Leona West
Kanji レオナ・ウェスト
Romaji Reona Uesuto
Personal Info
BirthdayFebruary 5th
Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorPink
FamilyDorothy West - twin sister
Home PlaceParajuku


Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Twin Mirror♥Compact (Dorothy duet)
Favorite Brand(s)Fortune Party
Idol TypePop
Voice ActressYūki Wakai

Leona West (Also spelt Reona) is one of the original characters of the series. He is an 8th grader at Paprika Private Academy. He is a Pop-type idol. His brand is Fortune Party. His catchphrase is "Tension Relax!" (テンションリラックス! Tenshon Rirakkusu! ), though it is usually said after Dorothy's "Tension Max!". This character is RPed MidnightManacchi.


Reona has short pink hair tied in a braid on his left side and pink-red eyes. He also has a beauty mark under his left eye.


Reona is a shy and calm boy which does everything his sister Dorothy does. Despite being a boy, he wears feminine clothing, the same kind of clothes as Dorothy as part of their idol persona.

He is ordered around by Dorothy a lot, though it appears he doesn't mind. When Dorothy does or says something, he usually agrees by saying "If Dorothy says so." (ドロシーがそういうなら Doroshī ga sou iu nara ).

Significant Coords

Casual: Dream Fortune Party R Cyalume Coord

Cyalume: Fresh Dressing Pafé R Team Cyalume Coord


Usagi - Leona's manager in PriPara.

Shion Todo - One of his teammates in Dressing Pafé. He stops arguments between her and Dorothy. The two of them don't fight.

Dorothy West - One of his teammates in Dressing Pafé as well as his twin sister. He stops arguments between her and Shion and are very close, to the point where Leona copies everything Dorothy does and will obey orders givin to him by Dorothy.


  • She is the eleventh Kami Idol in the series.
  • He is the first idol with mistaken gender, followed by Hibiki.
  • He and Dorothy West are the first characters to share a brand.
  • He and Dorothy are the first characters to be twins.
  • He has been called Dorothy's younger brother by Dorothy herself, meaning he is the younger twin. However, this has not officially been confirmed.
  • He is the first known boy to be able to enter PriPara.
  • His birthday falls on Twins Day.
  • He shares his birthday with Dorothy, due to the fact that they are twins.
    • This makes them the 1st pair of idols to share a birthday. They are followed by Laala Manaka and Nao.