternal happiness for all people. In the past, PriPara had only a maximum rank of Top Class. There were so many idols in the rank it became difficult to manage. Suddenly, a mysterious boy grows into a powerful idol who can change PriPara little by little. He created a Kami Idol class for the Saints. The present has a divine rank only achievable by being the best. Laala and company become Kami Idols with the help of their friends, especially Furanzu. They grow into special idols that have a outstanding level of skill. In the future, there are so many powerful idols like this now. The greatest idol in the future is Melody. Furanzu retires his idol career and passes to title of the Saikyou Aidoru to Melody.ep Eternal Idol, upgrades, exclusive Airy's, special PriPasses, legendary PriTickets and much more. However, he was hiding his true power. He didn't perform at his limit break. The future holds many unknown things.

Holy Family future performance

From the future, Furanzu opens the secret of PriPara. He has a very powerful family in and out of PriPara. He is well beyond invincible. The family's performance will be the end of their story. Laala will be the only one left. She is the owner of the Prism Voice but her daughter has long beaten her out with a new voice. She doesn't care about this however. She knows how to use the legendary items that Furanzu had told her to keep from their wedding. Her power will become unique. Melody has the power of beauty and can sing more powerfully than all else. But she needs to learn more about the secret of her father to defeat him. The Holy Family will perform in the secret of PriPara. "For those who want to see this performance of ours, you will be given a divine blessing for all of eternity", Furanzu announces all over the world.