Garuru render 03
Kanji ガルル
Romaji Garuru
Personal Info

Vocal Doll

BirthdayApril 17
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorGrey-Blue
FamilyFalulu Bokerdole - original

99 Mini Falulu's

Home PlacePriPara
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)0-week-old -Arrange ver.-
Favorite Brand(s)Marionette Mu
Idol TypeLovely
Voice ActressAsami Sanada

Garuru is a Vocal Doll and Mini Falulu. Her PriTicket was created from the negative emotions of girls who believed they could not become idols, causing her to be born when Unicorn scanned her ticket into the system. She is a Lovely-type idol. Her brand is Marionette Mu. This character is RPed with MayaAurora~.


Minifalulu garuru

Garuru before undergoing her change.

Like the other Mini Falulu's, Garuru resembles how Falulu looked before being awakened, though more robotic. Her hair however is black instead of green and have red ribbons tied into a cross shape at the ends. She has sharp eyes and noticeably sharp teeth.

After the new CelePara System is implemented Garuru returns to PriPara with a new look. She now resembles a human and looks like Falulu before she awakened. She has lost the red ribbons at the ends of her pigtails and wears a new outfit. She retains her sharp eyes and teeth.


Garuru is a little terror when she first appears. She's mischievous and a troublemaker, causing many problems for those around her. She's very disobedient and is unwilling to listen as shown with her constant growling towards and her biting those around her when they try to talk to her. Garuru also appears to not be fond of others and would always be by herself according to Falulu. She also doesn't appear to like idols as well as dancing and singing in general.

After eating one of Sophie's pickled plums, it's revealed that Garuru had swallowed a "Spiny Bug" which turned out to be the source of her bad behaviour. She then becomes a lot nicer and felt bad for the way she acted towards everyone and later stated that she was jealous because she couldn't sing and dance well, not that she hated it; however, after the concert she decided she wanted to become a "Kaijū (怪獣 monster ) idol".

She returns later to debut, now sporting her new look. While her singing and dancing aren't perfect as she constantly trips and falls, she gets back up straight after and continues. She works as hard as she can to achieve her dream of becoming a "Kaijū Idol".

Significant Coords

Casual: Fluffy Monster Coord

Cyalume: Marionette Mu Cyalume Coord


Falulu Bokerdole - Her original. She originally hated Falulu and would bite her constantly. After coughing up the spiny bug, Garuru apologises for her behaviour and the to reconcile. She deeply cares for Falulu and would protect her from danger, such as when she knocked out Hibiki as Kaitou Genius from their balcony when they were dancing.

Sophie Hojo - Prior to her change of heart, Sophie was the only one to understand her, as well as the only one not affected by her biting. After unleashing her monster hologram on PriPara, Sophie protects her from the falling debris caused by it, which changes her outlook on idols. Sophie's pickled plums are also the reason she was able to cough up the Spiny Bug.


  • She is the twenty-fourth Kami Idol in the series.
  • Her name is officially spelt Gaaruru, which means "growl". This may be due to the fact that she constantly growled at people when the Spiny Bug was still in her system.
  • According to Unicorn, some of her Mini Falulu sisters' names are Naruru, Charuru, Maruru, Hyaruru and Pyaruru.
  • She and Falulu are the first idols to share a theme song, mostly due to the fact that Garuru looks up to Falulu and also the fact that they are both Vocal Dolls.
    • They are also second pair of characters to share a Cyalume Coord. They are preceded by Cosmo Hojo and Meganee Akai.
  • She formed a team with Aroma Kurosu and Mikan Shiratama called Garumageddon.
  • She returns to her smaller form after the Dream Parade after re-eating the Spiny Bug that held Hibiki Shikyoin, Fuwari Midorikaze and Ajimi Kiki.
    • However, unlike the first time, Garuru can still grow big when doing performances, as shown in Episode 88.
  • She does not return to PriParis with Falulu and Unicorn at the end of the second season.