This is a supporting character in the series and it needs to be upcoming OC in Pripara

Furanzu Ibara
Kanji フランズイバラ
Romaji Furanzu Ibara
Personal Info
BirthdayOctober 25
Blood TypeAB
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
FamilyLaala Manaka - Future wife

Melody Ibara - Daughter

Home PlacePriPara
Prism World
OccupationKing of PriPara (future)
Servant of the Goddess of the Prism World
Greatest Idol Alive
First AppearancePriPara The Movie - Legend of a Holy Idol
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)NTH Recolor
Favorite Brand(s)Divine Prince
Idol TypeHoly
ManagerDefinately not recommended

Furanzu Ibara is one of the character.An unbelievable Idol who is born with no rivals. He is the first person to become a Holy-type idol and is now too powerful to gain any thrill from his deeds.


Furanzu is a fair skinned young man who has a blonde hair and a shining blue eyes.


Furanzu is a perfect human being who can do perfect things.He is kind and friendly.He is charming and can attract many girls easily.He is unknown of what is his species.He is the one that who will change pripara forever.Meganii sometimes calls him a playboy. Everyone always praise him and he is so powerful that every gods or goddesses can't say his name.


Melody Ibara - His daughter. He takes great care of Melody.

Laala Manaka - His future wife and close friend. Fiancee in the story.

Himeka Manaka - His mother-in-law

Rinne - His younger sister

Meganii Akai - His butler. He is very loyal to Furanzu and will do anything for him.

Mirei Minami - They are good friends, but Mirei appears to be jealous for some reason.

Sophie Hojo - They are good friends's. He is always seen giving her a Red Flash. But even Sophie cannot resist his charm, and will revert to Fancy Model when she sees him.

Fuwari Midorikaze - They were close friends until something happened.

Mikan Shiratama - They are close friends. They both always act like angels and love to parkour.

Aroma Kurosu - They are close friends. They tend to play devil and angel.

Non Manaka - His sister-in-law. Non is also a huge fan of Furanzu.

Jewlie - His girlfriend. She loves Furanzu more than anything.

Saints - Furanzu is the manager of the saints and they're friends.


When the Prism Goddess attempted to create another Rinne, something isn't right. She failed to create another copy. Unstead, it became a boy and is sent to PriPara. The Meganee's takes care of him until he became a perfect human being.And now,he is perfect and he will do anything to change pripara forever..


Fu - "Fu" is a reference to Fuwari's name.

Ran - "Ran" stands for running.

Furanzu - the "Fran" in his name stands for France. Legend says he has a secret relationship with the King of the France.

Ibara - is a reminder of his beloved sister, Rinne. It can also mean thirn or (wild) rose.


  • Note - this chara is definitely NOT available for RPing, he is too OP.
  • He is the first male idol who is not cross-dressing.
  • He is the first Holy-type idol in the series.
  • He is like Rinne but a servant of the Goddess of the Prism World.
  • Due to his perfection, he could possess the Prism Voice, but it is not yet confirmed.
  • Though he does not have a PriTicket, he can enter PriPara. His coord is the Majestic Prince Coord.
  • He is the only character that has a parallel brand.
  • He can perform any Airy he wishes, but has an exclusive airy, Crystal Airy.
  • He can make a juke while performing, making his Airy turn into silver or bronze Airy OP.
  • He can't gain any thrill from his deeds.
  • Meganii calls him playboy when near girls.

Secret Form

His secret ability which allows him to do anything beyond perfect. Nothing much is known about this, but it is said that he is using this ability when doing an impossible things like instantly becoming so powerful that it is beyond an imagination. It allows him to be more powerful than a god, but is only a rumor. It is currently unknown if Furanzu has this secret ability

Normal ability

When he is in this ability he can make mistakes. He will act like a normal human being,

Perfect ability

He will use this ability when he is in his good condition or if there is an event.


The Goddess of the Prism World attempts to create another copy of Rinne, but fails. The copy instead turns out to be a boy and is sent to PriPara. The child doesn't have a name, but he was blessed with a unique ability that could change PriPara forever.

4 years on

He is sent to PriParis to make him perfect. He develops prince-like manners to the King of France and is adopted. He continues to learns every royal manner thanks to the King and the Queen, but it is not enough to become a perfect human being.

3 years later

Meganii takes him to Pamerica to study English. He becomes smarter but doesn't know how to perform yet because PriPara is for mostly girls. He became jealous from wanting to perform, but does not have a PriTicket. Meganii says to him, "If you want to become an idol, you need a type and a brand." PriPara has only 6 types: Lovely, Pop, Cool, Natural, Celeb and Premium, but none suit him.

1 year later

The Prism Goddess tells him that he has a secret ability which to allows him to use powers beyond God-like and to use it for the sake of PriPara. The Prism Goddess gives him a mission: to go and train with Meganii until he is 15 to gain this ability. He was confused and a bit scared when he heard this, but he continued his training to become a perfect human.

Another 4 years have passed

Furanzu is now 12 years old, and is now a perfect human being, but he does not have any brand, type or a name. He succeeds in the mission given to him by the Prism Goddess. The Prism Goddess shakes in fear knowing that he has already a secret ability at such an early age. She asks him to go to the Pretty Rhythm world to see all Pretty Rhythm characters. He realises that he has a sister, Rinne. A confusing story happens in that world. He asks Aira to go with him to PriPara and she opens the portal. He then asks Aira, Mia and Naru to make a team with him and to perform in PriPara world as an idols. The three agree and formed team called Saints. He is now the manager of Saints. This is when he used the name Ibara, to remind him of his sister, Rinne.

A year again

Saints is the now the no.1 on the Top Idol rank, but they want to retire and disband due to their family that they left behind. Furanzu understand their feelings and ask Meganii to make a Kami Idol rank. Meganii uses his glasses to create a new idol rank and the legendary stage. The Saints perform a farewell performance to their fans, especially for Furanzu. When the concert is over, they go to the PriPara train station that travels through worlds. They disbanded the unit and say goodbye. Furanzu cries and says goodbye as well, but Saints say that they will come back when the time comes.


It has been a year since Saints disbanded. Furanzu wants to be an idol, as now he is a perfect human being, but doesn't have a brand or type. He doesn't give up, and waits for his PriTicket to come to him. He suddenly remembers that the King of France is his stepfather, and goes to PriParis to ask why he doesn't have a name yet. The King and Queen beg for forgiveness and says "you are a very special person, and even though I'm the ruler of this country, I don't have the right to give you a name". Ibara becomes lifeless and walks slowly out of the castle. He encounters Meganii and says "Meganii, what is the meaning of life if you have no name?". Meganii replies "I'm very sorry about all these years. Please forgive me for everything". Ibara leaves and go somewhere, where he can rest in peace and tries to forget everything that all he did in his past. Meganii tries to find Ibara, but hopes that he will come back by himself for the sake of PriPara. 5 months past. Meganii is still worried about him, as he hasn't come back. He orders the Meganee's to locate Ibara, and every Meganee in the world tries to find him, but to no avail.

6 months later

Ibara is currently missing. A beautiful girl sees a boy lying on the grass. The girl blushes and falls in love with him. She asks him why is he sleeping on the ground. The boy replies "I am alone. I have no friends. I am jealous. I'm always running in my life. I just wanted to be happy." The girl understands his feeling and introduces herself as Fuwari Midorikaze,. Fuwari asks him, "What is your name?". The boy says "My only name is Ibara, just for reminding of my beloved sister". Fuwari says "Ibara, you have a special journey that awaits you! You shouldn't waste your time! Now, come on! I'll teach about my true hapiness!". Ibara is inspired by Fuwari's words and he falls in love. They become close friends and play and sing with the animals.

7 months pass

Ibara and Fuwari are now close friends. Ibara begins to sings with Fuwari. A few minutes later, Ibara leaves and goes out for a drink of water. He comes back but he sees someone talking to Fuwari. He doesn't interfere, and assumes that Fuwari has fallen in love with that person and becomes jealous. The person is introduced as Hibiki Shikyoin. Ibara knows this person very well because she is rich and has won the title of the World's Greatest Prince. He becomes angry because he didn't participate in the world prince tournament of the year. He hears Hibiki's plan to make Fuwari becomes her princess by going to prepare. Fuwari and Hibiki finish talking, and Hibiki leaves. Ibara goes to Fuwari without Hibiki noticing him and says to Fuwari "I've fallen in love with you, I want you! But you have chosen the Greatest Prince. I have decides to leave and to go back to PriPara where I belong". Fuwari is shocked to hear this but thinks that she wants to go to PriPara as well.

