Kanji ジュリィ
Romaji Jurī
Personal Info
Hair ColorPale Mint
Eye ColorPale Purple
FamilyElina Orihime - "daughter"
Home PlacePriPara
PriPara Goddess
First AppearanceEpisode 24
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Girl's Fantasy
Favorite Brand(s)Rosette Jewel
Idol TypeUnknown
Voice ActressReina Ueda

You CANNOT use this character for RP, but feel free to use her when doing a Kami Idol Challenge Live ^^ No permission needed for that ^^

Jewlie is one of the original characters in the series. Not much is known about this character at the moment. Her brand presumably Rosette Jewel. This character is RPed with Ivanly912.


Jewlie is a pale skinned girl with the same, sleepy eyes present with Faruru and Jewlulu. They are a soft, light purple with feathery, pale mint eye lashes. On her forehead is a gold heart surrounded with several tiny gems. Her pale mint hair is extremely long and worn in several sections. Most of her hair is pulled into a large bun with a curly ponytail flowing through it and a braid tied around the bottom to hold it together. Tucked behind her head are large loops of hair, while her forelocks are thick and reach her chest, held with jewel ornaments.

She wears a gold and blue jewel pair of headphones, and is normally depicted in a white gown accented with silver, gold, lavender, and sky-blue, along with several diamond gems.



Significant Coords



Elina Orihime - Her daughter which she created to stop a dangerous boy from destroying PriPara. Jewlie loves Elina deeply, although they rarely talk to each other.


  • She is the first known canon Kami Idol in the series.
    • She is the fourth Kami Idol overall on the wiki.
  • She is invisible when roaming PriPara, being only visible to Elina.
  • The coord she wears in her visual is presumably the Kami Coord, so it is possible her preferred brand is Rosette Jewel. However, this has yet to be confirmed.
  • She is revealed to be Jewlulu in Episode 94 of the canon series.

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