Himeka Manaka
Kanji 真中ひめか
Romaji Manaka Himeka
Personal Info
Hair ColorPurple
Eye ColorGreen
FamilyLaala Manaka - eldest daughter
Non Manaka - youngest daughter
Home PlaceParajuku
Idol Info
Voice ActressRei Sakuma

Himeka Manaka is one of the original support characters of the series. She is a chef at Papa's Pasta and the mother of Laala Manaka and Non Manaka. She is also a former idol.



Himeka when she was younger with her idol self.

Himeka has brights green eyes and purple hair like her daughters. It is mostly seen pulled up into a bun, with part of it is let loose on each side of her head with a small flip nearing the bottom. She is usually in uniform for work. When she was younger, her hair was medium length and pulled back slightly.

When she went to PriPara, her hair was very long a flowy, retaining her purple but becoming a bit darker. Upon returning to PriPara as an adult, her hair is short and curly.


She is shown to be very nice and friendly, but can be strict at times. According to Laala, she can be quite loud, "like a loudspeaker or a fire truck or a siren".


Laala Manaka - Her eldest daughter. The two are shown to get along well but can argue a bit from time to time.

Non Manaka - Her youngest daughter.

Gloria Okanda - Her former teammate in PriPara. They used to be good friends and one day decided to meet up outside of PriPara. However, due to the fact that both changed appearances after undergoing PriPara Change, they could not find each other. Himeka began to return to Prism Stone every snow to wait for Gloria as promised, holding her Friend Coupon. They eventually find out the truth and forgive each other.


  • She likes to eat, but is worried about her weight.
  • She considers Laala to be too loud, though Laala considers her too be too loud as well.
  • It is shown that Himeka was a Cool-type idol whose preferred brand was Baby Monster.
  • Her role is very similar to that of Ringo Hoshimiya from Aikatsu!, another idol anime series.