Gloria Okanda
Kanji 大神田グロリア
Romaji Ōkanda Guroria
Personal Info
Hair ColorSilver
Eye ColorGold
Home PlaceParajuku
OccupationHeadmistress of Paprika Private Academy
Idol Info
Voice ActressUrara Takano

Gloria Okanda is one of the original supporting characters of the series. She is the headmistress of Paprika Private Academy and former idol.



Gloria whenI hen as younger with her PriPara idol persona "Sugar".

Gloria has extremely long curled hair pushed to the right in a high ponytail near the front of her head. She has golden eyes. She wears bright red lipstick and fuchsia colored eye shadows. She wears a purple dress with gold and white accents with blue and gold earrings.

When she was younger, Gloria wore her hair similar to how it is now; pulled into a thick braid worn on the right of her head with a dark purple band. She has few curls of hair loose at the bottom of her head, while her bangs curl towards the left. Inside of PriPara, Gloria's hair became short and very pale brown. It was curled into a bob style with two, big thick curls of hair, one on each side of her straight cut bangs. Upon returning to PriPara, Gloria's hair does not change back to her old look but instead remains her current side ponytail.


She is very strict, and previously held an unwavering hatred to the idea of friendship, which was due to how she felt abandoned by her former PriPara teammate Himeka. She is seen taking away the PriTickets from the elementary school students by using a vacuum and sniffing out every single one of them. However, she is also quite gullible. She has a good sense of smell, and is very persistent. She finally lifts the ban on PriPara. after realizing her reason for being against it was a mistake. She tends to end her sentences with "~dessu wa". Inside of PriPara she tends to end her sentences with "~guro".


Rina - Her vacuum. She is shown to be quite affectionate of it.

Himeka Manaka - Her former teammate in PriPara. They used to be good friends and one day decided to meet up outside of PriPara. However, due to the fact that both changed appearances after undergoing PriPara Change, they could not find each other, resulting in Gloria believing that Himeka had broken their promise. They eventually find out the truth and forgive each other.

Laala Manaka - Laala's performance helped Himeka to discover the truth about PriPara and what had really happened between her and Himeka.


  • She can smell out PriTickets.
  • Previousy, she could not a step with 100 metres of a PriPara entrance.
    • It is said to be because there is a "forcefield" to keep out people who hate PriPara.
    • After reuniting with Himeka, Gloria can now once again enter PriPara.
  • It is shown that Gloria, as Sugar, was a Lovely-type idol whose preferred brand was Marionette Mu.
  • She is a regular customer at Laala's family restaurant Papa's Pasta.
  • She is the first character in PriPara to visibly wear makeup.
  • She shares her voice actress with Sasorina from HeartCatch PreCure!.