Clockwork Puppet Cyalume Coord (クロックワークパペットサイリウムコーデ Kurokkuwāku Papetto Sairiumu) is a Cool-type coord from the brand Clockwork Puppet. It is a Cyalume Rare Coord. It is worn by Mayu whenever she performs a Cyalume Change or Cyalume Airy. It first appeared in episode ?.


Mayu - Episode ? (Cyalume)



A brown, striped dress coat over a white shirt with a pale cravat tied under the collar with a cog brooch. The right wrist-sleeve is fastened with a white strap with small cogs attached. On the left wrist is a copper accessory with a small cable extending to the back of the outfit. An off-beige belt is attached around the waist with various Roman numerals and clock hands attached. The pants are a dull grey.


Brown boots with a large off-beige strap on the left boot and a small strap at the ankle with cogs on the right.


A grey-brown top hat with goggles wrapped around the brim with two small feathers comming off the right side.

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