Fuwari Midorikaze
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Kanji 緑風ふわり
Romaji Midorikaze Fuwari
Personal Info
BirthdayAugust 11
Hair ColorBright Yellow
Eye ColorFuchsia
Home PlaceThe Palps


Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Come And Join This Song ~Layhee
Favorite Brand(s)CoCo Flower
Idol TypeNatural
Voice ActressAzusa Satō
Fuwari Midorikaze is one of the original characters of the series. She is an 8th grader at Paprika Private Academy. She is a Natural-type idol. Her brand is CoCo Flower. This character is RPed with Ivanly912 and Fuwarii.


Fuwari has fuchsia-colored eyes and blonde hair that is cut just above the shoulders, as well a thick braid across her head that resembles a headband. Thin strands frame her face on either side on either side, while her bangs split and part on the left. She looks the same in and out of PriPara.


Fuwari is gentle and soft like her name suggests. She is free-spirited and isn't afraid to go about things her own way. She is a friendly person and seeks to befriend everyone, especially animals. Being born and raised the European mountains, Fuwari can "talk" to animals and her singing attracts many animals as well. It is shown that Fuwari's favourite animals may be goats. She has demonstrated her ability to talk to goats various times and have five goats herself, four of which were in a Dream Team with her called Fuwari and the Does.

Significant Coords

Casual: Tyrolean Fleur Coord

Cyalume: CoCo Flower Cyalume Cood


Toriko - Fuwari's mascot in PriPara.

Laala Manaka - She and Laala hold a special relationship as they text each other at least everyday. They first met when Fuwari climbed up a tree after first arriving in Parajuku.

Hibiki Shikyoin - Hibiki is the reason Fuwari has come to PriPara to participate in the Dream Theatre. They first meet after Hibiki's horse runs off to Fuwari after hearing her sing in the Palps. Hibiki then offers her a scholarship at Paprika Private Academy to become a princess candidate. Because of her prince-like image, Fuwari initially called Hibiki "Prince-sama". After Hibiki revealed herself to be Kaitou Genius and also a girl, Fuwari leaves Parajuku for her home in the Palps. She later returns in order to find out the truth about Hibiki's actions and why she lied to her. They reconcile after the Spring Dream Idol Grand Prix and leave for EuroPara together at the end of the second season.


  • She is the fourteenth Kami idol in the series.
  • She is the first Natural-type idol in the series.
  • She is the first idol to enter PriPara without a brand the first time she enters.
  • Her voice actress also voices the child character Mitama from Fire Emblem Fates.
  • Her birthday is shared with Mamori Minamoto from Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.
  • It is not confirmed if Fuwari and Hibiki are a canon couple, though it was hinted at at the end of the second season.