This page contains Ivanly's ideas for her RP series, Paradise Stars, and may be used for her future RP series (undecided if I'll even write another one xD). PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THIS PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even if your inner student that hates grammar mistakes tells you to edit it (Manacchi I'm talking to you) try not to because it's my way of noting down plans and if you edit it I might not understand what I was trying to do ^^

This page contains spoilers (obviously) so read at your own risk... You have been warned!

Things to Do

(Crossed out means done)

  • Form SHiMer in the story
  • Introduce Aria and Koyuki into the story
  • Think of team names for the following duo teams
    • Shion and Sophie
    • Mizuki and Dorothy
    • Hikari and Aria
    • Koyuki and Faruru
  • Recolor the Dream Parade Coords (MSA, MSS, MWS, MWA)
  • Recolor DPPC
  • (Maybe) Make a visual and page for Harmony
    • (If doing one above) Decide on a last name for Harmony

Dream Teams

  • Summer: SHiMering Elegance
  • Autumn: ???
  • Winter: NOC
  • Spring: NOC and ??? (Not same as autumn team)


  • SHiMer Star (1st DT and BD DT for ??? (undecided)

Things to think about

  • Harmony for OP character?
    • Introduce Elina and make her OP character?
  • Antagonists? (Maybe Hibiki and... 2 more? xD)
  • How to restore PriPara
  • Borrow OC's from other users? (Already borrowed Rikka and Iona)
  • Team of Dorothy, Sophie and ???
  • Aroma and Fuwari
  • Sequel to Paradise Stars?
  • Climax for Spring Grand Prix (Try not to use same idea as anime)
  • Centers for Dream Parade
  • Wish for the bell

Plot Ideas

This is where most of the spoilers are ^^ I'm nice enough to warn you about spoilers twice be grateful

  • RL for Faruru Comeback Live 2 (8 characters) (Must be before Winter Grand Prix)
  • Hikari betrays Shion (Keeping this interesting...)
  • LML return to Parajuku