Arc 1 (season 2 of PriPara)

Ibara goes to Parajuku and goes to Prism Stone. Meganii bows down and says, "Welcome back my lord, I have missed you and have been waiting for you." Ibara says "Meganii, Fuwari Midorikaze is coming to PriPara. I'm sure that she won't have a brand that suits her, but her type is of nature. She is close to me but...I don't want to see her yet. I want to rest first" Meganii replies "Fu, for your best friend. Ran, you're always running in your life. And zu, to remember France. My Lord, I will call you Lord Furanzu Ibara, the Greatest Idol Alive! A future Prince of PriPara". Ibara smiles and he accepts that his name is Furanzu Ibara.

The Prince and the Blue Bird of Misfortune - sideline story

Furanzu is in one of the of the buildings near the Paprika Private Academy, when he sees Hibiki Shikyoin approaching on a horse-drawn cart with many guards protecting her. After a few minutes, Headmistress Gloria introduces Hibiki. She replaces the statue to look like Hibiki in honor of the prince. She then announces that Hibiki will replace her as the acting principal of the school. Furanzu cares little about this. He then sees Laala and her friends talking to Fuwari. A couple of hours later school ends and the group goes to PriPara. Furanzu quickly follows behind at a distance. As Furanzu predicted Fuwari doesn't have a matching brand and cannot enter PriPara without one. Later they see a blue bird. The bird is shy but later introduces herself as Toriko. Several minutes pass, Laala perform and Furanzu sits in the VIP chair. He watch Laala's performance until he realises that she is better than Fuwari when singing. He remembers the legendary Prism Voice. He was so shocked he replayed all of Laala's performances. After that, he goes to Laala and introduces himself as Furanzu Ibara with perfect prince-like manners. Laala falls in love with him, but he decided to make this step by step. He first wants to become a close friend. Laala agrees and they begins hanging out with each other.

Arc 2 Fuwari's fate

Furanzu is now 15 years old. He still does not have a brand and type. Fuwari has decided that she doesn't want to be Hibiki's princess and instead decides to play with her friends. Hibiki becomes angry and throws the Fuwari doll in "his" NO Box. Furanzu hears this, but he does not have a crush on Fuwari anymore. He decides to investigate what is the Hibiki's Dream Team, and finds major detail. He discovers that Hibiki had chosen Falulu because she was perfect. He goes to Dressing Pafé and tells Shion that Hibiki's next target is Sophie and then Shion. She believes him because he is a close friend to Laala. Furanzu also discovers that Fuwari is being dumped by Hibiki, and that "he" is sending Fuwari back to EuroPara. Fuwari begs for mercy, but Hibiki is still angry and instead relocates Fuwari to the basement. SoLaMi♡Dressing tries to help, but are unsuccessful. Fuwari thanks the six and they leaves, leaving Fuwari alone in the night. Furanzu knocks at her door. Fuwari opens and sees Furanzu, who asks "What is your fate? Do you want to be Hibiki's princess? Do you want to go back to the Palps or stay here in Parajuku?". Fuwari replies "I can't choose, but I want to be friends with everyone." Furanzu quickly answers "Hibiki has a secret, someday you will know his true identity". Fuwari is shocked to hear this and thinks about it everyday.

Mirei's true feelings

Furanzu is having a stroll around PriPara. He is happy that Laala's team won the Autumn Grand Prix. Moments later, Furanzu goes to the PriPara park to rest. Mirei finds Furanzu and says "Hey, Furanzu~pri. How are you~pri?". Furanzu replies "Daijoubu na, why are you here?". Mirei suddenly gets flustered and is at a loss for words. Furanzu realises that Mirei has a crush on him. Furanzu confesses "I love you" to her. Mirei's face becomes red, and Furanzu asks her to go out on a date. Mirei agrees. Her heart pumps faster and begins pounding. They eat in the PriPara Café and go to PriPara Building. Inside, they ride to the elevator and go to the top. Half way to the top, Furanzu stops the elevator and decides to start a scandal. Furanzu says "Let's make a scandal here". Mirei's heart pounds faster and panics. "What should I do? What should I do?" she repeats in her head. Furanzu fakes the scandal and reassures her, "I'm just joking, I will never do anything to you" and gives Mirei a melon bread. Mirei quickly eats the melon bread, turning her head away to hide her panic. The elevator continues to go up the to the top. They step out and Mirei confesses "I— I wanna be wi~" but Furanzu counters and slowly tries to kiss Mirei. He almost kisses her, but stops just short to make it look real. Instead he kisses her on the forehead, causing Mirei to faint. He catches her and carries her down gently and leaves her unharmed. MireI sleeps on the top of PriPara TV Building. She dreams about being with Furanzu. Thus gives Furanzu a clue about becoming an idol.

That Girl's Debut Date - sideline story

Furanzu is not worried about Kaitou Genius. He knows that Kaitou Genius' true identity is Hibiki Shikyoin because of her eyes. The idols finds out this as well, but it is too late. However, they still want to catch Hibiki. They follow "him" into PrPara. Hibiki enters with a brand called Brilliant Prince and the type called Celeb. Inside of PriPara, Hibiki becomes popular, giving everyone a flower basket. Suddenly, "he" decides to debut with "his full power. The group is confuses about Hibiki, but before "he" performed, "he" tells to everyone that "he" is Kaitou Genius. Hibiki's fans are confused but they believe "him".Hibiki decides on deliver a final blow, telling everyone that Hibiki is a GIRL. Everyone is shocked exept for Furanzu and Andou. Fuwari becomes lifeless from shock as she didn't take Furanzu's warning. Hibiki performs a fantastic live, and uses the Cyalume Airy outside of the Dream Theatre. Everyone praises Hibiki, but Furanzu cares little about this. Meganii and Hibiki talk, and Meganii bets that if Laala's Dream Team wins the Winter Dream Idol Grand Prix, they will automatically go on the Dream Parade. When Hibiki's unit CelePara Opera Company wins, she changes PriPara into CeleParam making her ruler. Hibiki takes the Celeb Cyalume Charm and performs again. Furanzu is mad at Meganii because of his aggressive and risky bet. But Meganii says, "Don't worry, my lord, your Laala will win this fight".

Former prince and stepsister

Furanzu, a perfect human being, still does not have his PriTicket. He is mad about Meganii's agressive bet with Hibiki. He thinks to himself that he wants to go back to his stepfather in France. 15 hours later, he arrives. He sees Ajimi talking to a gardener, and overhears that Hibiki's life was lonely, but ignores this. 2 hours later he arrives at the palace. The guards quickly open the gate and reports "Your son is here, my King". The King greets Furanzu with honor, and he talks to the King and the Queen. He says "When I stay here, can I be a prince of this country?". The King declines and answers "I'm so sorry, but I have promised to my daughter that I will give her my throne tomorrow". Furanzu is in shock. The princess comes downstairs. She was so beautiful. The princess says "I, Chiharu, the princess of this country, announce that my father is dethroning himself and my mother". Furanzu says "Chiharu, my stepsister, I want to know: why do you want this?". The king lies "I am very old, I want to rest and she will take over royal duties. I have arranged a fianceé for her already. Her wedding is in one week. Furanzu thinks to himself that if he is on France's throne, he will mary Laala instead,giving her a happy life and making her a princess. But his plan fails due to the lie. In rage, Furanzu says "Father, I will never come here again". Furanzu leaves without regret. His negative emotions starts flowing through his veins. He thinks "Ehy did they lied to me? I used to be a Prince of France and now. They lied, now, as I come to think of this humiliation, I will go and make my own revenge". The princess thinks that if Furanzu becomes the King of France, the world will be taken over by him easily. They had no choice but to lie. Furanzu leaves France and the royal family passes a new law that forbids Furanzu from entering the palace. Furanzu goes back to PriPara. Meganii asks to know what type he wants. But Furanzu still does not have clue. Instead he responds saying, "Prism Pardise. Every girl's dream is to enter here". These myterious words gave him an idea to become a legend.

