Elina Orihime
Kanji エリナ 織姫
Romaji Erina Orihime
Personal Info
Age10 (Appearance)

2 (Actual Age)

BirthdayJuly 7
Hair ColorSea Green
Eye ColorDark Blue
FamilyJewlie (PriPara Goddess) - "mother"
Home PlaceSomewhere in PriPara
OccupationPriPara Goddess (Training)

PriPara Princess

First AppearanceEpisode 24
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)TBA
Favorite Brand(s)Goddess Diva
Idol TypeHoly

Elina Orihime is one of the characters in this series and the PriPara Princess, born and raised personally by Jewlie, the PriPara Goddess. She is a Holy Type Idol. Her brand is Goddess Diva. This character is RPed with Ivanly912.


Elina has dark blue eyes and sea green hair. Her bangs are brushed to one side with two loose forelocks reaching her chest. The rest of her hair is pulled into a side ponytail with two long curls. According to herself, Jewlie styled her hair that way when she was little.




  • She is the seventeenth Kami Idol in the series.
  • She is the ninth known idol to possess the Prism Voice.
    • Jewlie refers to it as a "Heavenly Voice", and it is more powerful than a normal one.
  • She looks exactly the same as Miyabi, a character from PIA.
    • They are both used by the same user (Ivanly).
  • She is the second character that belongs to Ivanly who has a performance video. She is preceeded by Hikari Todo. (Shion, Sophie and other canon characters don't count)


(RECOLOR) PriPara - プリパラ - Charismatic GIRL☆Yeah! - Elina Orihime

(RECOLOR) PriPara - プリパラ - Charismatic GIRL☆Yeah! - Elina Orihime


Julie, a PriPara Goddess, heard that the Prism Goddess created a mysterious boy with dangerous abilities, gets extremely worried. Since Goddesses aren't allowed to go to PriPara unless it was an extremely important reason, she had no choice but to choose someone to go undercover in PriPara and investigate him. She didn't trust any of her servants, so she used her powers and created an infant.

Rapid Growth

The infant was not a normal child. 2 years after she was born, she already grew to the height and size of a ten year old, and learned a lot of things quickly. Julie was pleased that her "daughter" had finally grown big enough to enter PriPara, and sent her to the one in PriPari. She named her Elina.


Under the supervision of Julie's most trusted Meganees and her "pets" (who are actually mascots xD), Elina quickly learned the basics of being a idol. However, she was not allowed to make any contact with any humans until she completed her training. After completing it, Julie gives her a necklace, telling her "This necklace will grant your wishes. Choose them wisely..." and fades away.


Elina wonders around PriPari, and bumps into a green-haired girl with pigtails tied and curled at the end. The green-haired girl introduces herself as Faruru, a Vocal Doll. Elina, who heard about Faruru from her mother, started talking to her, and soon the two of them became good friends. Faruru introduced Elina to Unicorn, the Mini-Faruru's and Garuru. Elina noticed Garuru's voice and recognised that there was a Spiny Bug in her, but was afraid to say it. Instead, she used one of her wishes on Garuru, praying that she would meet someone who would be able to help her get the Spiny Bug out and smile again. Julie, who was watching Elina, got slightly mad, but also glad her "daughter" grew up with a kind heart, which would make it less likely that she would destroy PriPara out of negative emotions.


Elina and Faruru became really good friends, and Unicorn was glad Faruru made another friend who could help her take care of the Mini-Faruru's. The Mini-Faruru's eventually started calling Elina "Elina-oneechama" which made her slightly embarrassed, but also happy to have 99 younger sisters. One day, Faruru opened her PriPass and Elina saw a lot of people through her PriPass, and a really cute lavender-haired girl with hair tied in pigtails and a large ribbon. Elina tries her best to keep the Mini-Faruru's from getting in the call, but a few of them still showed. After the call, Faruru tells Elina about PriPara, which Elina also heard about. "That's the place my enemy is..." Elina thought to herself.

