Before the live

Furanzu and all of the Pretty Rhythm characters go to PriPara. They want to see the power of the legendary idol. Furanzu is going to debut, but it is unknown what his immeasurable talent is. Even the gods and goddesses themselves can't see his power. The Saints and friends had come to PriPara for a memorable day. Furanzu steps onstage. But not all are happy. The greatest idols want to stop Furanzu at all cost. They try to stumble or aim at him, but fail and Furanzu proceeds the legendary stage where Saints had once performed. On his way, he sees the all powerful idols: SoLaMi♡Dressing. They try to stop him and perform but it isn't enough. Falulu, Hibiki and Fuwari also try, but to no avail. The girls of Triangle, Junon, Pinon and Kanon, also tried, but again they fail. They can't beat him. Jewlie is been enraged as she knows that she can't defeat him. Instead, she decides to call the Prism Goddess and her own daughter to stop him. They take to the stage and a miracle happens. The world stops in shock at seeing the mystical live. Meganii says that it is enough to stop Furanzu, but it is not. Furanzu says "that is a goddess live to me.They are powerful, yes, but they are just a pawn in my game." Everyone is shocked to hear this and realise that they had failed to stop him. No one stands in his path as he reaches the stage effortlessly.

Unknown live

Humans and gods have tried to stop him, but all fail. Melody wonders about what happened. She had backed out because she had feared of her own father and did not want to stands Giants him. Furanzu scans his PriTicket and changes into his casual coord, the Majestic Prince Coord. He will use this power for an unknown reason. Everyone is prepared and PriPara is starting to collapse. The parallel worlds and dimensions are instantly destroyed, leaving only the PriPara's and the world itself left. Furanzu chooses the song nth Color. He performs at his full power. PriPara starts to crumble as everyone shakes in fear. PriPara can barely hold together, but the system is not functioning properly and the legendary stage starts to change. Approaching the Making Drama. He chooses to perform all the Prism Jumps, Prism Acts and Prism Lives. PriPara gradually disappears, leaving only the legendary stage where Furanzu is performing. Everyone panics as they can no longer leave. Furanzu uses all there is, the Making Theatres, the Cyalume Baton. PriPara's system can't hold on any longer. Furanzu uses the Cyalume Change. His coord glows brighter than brightest star known to man. He performs his Crystal Airy and flies off. Everyone uses their owns Airy's to hold on. PriPara has been reduced to nothing, only the legendary stage is to be seen. Everyone floats in the air and Furanzu delivers the final blow: he uses his real airy, the Holy Airy. The airy is for only for Furanzu and everyone falls into the endless space. His coord upgrades and it becomes the Holy Majestic Prince Coord.. The live ends.

After the live - finale

Furanzu stands up on the stage once again and his body begins to disappear. Laala and the others are falling in an endless space of PriPara. Suddenly,Laala remembers her friendship. She use that power to activate her Final Airy. She flies out and cries "Minna tomodachi! Minna aidoru!". The people perform their own AiryCchange and fly towards the legendary stage. They don't see Furanzu. Instead, they see his crown lying on the stage. Laala picks up the crown and sees a vision of a powerful idol that can revive him. She sees the most beautiful girl alive, her daughter. Melody appears and uses her Prism Voice to revive her own father. However, it wasn't enough, she reaches her limit and begins to falter. Everyone begin to sing along with her with all their might and Furanzu's body was reborn. Furanzu survives and he is well. He sees Laala and kneels in front of her. Meganii says "Laala, you are truly the princess. That crown belongs to the Ruler of PriPara. Put that crown on his head. "Laala puts the crown on Furanzu's head and PriPara turns back to the way it was. But it is not over yet. Furanzu now has the title of the one who changed the PriPara. He releases his power and PriPara turns more beautiful than ever. The Dream Theatre turns into a shining crystal, the PriPara TV Building is rebuilt, the Eiffel Tower appears, schools, amusement park and more buildings were added. Allof the 7 Wonders in the World are added as well. Everyone cannot believe what they are seeing. They think that they are dreaming about this but realise that it was all true. Meganii announces to the world that Furanzu is the ruler of all the PriPara's. Everyone bows down to him and they praise him as the Prince of PriPara. He is now lives in the Paradise Castle along with his princess, Laala, ruling PriPara.