The Princess of France

Furanzu now has a stepsister in his own mind, but the princess of France didn't accept him as a stepbrother. She now wants to carry out revenge through her jealousy. The story of their childhood is told. Furanzu was adopted in France when he was a baby. The queen also has a newborn baby, a girl. The king and queen wants to raise them as their real child, and the queen to calls the baby girl Primrose. 4 years later the king and queen continue to take care of the two. Furanzu doesn't have a name and Primrose is training to become a proper princess. But Furanzu instantly beats her in everything. He learns how to cook, sing and dance and how to be prince-like. Meganii talks to the king of the France. They talk about Furanzu's future. The king decides to take Furanzu to Pamerica in order to become a perfect human being, while Primrose stays in the palace in France. 10 years later, Primrose grows into a beautiful girl. She has princess-like manners. Later on she remembers her stepbrother. She remembers that she was so mad at him because of everything. Her father and her mother love Furanzu more than her, and is now completely jealous. She cannot stand it anymore and wants to forget Furanzu's memory in her head by taking revenge. She trains hard to become an unstoppable idol. She becomes angry about everything, and refuses to accept him as a stepbrother. A month has passed. She is ready to take her revenge by making her parents ban Furanzu from entering the palace. Another year passes and it is 2014. Furanzu comes to France for a visit to his beloved parents. But a shocking moment happens. The king and queen forbid Furanzu from entering the palace and make a reminder to the world that they have only one child, a daughter. In this present, Furanzu remembers everything about them. He refuses to ever treat them as his parents, and wants to forget everything. Primrose signs the contract, as evidence of truth that she is the only child of the king and queen of the France. The world now knows that Primrose is the only child of the rulers of France.

Meganii's Fate and the Secret of PriPara

Meganii has lost the bet Hibiki is now the ruler. She turns PriPara into CelePara, making only a place for the best of idols. Meganii walks away shamefully. The CelePara Castle is built by Hibiki and the CelePara Opera Companu. Meganii is in disguise, as he is scared to talk to his master. Furanzu is now aware of the ruler of the new PriPara. He is now prepared to punish Meganii, but does not want to hurt his butler, because it was part of his plan. He decides to go and investigate. He goes to the PriPara system and learns a secret about PriPara. There are 6 idols types: Lovely, Pop, Cool, Natural, Celeb, and Premium. He searches everywhere and finally finds something. The Powerful Airy, the Platinum Airy, and the Final Airy. This Final Airy can only be performed by Laala Manaka. He is shocked to find this out, and sets out to look for Meganii. He asks SoLaMi♡Dressing and the mascots to help him find Meganii. Several hours later, they find Meganii in Neko's cafe. Meganii kneels and cries, begging for his life in the name of Furanzu for making his mistake, but Furanzu forgives Meganii for everything, and says to Meganii, "That this is just a part of my plan." Everyone is shocked and starts talking about CelePara. But Furanzu only tells two people about the Final Airy, and that was Meganii and Laala. The next day, Furanzu says to Laala "Laala, I really love you. I will teach this Cyalume Airy only to you." Laala blushes, and accepts to Furanzu's request. They begin training in secret. Meganii decides on his fate, and promises to Furanzu that he will never make a mistake ever again. Meganii swears that he will find a brand for Furanzu. Furanzu now has a small clue to his type.

Unique ability

Furanzu, a boy who wants to be an iol in PriPara, has always thought about what type and brand would suit him. The next day he goes for a walk. He goes to the top of the CelePara Castle and sees Hibiki ruling CelePara herself along with her team. Suddenly, he sees a vision of his future self. His head starts to collapse and a mysterious voice in his head says, "We are one and I am you. I am more powerful than any god or goddess. Release me and we shall perform a live that even the humans, kings, queens and gods themselves will never defeat us". Furanzu quickly replies "I wont release you. I must do this on my own. I will call upon you when the time has come". The mysterious voice disappears and Furanzu's eye gains an aura, but the aura also disappears and Furanzu faints in the top of the castle. An hour later he wakes up and sees Meganii over him. He quickly helps Furanzu to stand up and says that Cosmo will help. Furanzu is confused about of his ability. He becomes smarter than ever, doing inhuman things with beyond perfect skills.

Parallel brand

Early in the morning, Furanzu realise that he needs a brand. He goes to talk to Sophie's sister, Cosmo Hojo, the designer of the PriPara brands and Cyalume coords. Furanzu runs to Sophie's apartment. On his way he sees Laala, Mirei, Shion, Dorothy and Leona. He stops to ask for directions to Sophie's. The group responds saying that they're going to Sophie's apartment as well. Furanzu decides to follow them. They arrive at Sophie's apartment and Furanzu finds Cosmo. He asks "Can you go to CelePara's underground stage, ChikaPara?". Cosmo replies "Sure! I'lol come at 1:00pm today". Furanzu leaves quickly and enters PriPara. He goes to the PriPara train station where he can go to the Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future world. He wants to find Shou and Yun Su. He meets with the two and ask them to go to PriPara for an hour. The two agree and they head off to PriPara. It is almost 1pm but Cosmo arrived early. Furanzu asks the three to make a legendary brand for him. Shou, Yun Su and Cosmo were the greatest designers he had ever met, so he wanted them to work together to create him a legendary brand. Two hours pass and they could not think of a brand. Furanzu thinks that Ajimi is too far away to help, but he rushes to Ajimi anyway and asks her to help the three to make a brand for him. Ajimi quickly joins the meeting. Hours later they all agree on the brand Divine Prince.

PriPara will change forever

Divine Prince is introduced as a brand available only for Furanzu Ibara. This brand is a Parallel type. However, the PriPara system doesn't accept it. The mysterious brand that was supposed to be unbelievably powerful for Furanzu becomes a virus and is not recognised by PriPara's core functions. The PriPara system is changing something. This Divine Prince will not be available for idols to use, but Furanzu takes this brand as his own, using a coord with an unknown power that could change PriPara forever. He gains a type, a legendary type that will eventually destroy the system. Meganii calls this type "Holy", a legendary idol type who''s only suitable for Furanzu, making him an angel.Furanzu now has a brand and a type, making him the Greatest Idol Alive. But Meganii requests him to be patient. In honor of Furanzu's name, Meganii will create a legendary stage that will make Furanzu's debut become a legend, with the help of the four designers. Furanzu thanks them and the four go back to their homes. Such extraordinary powers, combining the Divine Prince brand and the Holy type idol type, along with Furanzu's Secret Ability. What is this unknown that has befallen PriPar?. Furanzu asks himself "What is the meaning of everything that I sacrifice? For whose sake are they for? For what cause? And why at all?".

The PriTicket of Destiny

Furanzu has a brand and a type, but now he wonders why doesn't have a PriTicket yet. He takes a break at the PriPara Amusement Park for a while. Falulu comes and sees Furanzu lying down on the grass. Falulu was suprised that Furanzu had a special coord. She gently asks Furanzu "What is that brand?". Furanzu replies, "It is a special brand, only for me. It is called Divine Prince". Falulu smiles and sit next to Furanzu. A bit later, SoLaMi♡dressing comes along and sees Falulu and Furanzu talking to each other. They realize that Furanzu is wearing a mysterious coord. They didn't interact but they tried to listen to them. Furanzu told everything to Falulu. Laala is inspired by Furanzu's feelings. She quickly goes behind Furanzu and hugs him from behind. Furanzu is happy because of everything he wants to do. All he needs to do is to wait until his PriTicket comes. Laala says "A perfect PriTicket will surely help you on your adventure" .Furanzu smiles and Shion comes with the dress of the girls. They talk for a little while. Suddenly, a mysterious ticket falls on top of Laala's head. She picked up the PriTicket and everyone is shocked that the owner of that PriTicket was Furanzu. A shining blue diamond PriTicket created and forged by the Prism Goddess herself. The ticket was so unique that when entering PriPara the seven rainbows will appear from the sky and shine into the entrance to know that Furanzu is entering. A robot butterfly discovers Furanzu's ticket. Hibiki now knows Furanzu very well.