Following the two idols

Hearing Elina's interest in PriPara, Faruru took her to PriPara along with the other Mini-Faruru's. After the helicopter landed, the Mini-Faruru's rushed out, but Elina stayed behind. She peeked through the window and saw the same lavender haired girl she saw in the call, a yellow haired girl with her hair tied up in cat ear-like shapes, a red haired girl with one stray curl and long hair, a cool purple haired girl with her hair tied to a messy ponytail, and a pair of twins, one with pink and the other with blue short hair. Elina watches the red haired girl as she gets the Spiny Bug out of Garuru and the purple haired girl who charged at the monster with her wooden shinai. "Those two are amazing..." Elina thought to herself and got interested in them.

Um... Hi...

Faruru, Garuru, Unicorn and the Mini-Faruru's returned to PriPara, but Elina wanted to stay behind. She continued watching the red and purple haired girls, and eventually learned their names were Sophie and Shion. She also learned all the other idols names, and was a bit surprised to find out Leona was a boy. As Elina continued to monitor the two girls, she saw two more girls. One had long white hair with blue highlights, and the other who looked like Shion, except with longer hair and tied into a high ponytail. Mizuki, Hikari, Sophie and Shion. After learning those names, Elina gathered up her courage and approached them when the four of them were together.

Kaitou Genius

Along with Mizuki and Hikari, the three of them watched Shion in Dressing Flower, performing and Cyalume Changing to her Summer Dream Parade Coord again. Then, everything went dark and the coords were stolen. Elina looked up angrily at Kaitou Genius, but didn't wanna scream and get attention drawn to herself. Instead, she secretly made another wish. Not for Kaitou Genius to be captured, but for someone to be able to stop "him".

The future

Through one of Julie's trusted Meganees, she learned who Kaitou Genius was, as well as "his" secret. Then something happened. Elina suddenly felt a sharp pain through her brain and fainted. In her dream, she saw the future, where PriPara had a large castle and 5 idols, known as CelePara Opera Company, were performing. She was shocked to find out that Shion, Sophie, Faruru and Hikari were part of that team. A few hours later, she woke up and saw those four idols, along with Mizuki. Elina told them about her dream, and Shion, Sophie and Hikari were shocked, while Faruru just stood there with a confused face. "I won't stop you, but just be careful if something happens..." Elina said as she got up and prepared to walk home. She was still dizzy, so Sophie and Shion walked her home.

Getting closer

Elina was watching from afar when SoLaMi Dressing went to Hibiki's room to convince Hibiki to allow Fuwari to stay. After Hibiki agrees, Shion and Elina both noticed how Hibiki was staring at Shion and Sophie. They both remembered Elina's dream, and decided to be more on guard. A few days later, Sophie showed up to school in her idol mode, which causes Mizuki, Shion, Hikari and Elina to be even more suspicious. The next day Shion gets a love letter from Hibiki, and Elina started getting even more worried. Luckily, nothing bad happened but Elina still got really worried and kept and even closer eye on those two.

Paprika Academy's Newest Star Pt. 1

Elina approached everyone with a request. She wanted to enroll in Paprika Academy. She didn't tell any of them, but she wanted to enter to keep an eye on Hibiki, as well as learn more about the world outside PriPara. With some help from Mirei and Ookanda Headmistress, Elina managed to enroll in the academy. She was disgusted by Furanzu's appearance in an unacceptable uniform that stood out way too much. However, Elina wasn't in any position to argue, and just shrugged. Jewlie told her Meganees and Aoi Meganii, a Meganii from a seperate PriPara to take her to school for the first day, so that she wouldn't lose to Furanzu's first appearance in the academy. She chose a seperate Meganii because she didn't trust the one in PriPara after he escorted Furanzu to school. For the first day, she was allowed to wear something other than her school uniform. After that, Elina chose to wear the normal school uniform instead of one that stands out, so she could be a more "normal" student and keep an eye on Hibiki without too much hassle. Jewlie also decided to take an appearance of a normal mother to go with her daughter to school.

