More Rock!More Styling!More Girlsh with all the charm of a cool girl.

This brand uses the elements of rock,rock-punk and feminine combination.Is a Cool type brand.

Devil Girl Logo


The idols that uses Devil Girl are :

  • Natalia Naitou

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Known Coords

  • Devil Girl Cyalume Coord
  • Halo N Cyalume Coord
  • Alice Blood Tea Party Coord
  • Bijux Purple Coord
  • Ribbon Pumps Coord
  • Ribbon Carnival Coord
  • Ribbon Banana Coord
  • Classic Demon Coord
  • Classic Fallen Angel Coord
  • Red Moon Coord
  • Phantom Coord
  • Casual Devilish Girlish Coord
  • Garnet Mirage Coord
  • Saint Spica N Team Cyalume Coord
  • Milky Way Gorgeous Coord
  • Spider Heart Cobweb Coord
  • Spider Premium Crystal Cobweb Coord
  • Spider Candy Cobweb Coord
  • Clock Blossom Coord
  • Capricorn Mystery Coord
  • Mouse Cheesy Girl Coord
  • Gothic Modern Coord
  • Trident Apple Candy Coord
  • Bon Bon Additive Coord
  • Divine Idol Faruru Born Coord
  • More Beautiful Devil Coord
  • Dollface Freaking Dolly Coord
  • Devil Warrior Coord
  • Devil Eclair Eclectic Coord
  • Silky Firefly Heart Devil Coord
  • Gemini Masquerade Prince Coord
  • Gemini Blood Prince Coord
  • Death Metal Girl Coord
  • Nightmare Abism Cyalume Coord
  • Trick Joker Coord
  • Metal Heart Punkish Coord
  • Adrenaline Valentine Gift Coord
  • Perfect Prince Cool Coord
  • Perfect Prince Lovely Coord