Spring Dream Idol Grand Prix - sideline story

Furanzu is ready to become an idol, but before that the Spring Dream Idol Grand Prix is starting. Furanzu has always believed in Laala, and hopes for FriendAll's victory. The Grand Prix starts. The two teams, CelePara Opera Companu, now with Leona in place of Mikan, and FriendAll perform Around the PriPaLand. They perform Cyalume Airy, with everyone changing into the Spring Dream Parade Coord and Gold Airy, but the dress did not glow. Furanzu realized that Laala was hiding the Final Airy from the audience. The teams begin to fight in their journey towards the final bell. Hibiki changes into Platinum Airy, making everyone surprised. Hibiki is now more powerful than the others but Falulu tries stop her. Changing into Platinum Airy herself, Falulu cries and says to Hibiki that she shouldn't wish to become a Vocal Doll, saying the Palp's margarets re as beautiful as Hibiki's casablancas. But Hibiki ignores Falulu continues to the bell, causing everyone to go off-balance. Everyone loses hope, but in the end help Laala to defeat Hibiki by pushing her up, helping her to catch up to Hibiki. Laala remembers the Final Airy Furanzu taught her. Using her catchphase and she releases her Final Airy, camusing everyone to become shocked except for Furanzu. Laala becomes faster than ever, succeeding in reaching the bell. FriendAll uses Cyalume Change and ring the Bell off Spring for the win. After the live Hibiki is lifeless over her loss to Laala. She once again says that friendship is useless and will not help anyone. Meganii's glasses return to him. He realizes that the PriPara system is crashing, causing CelePara to crumble. Laala is returned to the former PriPara. Furanzu was there and says to her, "Congratulations, you've won. You used the Final Airy. Now, take this Dream Princess Parade Coord. You are now the Princess of PriPara". Furanzu dissapears and leaves Laala in the final coord. She is returned to her casual coord in the entrance to PriPara. However, she is the only one to retain her memories. Everyone is emotionless. They don't have any friends anymore. Laala finds Mirei and they talk, but Mirei doesn't know her and runs away. Laala chases her and they come across Sophie floating in the river. They quickly help her out. Mirei remembers her own true identity and recalls everything. They perform in the PriPara Hills to make everyone remember about PriPara. SoLaMi♡Dressing perform Love Friend Style, causing PriPara to be restored. Soon PriPara is back to being a colorful world. Hibiki finds Fuwari's old Friend Ticket, but before she can find Fuwari, a black hole appears underneath her to erase her existence along with the rest of CelePara. Fuwari pushes Hibiki out of the way and falls insteads. Hibiki catches Fuwari and they suspend from Hibiki's flowing string which she had attached to a branch. She apologises to Fuwari for leaving her. Suddenly, Ajimi jumps in the hole, trying to glomp Hibiki. Hibiki tries to swing away but Fuwari warns her against it it. Hibiki tries to catch Ajimi but insteads knocks her with her knee, causing Ajimi to float further away. In a last minute attempt she catches Ajim between her legs. Hibiki asks why Ajimi had been following her for the past ten years. Ajimi replies saying that it was because they were friends, to which Hibiki says that they are acquaintances. The hole closes and the branch snaps, but Hibiki's string is caught by Falulu. The black hole turns into a Spiny Bug. Meganii said that PriPara is trying to reset itself, causing CelePara, and Hibiki, to be erased. Furanzu comes and tells everyone that "This is my doing. I am like the antagonist of this story, but I purposely removed CelePara and its inhabitants. But don't worry, this is my plan to start the Dream Parade". Everyone becomes worried about Hibiki and the others, but Furanzu sets up the Dream Parade. Now he is aware of the Final Airy as the strongest of all, but that the Airy is for only Laala. He didn't regret this. He thinks about building a new PriPara Castle andperforming after the parade. However, he doesn't have a Making Drama or Cyalume Airy yet. He thinks of his performance. If he performed he would definitely destroy all of PriPara including the world itself. As soon as the Dream Parade starts he decides to not perform until the Saints return to PriPara. The biggest event of his life will begin on the sacred stage. He wants Laala to become a great idol. His final plan is to make Laala the next Kami Idol. Once she is a Kami Idol the fate of PriPara will go in the hands of Furanzu. He will perform one live. His live will called his debut and retirement of his idol career.

PriPara Legend: Secret Presents

PriPara now has seven idol types: Lovely, Pop, Cool, Natural ,Celeb, Premium and the legendary type Holy. A new brand is created only for Furanzu, a parallel brand called Divine Prince. When wearing this coord, it will boost the performance of the user tremendously. A special PriTicket has been delivered to Furanzu, a PriTicket that can only be snapped when removing the Friends Ticket gently. A perfect human has a unique secret ability. Combining all this will create a mysterious live that can't be dreamed by or imagined by a human or god/goddess. PriPara has a secret train, built by Meganii. It can travel to alternate dimensions and parallel worlds. A secret of PriPara and its system is that it has a dangerous virus, created by Furanzu by sacrificing his life to become an idol. Meganii becomes scared about when Furanzu will perform. He decides to stop Furanzu before this happens. The Saints now have their own lives. They will be back before furanzu performs a live. Secrets will be revealed when season 3 has starts. Much is unknown about Furanzu's life that even a human couldn't understand Furanzu's confusing story. There are now many idol that want to become Kami Idols, and they sacrifice everything to become one. But only the chosen ones will become a Kami Idol. Furanzu's first plan is to make PriPara a better place. His second, making unbelievable things reality. His third, to make Laala become a Kami Idol. His fourth, to become the ruler of PriPara. His fifth and final, to perform with peace. Furanzu was born with no rivals,. When there's an impossible thing to gods or humans, Furanzu is impossible to beat. PriPara has an old legend. Meganii knows this much: there will be a crisis in PriPara. Furanzu is an unknown. Is he a human? A superhuman? A legend? A a mystery? Or perhaps a god?

A mysterious girl

Before the events of the Dream Parade, a mysterious letter falls from the sky. Meganii picks the letter up and finds it is for Furanzu. Meganii gives this to his master and they read it. It read "I want to see you, the Prince of PriPara. I am coming to see your miracle live. I just want to have a good time with you. Please come to the top of PriPara TV Building. I will see you there at 12:00pm". Furanzu thinks it over and agrees. The letter was so beautifully written, he thinks that it was from Laala because its scent is similar to hers. On the way to the top, he thinks that Laala is waiting for him, but instead he saw a beautiful girl, a mysterious girl with a mysterious aura that made all beings fall in love with her, but Furanzu resists her easily. He is shocked that she knows his name and the future. She introduces herself as Melody Ibara. Furanzu is once again shocked that the girl is an Ibara. He believes that she is his sister, but Melody tells him that she is his daughter from the future. Furanzu stops her from saying everything. He says "If you're my daughter, you must not spoil my future, and please don't tell Laala that you are our daughter". Melody agrees and they leave. Furanzu knows all her details. She is a Holy/Lovely type. She has a brand just like her mother, but it is only for the princess. She has a remarkable ability which it can surpass anything beside her father. She only said that she came back from the future because will only perform one live in his life, and she must see this mysterious live before she can go back to her own time. She lives in the PriPara Hills. Meganii makes a VIP room for Melody to stay in, while Furanzu is always sleeping somewhere random in PriPara.The mysterious future will be shown when the right time comes. There were so many riddles waiting in prepare before turning the place into the most beatiful paradise ever.

SoLaMi♡SMILE - Triangle Confusion

Furanzu is having some tea in the café. SoLaMi♡SMILE approach Furanzu for a chat. They greet Furanzu properly and talk. They chat about his love, but Furanzu says " I really love you three, but i mostly love Laala". Mirei and Sophie become jealous of Laala, but they are happy seeing furanzu everyday. Mirei begins calculating about her style to attract Furanzu. He loves girls who make special things, being funny, cool, believes in friendship, cute and very good at singing and performing. Sophie's guards come and they give Sophie a Red Flash, making her turn into her Cool Mode, but wink at Sophie making her go Fancy again. Everyone doesn't believe Furanzu, but Furanzu gives Sophie a special Red Flash to make her into a Super Cool Mode. Sophie can now resist furanzu a little. Mirei thinks about why Laala has been chosen by Furanzu. She realises that laala was a very good singer at an early age. Mirei becomes upset. She decides to train herself to surpass Laala. Mirei was in love with Furanzu because they have the same hair and eye color. Some time later,they end their chat and leave. Sophie and Mirei are a little bit mad about Laala. They go to their practice room and start talking about Furanzu. Mirei says "Laala, I really love him, but he loves you more than me~pri. But I am not going to give up,, I must try to defeat you~pri". Sophie replies "Mirei and Laala, even I admit that he is perfect. Even when I'm in this Super Cool Mode, I can't...resist...him...pshuu~" and goes into Fancy Mode again. Laala is confused about this, saying "I still don't get it, why we must fight over this? I fell in love with to him too, but I don't want to ruin our friendship". Mirei counters her words with "To tell you the truth Laala, you're right~pri. I don't want to ruin our friendship. If he chooses one of us, then let's just be still friends~pri. Okay~pri?"~. The three of them agree and practice together, but Furanzu was behind the door. He hears about this, and decides to enroll into Paprika Private Academy.

