Kanji ジュルル
Romaji Jururu
Personal Info
Hair ColorPastel Green
Eye ColorLight Fuchsia
First AppearanceEpisode 24
Idol Info
Voice ActressReina Ueda

Jewlulu is one of the original characters in the series. This character is RP'ed with Ivanly912. She wears the Rosette Pact on her, and is shown to be able to go inside and outside of it freely.

This character will not be RP'ed the same way as she acts in the anime, which was decided by Ivanly. Please don't get confused and for now, you can treat them as different babies if you want xD


Jewlulu resembles Falulu. She has light fuchsia eyes and short, pastel green hair with a small amount pulled into a curled bun on top of her head, worn with a bow resembling Laala's. She has white eyelash markings above each eye. Her attire is composed of the Rosette Pact attached to her chest and a pair of pale blue headphones on a gold band.




Laala Manaka - She was the one who found Jururu and takes care of her. It is unknown whether she still considers Laala her mother after seeing Shion.

Shion Todo - She got attached to her when she saw her, and started calling her "mama". She is strangely attached to Shion and refuses to let anyone else hold her.


  • She was the first S3 character announced along with Junon.
  • She is the first main character to be a baby.
  • She shares her voice actress with Ajimi Kiki.
  • She takes a liking to Shion Todo in Episode 24, refusing to let go of her and calling her "mama".
  • She is revealed to be Jewlie in Episode 94 of the canon series.

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