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Kishi is Akari's mascot and plushy. It was part of Akari's childhood and a toy line that Akari loved as a child, the Fluffy Ball Friends. (ふわふわ ボ-ル ともだち Fuwa Fuwa Booru Tomodachi)


Kishi is a green circled creature with fluffy hair. It has a pencil stuck in it's hair and a bow in it's head, that was given to by Akari. It has glasses stitched into it's fabric.


Fluffy Ball Friends says that it's personality is smart and intelligent, which is how Akari portrayed her as a child. Kishi takes notes whenever it can.

Relationship with Akari

Kishi sleeps with Akari every night, even when Kaze sleeps with her. He accepts this, however. Akari says that ever since her mother bought her Kishi, at age five, she was never able to fall asleep without it, and thus, it always stayed with her for eleven years! Kishi does not have a gender, but due to Akari dressing it up and clipping a bow in it's hair when she was little, it might be considered a girl in Akari's eyes.