Furanzu's decision

As furanzu says, he wants to enroll in Paprika Private Academy. But first things first, he needs to make it special. At 7:00am in the morning Furanzu goes to Papa's Pasta where laala lives. He enters, and Non and Himeka are shocked seeing him. They make a special table for him and every customer wants Furanzu's autograph: even Non. He orders some pizza and Mr. Manaka quickly makes a special pizza for him. He asks "Mrs. Manaka, can you please tell me, where is your beautiful daughter Laala?". Himeka becomes nervous and says "She is in her room. Would you like me to take you to her?". Furanzu gently agrees. Himeka, Non and Furanzu go to Laala's room. Himeka says "She's sleeping. I could wake her up for you". Furanzu replies "It'd be a pleasure". Himeka gently wakes laala up but she is still partially asleep. Furanzu begins to walk towards to Laala. He holds Laala's hand up and kisses it, causing Laala to wake up instantly. Himeka and Non are in shock. They can't move because of it. They think that he's so awesome they dream about him coming to their family. They imagine that every dream will come true. Furanzu says "Today is Sunday, and tomorrow is a school day. I hope I'll see you at school". Laala is confused about he said but she thinks that he is visiting the academy. Furanzu is happy that he met Laala along with her parents, but the conversation isn't over yet. Laala's parents want to talk about furanzu. They talk about where he lives and how he became so special. Furanzu answers "I live in PriPara". Everyone is shocked except Laala because she knows his story very well. Lastly, Furanzu tells his story about being a perfect human. Before the chat is over, Laala's parents talk about wanting to adopt Furanzu as their son and say that Laala is his fianceé. Laala is shocked to hear this, but Furanzu agrees. Mr. Manaka wants Furanzu to sleep in Laala's room, but Laala is shouts "NANI?!". Furanzu says "Don't worry, I'm fine. But...I can sleep at your living room. Besides, Laala is too shy about that". Laala blushes and quietly says "P-please, let's just end this chat here". Furanzu smiles, making Laala faints. Furanzu now resides with the Manaka's. His next target is Mirei.

Furanzu's decision - part 2

As Furanzu can stay at the Manaka residence, he sleeps in the living room. The next morning he leaves early for Mirei's house. He arrives and holding a violet flower for her. Furanzu knocks at the door. Mr. Minami opens it. He is so surprised that he thinks Furanzu is Mirei's best friend. Mrs. Minami comes downstairs and the two greet him properly. Furanzu asks "Mr. and Mrs. Minami, can you please tell me something? Where is your daughter? I want to see her". Mr. Minami quickly replies "She went to PriPara, but she left something. She'll be back soon. Please, come in and have some breakfast". Furanzu comes in and they talk about Mirei. Minutes later Mirei comes home. She rings the bell and Mrs. Minami opens the door. Mirei is shocked to see Furanzu in her house. She starts to panic from loving him. Furanzu gives the flower to her and says "Please accept this flower". Mirei is nervous and she slowly accepts the flower. She tries to hide her feelings but she can't. Mr and Mrs. minami become happy about Furanzu. Mirei says to her parents "Please leave us alone for a while". The two agree and leave. Mirei quickly grabs Furanzu's hand and drags him to her room. Mirei says "P-please tell me everything that you want". Furanzu says "Mirei, I want to enroll in your school". Mirei is surprised at this, making her blush and they continue their talk. Later, Furanzu says the final word "The reason why I do this because I really love you. Please hear me out. When I perform a live, that is end of my life". Mirei starts to tear up. She hugs furanzu and cries. Her mother slowly opens the door but doesn't continue. She had heard everything and leaves the two alone. 10 minutes later Furanzu and Mirei go downstairs and Furanzu leaves, but Mr and Mrs. minami stop him and say "You're welcome here any time. You can stay the night here too". Furanzu agrees and leaves.

Dream Parade - flashback

The Dream Parade was a success, but it is unknown where Furanzu is. In the Dream Parade, FriendAll performed. The 5 princess dresses are in the hands of Laala's team. Furanzu is nowhere. He wasn't in the crowd or in a random building. He doesn't show up. Laala thought about him but she focussed on the parade. Before the end of the parade, Laala says "Minna tomodachi! Minna aidoru!". Furanzu is on the top of PriPara TV Building. He realises that Laala didn't use her own Final Airy and Hibiki didn't the Platinum Airy either. Hibiki is aware of furanzu because of his talent to anything. Hibiki senses Furanzu. She is shocked because Furanzu is using Laala's Gold Airy. Hibiki sees him and furanzu flies towards Laala at an incredible speed. Hibiki's eyes couldn't follow him, but Furanzu is behind Laala. Hibiki shouts "Furanzu! Tell me! How did you do that?!". Everyone becomes surprised that Hibiki just shouted like that. Hibiki quickly says "Manaka Laala! Behind you!" Everyone looks at Laala and see Furanzu with Laala's Gold Airy. Laala is confused and as she looks behind her, Furanzu hugs her gently from behind. Furanzu falls to tears and says "My princess, I'm so proud of you. We shall meet again". Laala's coord is starting to glow even more and she blushes. Hibiki quickly uses her Platinum Airy and tries to catch Furanzu, but Furanzu slowly releases Laala and flies away. Hibiki follows Furanzu and shouts "Machinasai! We aren't finished yet! I want to talk to you right now!". Furanzu ignores her but says "I'm sorry, I can't talk to you right now". Furanzu changes his Gold Airy to Final Airy and flies away at sonic speed, leaving Hibiki to go off balance. Falulu asks Hibiki "Mahou--chan? Daijoubu?". Hibiki replies "I'm fine". They are confused about Furanzu's appearance. Hibiki is now fully aware of furanzu. She wants to learn his secrets. The Dream Parade ends happily.

