Chiho render
Kanji 知保
Romaji Chiho
Personal Info
AgeAround 20-30
Hair ColorGrey (fur)
Dark Grey (Hair)
Eye ColorDark Grey
Home PlacePriPara
OccupationPriPara Mascot
First AppearanceEpisode 16 (cameo)
Idol Info
Voice ActressYumi Uchiyama

Chiho is one of the characters of the series. She is a PriPara Mascot and Madeleine's manager. She is a legendary manager and mascot within PriPara. This character is RPed with MidnightManacchi.


Chiho is a pale grey unicorn with dark grey eyes. She has a long grey braided ponytail with curled bangs. It is held in place with a large, grey and a silver bead. Her large angel-styled wings are dark grey with white tips, while her pale slate horn has a soft grey band with a purple-grey diamond charm wrapped around the base. She also wears a grey and purple-grey cravat neck-piece with a diamond on top.


She is very overprotective of Madeleine just as Unicorn was of Falulu. She does not let Madeleine perform regularly and tries to keep her out of sight. This is because the Madeleine seen roaming PriPara is actually her soul, and that if she were caught Meganii might destroy the real Madeleine. Though she does not show it, she is deeply worried about Madeleine because of her destructive nature. She tends to end her sentences with "~chiho".


An abandoned PriTicket

Years before the start of the story, Chiho stumbled upon an old building in the middle of a forest. When she went to investigate, she found that it was a library, containing the entire history of PriPara. After looking around, she found an old book on a stone podium, surrounded by purple mist. Curious to see what it was, Chiho opened the book and found an old PriTicket. She later scanned it into the PriPara system, and thus Madeleine was born. Chiho decided to take care of her, but noticed something different. Though she was a Vocal Doll, her eyes did not shine with the wonders of an idol. Instead, they shone with despair. Chiho decided to ignore this and they continued their training.

The eyes of death

Years pass and Madelene reaches the Top Idol rank. While Madleine performs, Chiho and Meganii see something strange. During her Making Drama, Madeleine's eyes become menacing and voice becomes malicious-sounding. Her eyes begin to glow and life disappears from them. Her Prism Voice is activated but it instead destroys nearby objects. Chiho becomes incredibly worried and asks Madeleine about this after her live. Madeleine responds by saying that she didn't notice anything different. Worried, Meganii decides to do research on Madeleine's origins, and discovers something shocking.

The Vocal Doll of Death

After months of researching, Meganii discovers the truth and decides to tell Chiho: that Madeleine is the Vocal Doll of Death. Madeleine's PriTicket contained the powers of despair and sadness, to counter the joy in happiness of every other PriTicket. Meganii says that her Prism Voice was unique. Though not much was known, he states that the PriPara Legends says that her voice contained mysterious powers, those more powerful of regular Prism Voices. Chiho, afraid of what may happen, decides to limit Madeleine's performances, and eventually stops them altogether.

The last live

Years pass after Meganii's revelation. Chiho rethinks the situation, and decides to let Madeleine perform once again. But when she goes to Meganee about it, she is immediately stopped by Meganii, who tries to tell her that letting Madeleine perform could be dangerous. Chiho ignores Meganii's warnings, and Madeleine performs once again. Halfway through her performance, she once again turns destructive, but this time destroys the entire stage and injures fans. Meganii immediately shuts down her system to prevent her from causing any more damage, causing Madeleine to "die". Her lifeless body is put away in a hidden room, away from PriPara's idols and fans.

Madeleine's return?

Ten years after Madeleine's system is shut down, idols begin to report sightings of an eery figure roaming PriPara. The figure is described as being a Vocal Doll, with grey hair and a monotone outfit. Her eyes are described as being black holes, which could kill if you made eye contact. She would unleash a dark aura when she began to sing: just like Madeleine. Alarmed by Madeleine's "return", Meganii and Chiho go to her resting place. However, they find her there, looking as she did ten years earlier. Meganii puts the Meganee's on heightened security, in case Madeleine did come back.

No, I'm not that Madeleine

Six months after Madeleine's reappearance, Chiho stumbles upon Madeleine in the old building where she first found her PriTicket. Chiho demands to know why Madeleine has returned, and why she is even here at all. Madeleine responds, saying that she is not Madeleine, but is Madeleine's soul, left to wander PriPara after she was put to sleep. Chiho refuses to believe her, slapping her and saying that she is perfectly solid. Madeleine proves this, by taking Chiho to Madeleine's resting place, where she stands next to her lifeless body in its coffin. Shocked to see Madeleine and Madeleine in the same place, Chiho tries to slap Madeleine again, but this time her paw goes through Madeleine's head. Now convinced that Madeleine is a spirit, Chiho decides to keep this secret from Meganii. She allows the soul Madeline to perform again, but only for short amounts of time and when Meganii is not aware.


Madeleine Bokerdole - Her idol. Chiho is responsible for scanning Madeleine's PriTicket and subsequently her birth. Chiho feels incredibly guilty, now that she knows that Madeleine powers can destroy PriPara, and sometimes wishes that she didn't explore the old library,


Chiho: Chiho (知保) means knowledge and protection. This may be referring to Chiho's status as a legendary manager and her desire to protect Madeleine from herself.


  • She is the only mascot whose name is given in kanji.
  • She is the second mascot to be a unicorn.
  • She and Unicorn resemble each other, but they are not related.
  • Like Madeleine, Chiho's colour palette is completely monotonic, using only greys and blacks.
  • It is unknown how old Chiho is. Chiho and Meganii shut down Madeleine's system ten years before the start of the series. Chiho had also said that she found Madeleine's PriTicket years before the that, but that it was not more than ten years. Meganii also says that Chiho was around ten herself when she discovered Madeleine. This would mean that Chiho is around 20 to 30 years old.
    • This makes her the oldest mascot in the series.
  • It is rumoured that Chiho also has a long name like Unicorn and Ham, but it is unknown how long it is (because I can't be bothered to make her one xD)
    • Because of her legendary status, it is possible that her name is longer than Ham's, whose name is currently the longest in the series.
  • She shares her voice actress with Dabyi from DokiDoki! PreCure.