Flashback of the prism goddess

The Prism Goddess who created Rinne and the Prism World is always protecting the Prism Sparkle along with Rinne. She's always creating another of Rinne when she needs a help to regain the sparkle. The Prism Goddess is the most powerful Prism Star in the Pretty Rhythm World. She is always observing all the Prism Stars from time to time. Suddenly, a misunderstanding in a situation occurred. The Prism World collapses because of the loss of the Prism Sparkle. Naru from the Saints decides to help Rinne to regain it. A long story happens and it is a success. They regain the Prism Sparkle and Rinne returns to the Prism World. While she was crossing the Rainbow Bridge, she saw her brother. He said "Congratulations, my little sister. You've completed your mission. Now go back to the Prism World where you belong". Starn was shocked to see this mysterious boy. Rinne is worried but her memories had been erased. Starn always thinks of this and she wants to go to PriPara. The Prism Goddess has a new servant, Ibara. Peacock teacher asks the almighty Prism Goddess about that mysterious boy. "He is the one that will change PriPara forever. I failed to create another copy of Rinne, and instead, it turned a boy with such a mysterious power that even I fear." Peacock teacher is shocked about this as she can't go to PriPara. She is scared of this boy and his great power. The Prism Goddess tells Jewlie to be aware of the mysterious boy that she has sent to PriPara.

Jewlie's plan

Jewlie is now fully aware of Furanzu. She wants to stop him from changing or destroying PriPara. No one has the power to stop him alone so she creates an infant to help her defeat him. Her new daughter is born and she grows up rapidly. Jewlie needs to train her to become the next Pripara Goddess to be able to stop Furanzu. She thinks that two Pripara Goddesses will be enough to stop him from changingeverything and now she has a plan: she forces Furanzu to become her boyfriend. Her plan succeeds. Furanzu comes down with a high fever and Jewlie becomes a baby. Their powers combine and they acquired a negative status. Furanzu will never get healthy. Jewlie lost half of her power after she becomes a baby which is taken in by Laala. The baby tells her that her name is Jururu. It is still unknown as to why she does this but she thinks that it is the only way to buy time and stop Furanzu from performing while her daughter is training to become a powerful idol.

The Goddesses and Humans

The Prism Goddess is a goddess from the Prism World that keeps the Prism Sparkle from disappearing. She cannot go into PriPara unless she has a body to enter. Her new mission is to stop Furanzu from changing PriPara while he cannot perform. Her power is extraordinary and she is unbelievably talented at everything. Jewlie is the PriPara Goddess. She also wants to stop Furanzu. Her power is equal to the Prism Goddess and she is the most beautiful girl. It is unknown whether she possesses the Prism Voice or not. She is always making new things in PriPara such as the Cyalume Baton, PriPasses, PriTickets, PriTicket File Bags, Closet Trunks and Cyalume Jewel Microphones. She knows that her powers alone are not enough to defeat Furanzu, but she is risking her life to defeat him with her own daughter, Elina, and the Prism Goddess will help. Jewlie's daughter is not strong enough to reach her own mother, so she must train to become the next PriPara Goddess to control the entire PriPara. Her training is intense. Jewlie's trusted Meganii's and Meganee's help her train and she is the current PriPara Princess. As Hibiki, known as "The Greatest Prince"m decides to come to Parajuku's PriPara for the Dream Parade, everyone will do everything they can to stop Furanzu. SoLaMi♡SMILE, Dressing Pafé, Triangle, Falulu, Fuwari, the Saints, the Prism Goddess, Jewlie and Elina; these great idols will stop Furanzu even if it means losing their dignity and life. Melody is afraid of her father. She knows that her father is extremely important to her and she won't stand against him. Furanzu is an unknown species. He will never gain any thrill from his deeds.