Enrolling - part 1

Furanzu wants to enroll in Paprika Private Academy, but he was wondering if he could make a special entrance , better than Hibiki's. As the system of PriPara is not functioning well, Meganii and the Meganee's can exit PriPara as they please. Furanzu doesn't mind if the system has a virus: he can fix this when he has the power to rule PriPara. Furanzu goes behind the academy in disguise, wearing red tint glasses. He sees SoLaMi♡Dressing and Fuwari and he goes closer. The girls are having lunch. Furanzu quickly goes up a tree and says "My princess, do you want to greet your dreaming prince?". The girls hear and see Furanzu up in the tree. Everyone is confused. They didn't know that it was Furanzu because he is in disguise. Mirei demands "Who are you? Paprika Private Academy Rule #1745298: Strangers aren't allowed on school grounds, now leave!". Furanzu smiles. He closes his eyes and takes off his glasses. He reopen his eyes slowly, leaving everyone in shock. They notice that when he wears red glasses, his eyes look purple, but Furanzu's eyes are blue. Mixing the red of the glasses and blue of his eyes makes a purple color. Furanzu comes down the tree and they greet him properly, but Mirei doesn't come close to him because she had made a mistake. Furanzu says "I am here because I will enroll in this school". Everyone is happy and Furanzu goes to Mirei. He knows that she is close to the principal of the school. Furanzu asks "Mirei, am I a stranger to you?". Mirei becomes nervous. She can't say a word. Gloria is taking a walk. She senses a stranger. She quickly goes to the girls where she sensed that mysterious person. On the way there she saw a blonde boy who was talking to the girls. She quickly goes and says "Paprika Private Academy Rule doesn't matter! Strangers are not allowed. Don't worry girls, I'm coming for you!". Gloria comes. Furanzu turns around he sees Gloria. Gloria is shocked and she stops. She greets Furanzu properly and invites him to her office. Furanzu wears his disguise again to make him a stranger to the students. The girls follow Furanzu and Gloria to the office and talk about him. After a while, Furanzu says "Ms. Gloria, I thank you for this opportunity to enroll in your beautiful school". Gloria replies "Oh my! Such a beautiful manners you have dessu~wa. I have decided then, it's an honor to make a special entrance for you, and I'll have you the same class as Minami-san.". Mirei is surprised about this and her face becomes red. Everyone becomes jealous. A couple minutes later before the conversation is over, Furanzu says the final word "Thank you very much for everything. I'm glad to make a very special entrance in coming to this school". Furanzu and the girls leave the office and they make talk about them. Furanzu is in disguise once again leaving the academy. Hibiki is watching Furanzu all time. She is in her own office and sees Furanzu leaving the academy behind the school. But she realises something. Before Furanzu leaves, she focuses on his eyes and Furanzu looks to hibiki. Hibiki is in shock. She is concerned about him because of Furanzu's secret plan about the school. Furanzu goes to Prism Stone. He sees Cosmo. He asks her to make a special school uniform for him. Cosmo agrees and makes a new design. Furanzu goes to the Manaka's, telling them that he had succeeded in enrolling at the school. They are surprised. They think that it would be great that Laala is going home with him when school is over. Furanzu leaves the Manaka's house and he goes to the Minami's house where he tells them that he had enrolled at the academy. They are also surprised but before the chat is over, he delivers the final blow: he tells them that he is the same class as Mirei. Mr. and Mrs. minami are shocked about this. They go completely happy. Furanzu decide to sleep at the Minami's house for that night and a couple of hours later, Mirei comes home and notices that her parents are very happy. They know that furanzu is going to school. A few hours pass and it is 7:00pm. They have dinner and Mirei drags Furanzu to her room. She goes crazy about him. Mirei whispers to furanzu "I really love you. I want to be on your side forever. I-it's ok if y-you s-sleep in my b-bed tonight". Furanzu declines and counters her words "I'm sorry Mirei. I really don't know who I really want". Furanzu sits on the bed and Mirei sits next to him. Furanzu says "Let's just sleep now, I'm pretty tired. Tomorrow, we are going to school together". Mirei replies "O-ok then, let's just sle-". She turns around and sees that Furanzu is fast asleep. His head falls on Mirei's lap and she hugs him and sleeps. At midnight, Furanzu wakes up and sees Mirei sleeping. He lays Mirei on her bed and leaves quietly. Furanzu goes back to Prism Stone and goes to PriPara. He makes something in the PriPara system. As of now, it is unknown what his plan is.

Enrolling - part 2

Furanzu succeeds in enrolling at the academy, but he is not finished yet. Morning, 6:30 am. Furanzu wakes up early and rushes to Cosmo's apartment. He wants to know what kind of design Cosmo has made for him. Cosmo had woken up early as well. Furanzu arrives at the apartment and knocks at the door. Cosmo answers the door and Furanzu enters. They begin to talk about Cosmo's design. Cosmo says "at his is another parallel coord" and gives him the outfit. Furanzu thanks her and leaves. He runs to Prism Stone and the Meganee's make the coord into a PriTicket as well. 7:00 am. Mirei wakes up and comes downstairs to have breakfast. She realises that she didn't see Furanzu inside that morning. She decides to ask her parents about this. Mr. Minami says "He left a note. He said that he needed a school uniform". Mirei becomes upset because she thought that Furanzu was going to school with her. 30 minutes pass and Mirei goes to school early. In the Manaka's house, Himeka quickly wakes Laala, saying "Laala! Today is Furanzu's first day at school! He won't be nice to you if you come late!". Laala quickly wakes up. She takes a shower and has breakfast. She is running as she approaches Nao. Laala says "Nao! Today is a special day! Hayaku hayaku!". Na agrees and they rush to school. SoLaMi♡Dressing and the others are at the entrance of the school. They talk about Furanzu's first day. Some other students hear about this and they ask them about who Furanzu is. The girls tell them about him. Many more students join in and now want to see Furanzu. They continue to talk about this and neighbors begin to hear. Mikan suddenly says "A special person will bless this school soon~nano!". Aroma counters "The prince of the angels hath come to settle our score. Thy army is no match for mine demons. Devi! Demon demon, deru-deru-beam! The war hath begun! Dero dero dero saimu!". All the students are now exited. They really want to see Furanzu. Hibiki doesn't interact. She wants to see how Furanzu will enter to the academy. 8:00 am. It is half an hour until school starts. Everyone is waiting outside the school. Furanzu asks all Meganee's to leave PriPara. Meganii asks him "My lord, this is your first day at school. As I am your servant, I will do everything in my power to make this a very special and memorable day". Furanzu smiles and changes into his new coord, the Angelic Student Coord. The tops are a crystal blue, sparkling like a star. The bottoms a silver white to make it shine like an angel. The shoes are brown with jewels attached. Before they leave for the school, Melody comes out of pripara. She gives the Holy Emblem to her father. Furanzu attaches the emblem to his left chest. They are ready for school.

Prince of PriPara - first day of school - part 1

Furanzu is now ready for school. Before he leaves, he enters into PriPara. He rushes to the pripara system along with Meganii to make a vehicle outside of Prism Stone. Furanzu quickly finishes it. Before he leaves PriPara, the Prism Goddess says "Please, take this prism necklace along with you and wear it. This necklace contains the power of love. If you wear this necklace, it will glow with your colors." Furanzu wears the necklace but it doesn't glow. The Prism Goddess is shocked about this. She had predicted that it would sparkle or glow. Furanzu knows that he is a Holy-type. The necklace will never glow because it can't define his type. Furanzu leaves pripara as he is late. He sees the clock. It is 8:15 am Furanzu says to Meganii "Ikimashou". Meganii replies "Wakarimashita, Furanzu-sama". Ms Gloria announces everyone to line up properly for the morning assembly. The student council members are helping her with this. They line up like when hibiki arrived. Ms. Gloria hurries and they roll out a red carpet. Amamiya is jealous of Furanzu because Mirei is close to him. He is afraid that Furanzu will take her away. It is 8:20. Furanzu is in the car with Meganii driving it to academy. 8:25 am. Everyone is exited. A large monitor on a building flashes as Meganee announces "Ping pong pang pong! Ohayou gozaimasu. A very important person is going to the paprika Private Academy. I'm sorry to tell you that he will be late. Have a good day, sayonara. This was the system~!" Everyone is excited. Five jets are seen in the air doing manoeuvres. Two helicopters are going onwards. Four police bikes and cars accompany a purely white jewelled car. Everyone is surprised at what they are seeing. The celebrity car approaches the entrance of the school. The front door opens and they see Meganii, leaving everyone in shock. Meganii comes out of the car and opens the back door slowly while all Meganee's keep the people at range. Everyone is shocked at how many Meganee's are outside of PriPara. Meganii opens the door. Furanzu slowly comes out with red-tint glasses. Every girl instantly falls love with him and begin fangirl. SoLaMi♡Dressing and the others are happy about this. Furanzu is walks up to the entrance, holding a pink flower. While he walks he sees Laala approaches her. He gives her the flower, making her blush. The other girls become jealous. Ms Gloria says through the microphone "All hail the most handsome young man ever, Furanzu Ibara! He is staying here to make every dream come true. Due to his perfection, I announce to you that Furanzu will be the acting supreme principal of this school!" Everyone is shocked at this revelation but Shion thinks "Furanzu? The supreme principal of Paprika Private Academy? What about Shikyoin-dono?" Furanzu uses his perfect style to make his speech unbelievable "Please, take great care of me. I promise to you that I will make your dream come true". Everyone cheers him and Furanzu uses his secret ability to smake his eyes gain an aura. He closes his eyes and takes his glasses off. He reopens his eyes slowly and everyone is shocked that his eyes are a shining baby blue. Laala and the others are shocked as notice his eyes are different. Shion thinks "Those eyes....are different. They have an aura. I can't use go to predict his power or his talent. He is very dangerous" When the greeting is over, Mirei slowly asks "Fu-Furanzu-san, p-please come with me. I'll show you where your room is in the dorms" Furanzu replies "Mirei, I'd be glad for you to take me to my beautiful room". Furanzu holds up her hand and kisses it gently. Everyone is shocked and goes red. Mirei grabs his wrist and drags him to their class. Amamiya is again jealous. Furanzu disables his secret ability to make his eyes normal again. They're in their first class. Everyone is very happy about Furanzu. Even the teacher is fangirling over him. Furanzu greets everyone and introduces himself as the former prince of France, leaving everyone in shock except Mirei. Before it ends Furanzu delivers a final blow, saying "Before I end, I will tell of my relationship with Minami Mirei." Mirei wonders about what he will say, but she knows that he will only say that they're friends. Instead, Furanzu says "Mirei is my...girlfriend at the moment" Everyone faints and Amamiya is enraged. Mirei goes steaming red and shouts "NANI?!!". But furanzu counters his own words by saying "I'm just kidding, she is only my close friend" Everyone comes back. Hibiki is concerned about him. She was surprised that Furanzu had easily surpass the limits of everything.