Paprika Academy's Newest Star Pt. 2

Ookanda announced to the school that Elina was coming. Lots of students had heard about Elina and seen her when she was hanging out with everyone else, and got excited. No one knew she was actually a goddess except for SoLaMi Dressing, Aromageddon, Fuwari, Ajimi, Mizuki and Hikari. Mirei, Aria and the rest of the student council members all helped set up. The next morning, Elina woke up early inside PriPara, and the Meganees, Aoi Meganii and Jewlie all walked outside with her. She decided to wear the White Pearl Coord, which was a formal coord but it didn't stand out too much. Meganee drove a pure white limo and took her, Jewlie, and Aoi Meganii to school. There was a red carpet laid out in front of the school, and Elina got embarrassed from all the attention. A lot of students were standing there, waiting for Elina to come out. Jewlie encouraged her, and Aoi Meganii opened the door and walked out the other side. He walked towards the side with Elina, and opened the door. Elina took his hand and walked out. All the boys immediately fell in love with her, while the girls all admired how beautiful she was. Elina waved shyly and walked towards the end of the red carpet, where Ookanda was waiting. After Ookanda gave a little speech about first having two wonderful students (her and Furanzu) enroll at around the same time, she asked Elina to give a tiny speech. "I'm Elina. I'm a girl who recently debuted as a PriPara idol, and also very new here. I'll be quite lost for the first few days, so please help me. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu." Elina did a small curtsy, and all the boys fell even more in love with her.

Paprika Academy's Newest Star Pt. 3

"Now then, Elina Orihime-san, your class is the same as Hojo Sophie's. She and the Royal Guards will take you there." The Royal Guard and Sophie took her up to the classroom. The teacher was waiting for her. He took Elina's hand and kissed it, which made her even more embarrassed. The teacher wrote her name on the board, and she took a bow and sat down in her seat, hoping people would just stop staring at her. The teacher asked Elina if she new about "simultaneous equations", in which Elina replied no, since she'd never done maths before. The teacher told her he would explain it later, and wrote a few questions on the board for the other classmates to solve. Elina read the examples in her book, and raised her hand. She solved the equation very quickly and amazed everyone. The teacher was confused, and Elina just replied that she used applied knowledge to answer the question. At recess, a girl approached her and asked her to explain it to her, since she didn't understand, and Elina was really happy to help. In sport, Elina asked Sophie what they were doing. Sophie couldn't participate due to her weak body, so she wasn't completely sure. Elina encouraged Sophie to participate, as she might enjoy it, and Sophie agreed. It turned out to be dancing. Since Sophie and Elina practice a lot in PriPara, they both had a lot of fun and amazed their classmates. At lunch, everyone asked Elina how class was going, and she replied that she had a lot of fun. Andou saw her hanging out with SoLaMi Dressing, and told Hibiki. Hibiki got slightly interested, and wondered if she was good enough for her team. She decided to wait until Elina debuted as an idol.

There's a big prolem!

Ookanda quickly called SoLaMi Dressing and Elina into her office. She told her that Paylor Swift, a famous singer from another country, was visiting the academy put on a presentation about idol life outside Parajuku. However, she had a condition; she wanted to watch a few lives and Ookanda asked SoLaMi Dressing and Elina to do it and they all agreed. However, as Paylor Swift arrived, there was a problem with the broadcasting, and PriPara TV couldn't be shown. After Elina learned that, she wished on her necklace to return to school. The necklace transported her there, and while she was being transported she quickly translated a song to English so Paylor Swift could understand. She grabbed a mic and walked onto stage and sang Etude of Radiance in english. Amamiya set up a broadcast to SoLaMi Dressing's Cyalume Pacts, and they also watched and listened. Paylor Swift was moved, and the broadcasting glitch was fixed. SoLaMi Dressing sang Realize!, although it was mostly Japanese, it had a few english words, and Paylor Swift could understand. She was very pleased, and did the presentation. After school, Jewlie, Aoi Meganii and Meganee were waiting for her. Jewlie asked how her first day was, and she replied with a smile. "It was the best day I'd ever had."

First encounter

A few days later, when Elina was at school, she walked towards her next class. As she walked through the corridors, she felt it. The sensation. She felt her destined enemy was nearby. Elina continued walking and saw Furanzu walking in the opposite direction in the corridor. They stopped when they got close to each other. "You're wearing a normal school uniform. Guess it shows I'm more popular and important than you." Furanzu said with a smile. Elina simply smiled back. "I just didn't want to be sitting on an undeserved throne. The role of any powerful person like a goddess or queen is to inspire others to stand with her/him, not to force them to bow down and worship us. Something like that will eventually lead to your destruction." Elina walked off, and Furanzu got slightly mad, but walked on and ignored her. After all, he had no reason to argue with Elina since she wasn't getting in the way of his plan, Project Paradise.