Kuma render 03
Kanji クマ
Romaji Kuma
Personal Info
Hair ColorPink (fur)
Eye ColorBlack
OccupationPriPara Mascot


Idol Info
Voice ActressChihiro Suzuki

Kuma is one of the original characters from the series. He is a PriPara mascot and SoLaMi♡SMILE's manager. He has a friendly rivalry with Usagi due to their similar goals of becoming the number one manager in PriPara. His birthname is Klaus Henrik Poncetta Von Vogel Strobel Cash De La Manecca III. This character is RPed with no one^^


Kuma is a pink bear with a pale pink muzzle. He has small black dots for eyes and a pink triangle-shaped mouth. In the middle of each ear is a bright yellow heart. His body is also pink with two pale pink, fluffy spots. He wears a purple bowtie with a yellow heart at the center around his neck. He has small yellow wings.


Kuma is competitive and ambitious, but can also be somewhat lazy. Despite this he works hard to make Laala, Mirei and Sophie top idols. He is shown to like drinking green juice. He ends his sentences with "~kuma".


Laala Manaka - He is Laala's manager in PriPara.

Mirei Minami - He is Mirei's manager in PriPara. Despite the fact that they are constantly bickering, he cares deeply for Mirei after she saved him from going to the Mascot Graveyard.

Sophie Hojo - He is Sophie's manager in PriPara. After Sophie left Usagi to form SoLaMi♡sMILE, he became her new manager.

Usagi - They have a friendly rivalry and an on-going competition between them: whoever can produce better idols will win.

Neko - He and Usagi frequently visit Neko's bar to have a drink and get their fortunes told.

Unicorn - Both he and Usagi admire Unicorn.

Aya Suzumoto - He is Aya's manager in PriPara.


  • He is the first manager to manage more than 3 idols. He is followed by Usacha.