Prince of pripara - first day of school - part 2

Furanzu,his first day of is very happy that she has a very special student who enroll to her school.As now,in the class,furanzu easily outsmart mirei in every subject.the class is over and mirei ask furanzu to go and take for a lunch in the canteen.Mirei is always happy about being with furanzu all day, the others are jealous about her.On the canteen there's a bunch of crowds,mirei wants to impress furanzu,so she command the students to move aside she said "Furanzu~sama is here,he wants some melon bread" the crowd were surprise,instead,they buy furanzu all snacks in the canteen,but furanzu said "I'll just take some melon bread and a rice with red pickle plum" the crowd gave what furanzu wants and they happily praise him.on the way to their picnic where laala and the other.Mirei was holding all the lunch and Furanzu is holding a red pickle plum though he forgot to find a special flash for sophy.and they eat together.furanzu sit next to sophy,he says "i have a present for you,say ahh" sophy opens her mouth and say that word,and furanzu puts the red flash in her mouth making sophy in cool mode.then mirei is next,furanzu looks at mirei and he says "are you ready?" mirei becomes very nervous and she say yes.Furanzu holds the melon bread gently and he makes mirei to eat while he was holding the melon bread,dorothy and leona are busy eating and they ignore about those 2.and shion doesn't mind them but she's thinking of furanzu's secrets.Laala is next.Furanzu grabs an ice tea,he use 2 straws and he make look like a heart and he says "Would you like to drink with me together?" Laala's heart pumps faster that the others and she agrees,they sip the ice tea together slowly.Amamiya was hiding in the tree he is pretty jealous of everything,he thinks "oh...who am i kidding? Furanzu~sama is everything.i can't win mirei's heart" the lunch is over.Laala and the others goes back to their room exept mirei and furanzu.Furanzu told mirei to trick their classmate by holding their hands Furanzu and mirei hold their hands together and goes to their room.Ms. gloria saw the two and she didn't interact.On the way to the classroom,Furanzu opens the door and they're late,the students and the teacher saw them and they were holding hands,everyone blushes and furanzu says "I'm so sorry,my beautiful teacher,we were just dating around"The teacher blushes even more and she faints.and now Furanzu tell mirei to stop here first and he arrange her desk,and now Furanzu says "Are you ready my princess?" Furanzu makes a final romantic move.He carries mirei gently and he drags her to her desk making mirei blushes and everyone is in shock,mirei repeats her words quietly "Poppu......Steppu......Getchu.......~Pri" Furanzu goes to his teacher and he holds her hand and he says "Please,wake up my beautiful teacher" he kiss her hands making his teacher to wake instantly,as now all the student girls in the school really wants furanzu.Couple of hours later,the school is over.Meganii arrive outside of the school to take furanzu in the manaka's house.Furanzu is leaving the school along with all the students,meganees and sophy's body guards are guarding him.Furanzu walks toward to the vehicle with laala.And meganii opens the door and the 2 enters in the car.Meganii droves the car and they approach at manaka's house.Laala leaves the car and she ask "Furanzu,are you gonna stay at our house tonight?" Furanzu replies "I'm very sorry,because i have a very important work at pripara"Laala says goodbye to him and furanzu and the others go back to pripara.He is pretty tired of everything.he goes to his daughter to sleep there.Melody ask her father about school and furanzu says "It's a small thing that i make in there" Melody is happy about that and they sleep together.

A goddess wants to stop him

Furanzu,a mysterious being born with no rivals.a very powerful inhuman who has the ability to change the pripara forever.In pripara,he is walking around,he's always eating sleeping and talking to his friends.He is happy about everything.Moments later,he goes to the top of pripara tv building.He wants to take a rest.In top of pripara tv building.Then he realise something.Another mysterious voice and says "I rule this pripara myself,i am here to stop you for changing my pripara forever" A beautiful girl appeared in front to furanzu. He knows that this girl is not an ordinary human.She says "Ibara,you are the most powerful being i've ever saw in my life" Furanzu counters her words by saying "i know that your.....Pripara goddess,now tell me. why do you want to stop me?" The girl replies "You are more powerful than me,the prism goddess told me that you are very dangerous.The saints can't defeat you,the best prince can't touch you and final,the prism goddess and I will shake in fear when we're say your mysterious are born with no rivals,your are unstoppable,even the powerful beings will try to stop you,they couldn't do it,as i, Jewlie the pripara goddess,i will try stop you even i will sacrifice my own life.i will perform a powerful live to defeat you! i must try!" and she disappear.Furanzu says "that girl,she is the second most beautiful girl i have ever met,she looks exactly like melody with a legendary eyelash,but why does she wants to stop me for?".And now Furanzu met the pripara goddess. Jewlie wants to stop furanzu from changing pripara forever,but her power is not enough. Furanzu can easily beat her without gaining a thrill if Jewlie challenge furanzu on 1 on 1.And now Pirpara reveals a mysterious pripara goddess.her name is Jewlie,she is the pripara goddess who watch her own is currently unknown,what is her relationship to furanzu.

Everyone's live

Solami dressing,aroma,mikan,fuwari,sophy's body guard and nao.they are invited in the underground to talk to they approach to the underground stage,they saw furanzu.he is making a warm-up for a simple test.Everyone doesn't know that furanzu will perform a live.Furanzu tells to everyone that to make a wonderful live,he must test all to see what is the result of their training.Furanzu calls everyone including cosmo,meganee,love,ajimi and even Hibiki.but hibiki didn't accept furanzu's request but she goes in the underground in disguise.Furanzu chose ajimi first.ajimi performs panic labyrinth and use her making drama and cyalume change.the pripara system scan her performance.Next is cosmo.her song is:your 100% life and her making drama is go go pripara,she use cyalume change.Third is mikan and aroma their song is:reversible ring,making drama and they use their airy change,golden the system is calculating their performance.the pripara system has a note to them "as their gaining experience,they could become a kami idol"Mikan and Aroma gave their full power.but furanzu thinks that their live is too low to boost their ranks tremendously.And next is fuwari,her song is: come and join this lay hee,her making drama is like jun amou. Furanzu remembers something.and he knows that fuwari's making drama is very fuwari,use her gold airy.Furanzu says "fuwari,you can become the next divine idol if you work really hard" Fuwari smiles and she ended her live.the next is Dressing pafe,but hibiki come and she said "step aside ladies,im going first" she demands furanzu to perform a live after this test.Hibiki's song is pure amore love,and her making drama after that.she use her platinum airy.after that Hibiki says "your next furanzu" furanzu quickly counters her words by saying "Save me at the last,when solami dressing's live is over i'll be next"Hibiki agrees and everyone couldn't wait about furanzu's performance.Dressing pafe is first before solami smile.Kuma,usagi, toriko and unicorn is watching,they're wondering about furanzu's legendary performance.Dressing pafe's song: Change my world,and their making drama is,and now they use the airy change,golden airy,but shion, makes it the coolest of all,she use the platinum airy for he first time.everyone is shock exept furanzu because she said to him "Furanzu,watch my live,i will be the next divine idol" Their performance is over and they are exhausted.before solami smile performs,falulu came and she says, "mahou~chan? are you done?" mahou~chan says yes and Falulu performs a 0-week old and her making drama,she holds back and use her gold airy,she fly around and she change her airy into platinum airy.The next is Solami smile.their song was:happy pa-lucky.Laala is lucky that her prism voice is activate.Their making drama is valkyrie flight. Sophy and mirei use the golden airy but laala only use her normal airy,everyone is wondering why.but furanzu thinks that she is holding back.they use another making drama and she change her airy into golden airy,once again they perform another making drama and laala use her final airy.the performance end they laala collapse,her airy disappear causing her to fall.Every is in shock and furanzu jumps and he catch Laala. Furanzu lays laala on his chest and everyone is worried about her.Laala slowly woke up and she is very exhausted.Furanzu said "well done,you've surpass your very own limit,i am so proud of you" Laala blushes and smiles and mirei and sophy takes care laala.As now furanzu will perform a dangerous live,but before he start,he is wondering about of what is his song and making drama.Laala say "you can use the saints song,make it!" Furanzu choose make it and he is ready to perform,before it starts,he wants to hold back,he will use his 5% power to make it special to everyone.Furanzu performs,he says "prism voice activate" everyone is shock about hearing that and he sings,he sings very soft making everyone to fall in love with him,everyone is surprise of everything and now,he performs a making drama,a prism jump, aurora rising dream.everyone is floating gently and now he control his coord,he use cyalume change but his coord didn't glow full power,and he use airy change,Laala's normal airy,everyone knew that he is hiding the final airy. And now he change into gold airy and then platinum airy,Everyone is suprised about that but he is not finish yet,he and now use and change to final airy and everyone is happy,hibiki says "wait,what is he planning to do?" everyone heard hibiki and they focus on furanzu.He smiles and he change his airy,Furanzu change his airy he shouts "airy change! crystal airy!" a unique airy that it's color is shown to the owners liking.furanzu chose a color,red and blue.His right wings is blue and his left wings is red,and he flies around,countless beautiful sparkle is falling.Everyone is completely shock about this and his performance ended,causing the pripara system to reboot.the live is over and furanzu says to everyone "this is just my 5% power of my performance" The pripara goddess saw what furanzu did,causing her to shake in fear when she observe him.Furanzu has his own airy,the crystal airy,a dangerous wings that is more powerful than the final airy.

