Hikari Hoshiiro
Hikari Hoshiiro
Kanji 星色光
Romaji Hoshīro Hikari
Personal Info
BirthdaySeptember 28
Blood TypeO
Hair ColorAqua Blue
Eye ColorRed
FamilyMinoru Hoshiiro (husband)
Akari Hoshiiro (daughter)
Daisuke (younger brother)
Rain Shiratama (older sister)
Hanabi Shiratama (niece)
Momo Shiratama (niece)
Anna (sister in law)
Kana (niece)
Home PlaceHoshido
Idol Info
Voice ActressRie Kitagawa

"I feel superty duperty lucky that I got to marry one of my favorite pop idols! I kind of want to become an idol just like him and go to PriPara with my daughter. However, I think I'm too old for it and I don't think she'll accept me coming along with her. She is sixteen after all." -Hikari

Hikari Hoshiiro is one of the supporting characters of the series. She is the mother of Akari and the lucky wife of MINO. She does not go to PriPara, although she wishes she could go to enjoy what Akari likes as well, but feel embarrassed to admit it to any of the Meganee's. This character is RPed with GanbareHannahChan.


Like Akari, she has long, aqua blue hair. Unlike Akari, her hair is not tied into pigtails. Her hair is braided in the back. She never wears makeup, as she always prefers natural beauty.

In the PriPara world, she wears a midriff T-Shirt with ripped jeans and black sandals. She likes to express her own style of clothing rather than following what women her age wear.


Like Akari, she is energetic and upbeat. Her singing and dancing skills are worthy to become a PriPara idol, (as she sings Akari's songs when Akari isn't home) but PriPara is more of a guilty pleasure for her as she feels embarrassed to admit she likes PriPara even to her closest friends.

She is also a powerful tomboy. She likes to climb trees and play with bugs. She doesn't mind getting dirty at all. Her older sister Rain criticized her for that as she believed "that isn't how a true mother acts". Hikari dismisses it as complete lies.

When she was around the same age as Akari, she was a huge fan of Minoru Hoshiiro, who used to be an idol under the alias of MINO. When she got married to and had Akari with him, it was like a dream come true. Her wedding with him took place in one of his concerts.

She has the dirtiest adventures out of everyone in the family. Her birthday is September 28.


Minoru Hoshiiro - Hikari's husband.

Akari Hoshiiro - Hikari's daughter.

Rain Shiratama - Hikari's older sister.

Daisuke - Hikari's younger brother.


Hoshiiro: Hoshi (星) means star and mixed with Iro (色) meaning color, Hoshiiro means star-colored. It is commonly miswritten as "Hoshiro" which has a totally different meaning.

Hikari: Hikari means light.


  • She was mentioned in Episode 23 when Akari talked about her dad. She mentioned her mom along with him.
  • She shares her name with Hikari Todo, another character on this wiki.