Jewliner (ジュライナー) is an idol unit that consists of Hanabi Hibiki, Chika Moroei and Mion Shirabe. The members of the unit are rivals with Prism Force and like the said unit is also a military unit but focuses more on their idol career than ever battling.


  • Hanabi Hibiki

Hanabi is the center of the unit. She is quite tomboyish for being a daughter of the richest family of the district. Her theme color is crimson.

  • Chika Moroei

Chika is Hanabi's best friend. She is good with her studies and loves to sing for her friends. Her theme color is cerulean.

  • Shin Kisaragi

Another of Hanabi and Chika's friends. He's a photographer.

  • Kanae Oki

Hanabi's seiyuu.

  • Wakabayashi Naomi

Chika's seiyuu.

  • ????

Shin's seiyuu.

Unit Status


The unit's name is a portmanteau of the words "Jewel" and "Liner". The group chose the name because they're like jewels connected in one line forming any accessory they want like a bracelet.


  • The members names are all based on musical terms.