Prism voice's power

Furanzu is looking for some kind of mysterious things.observing every performance of the Idols.He found something,a prism voice power.Furanzu observe laala's prism voice by watching her to sing.her prism voice is unknown if she activate it or deativate on her live.Furanzu must train her voice to become the next divine idol.In pripara,somewhere in pripara park.Furanzu is lying on the ground. the Solami smile is walking untill they saw furanzu.They want to talk to him for some information about his talent.Minutes later.Furanzu ask laala to sing some song.Laala sing and he doesn't feel any prism voice.Furanzu said "Laala,you must control your voice.Sing from your heart and control it" Laala sing again and furanzu sense a little prism voice from her.Furazu knew that laala is the owner of the legendary prism voice.but it is spread to the world.but some people acquired this unique ability. it's power becomes a generation,making it evolve.Furanzu ends the conversastion and he goes to the pripara system to search about this voice.The pripara system founds it and there are 4 legendary prism voice.Normal prism voice,a normal power who can wake any bokerdolls.2 prism voice special,it can multiply depends on the user's limit.3 Royal prism voice.some royal family idols have this prism voice,it has the 10x more powerful than normal.4 Heavenly/goddess prism voice,only a holy idol type or goddess can obtain this ultimate power.Furanzu looks at the 4 mysterious powers,he realises that his daughter doesn't have this voices,Furanzu is wondering.he needs to observe melody more.Melody's prism voice is unknown,Furanzu thinks that melody's voice is more powerful than any prism voice.Thanks to laala,the power of the prism voice is spread to the world and it is unknown if melody has a prism voice.


1 pm in pripara.Solami dressing and the other are shocked about furanzu's 5% power performance.the goddess of pripara is fully aware of him because she has no power of defeating the greatest idol alive. Solami dressing and the celepara company is wondering about furanzu's talent of anything.Meganii came and he said that furanzu is the greatest idol who have ever live.A male idol who is invincible of performance. Everyone is surprise that furanzu has the title of that and Furanzu came.Hibiki wants furanzu's secret about his perfect ability.Furanzu didn't tell her,he will tell this when the time has come.Sophy is pretty worried about him because of some dangerous things would come to him.Mirei only cares about winning furanzu's heart and laala is inspired of everything that he acts.falulu thinks furanzu is a human and she thinks that where did he get his unbelievable pripara skills in such a various ways.Hibiki might ended her plans of everything because furanzu is a dangerous human while the rest are practicing to become the next divine idol.Everyone always thinks about furanzu's performance.they are confused about the crystal airy.they know that airy is new and more powerful than the final airy.Laala suddenly says "Furanzu,if you perform.what will happen?" Furanzu replies "even i,didn't know what will happen,this is my mysterious life,i don't know what to do anymore if i perform at full power"Meganii thinks that his destiny and the end of his very life.Meganii couldn't stop furanzu too.Mirei hides her sad emotion about what furanzu told her about his end career.She only blush and she tried to hide it away.Fuwari thinks about their happiness being with him.she chose the wrong path making furanzu to have a negative emotions.Hibiki is now scared when furanzu came.She always thinks that she is the best prince and the best idol,She thinks that her team is the greatest,she made a mistake when furanzu came.Falulu supports her mahou~chan but it isn't enough to make feel better.Mirei is wondering about furanzu's next plan but she can't calculate his movements and now.Julie has some kind of a plan to stop furanzu from causing pripara to change forever.Julie is now ready to face her fear of furanzu's live.Furanzu decides that he will not use his secret ability when perform his last live,it is unknown that why wouldn't use it.Furanzu thinks that this is his Final Destiny.


Pripara is a wonderful place for everyone.Furanzu is eating on the cafe and everyone approach at furanzu. Laala said "Hi furanzu,we want to talk with you!" Furanzu say hi too and he agrees.Solami dressing and the others sits on the chair,they want to interview furanzu's life and secrets.Hibiki first and he wants to know what is his existence.Furanzu says that he is not just a human instead.he is a former servant of the prism world. everyone didn't know about that and hibiki is inspired and she ask again "Servant of the prism goddess? what are you talking about?"Furanzu replies "there are two worlds,pripara and pretty rhythm, these two worlds are sisters,pretty rhythm are prism other words,ice skating,and pripara,idols and lives" hibiki is shocked about she heard that and she ask again "who is this prism goddess?" furanzu replies again "prism goddess,who watch the prism world"and he continue to speak until "i was born because of her and now i am trained to be a perfect human.and here i am,I'm perfect now.she release me as her servant but she request me to watch pripara,she wants me to protect pripara for the sake of the world" Hibiki can't say anything and she left.Fuwari is next and she ask "furanzu,how can you come up with such a great story in your life?" he replies "Fuwari....sometimes,you need to sacrifice something to make your own beautiful adventures in your life and I......become an idol because i sacrifice something,i don't want to tell that." Fuwari didn't continue her interview to furanzu and she sit down quietly.Dorothy is next and she said "Furanzu how did you do that performance?" He replies "if you want to do that too,you must master all you train and think your own goals in your life" leona quickly ask "furanzu.i've never met any male idol besides you,can you please tell me why there aren't any male idols in here?" he replies to leona "Leona,to my facts, pripara is a paradise for every girls,1 thing that i'll say,your a half boy and a girl because your twin sister is a girl,you were given a priticket because your a girl too but me,i don't know why i am the only one that is not crossdressing in here"." Sophy is next "Fu-furanzu~sama,your body is like a jelly fish too,c-can you please tell me why?" He replies to sophy "funny story to tell.when i was 4 years old,the king and queen of france taught me to how to use prince-like manners,they prank me a little,they teach me how to be a princess.and an hour later,i realise that is not a prince-like manner" Everyone laugh and furanzu blush a little.Mirei is next,she thinks first to make her plan successand now,she is ready to ask "Fu-furanzu,what do you like from me?"Furanzu hugs her and whispers "i don't like you,i love you because i love your style,pop high and cute voices and you have a smooth skin" Mirei quickly faints.and shion is next,shion is aware of his ability,she ask "tell me,what is that mysterious aura in your eyes?" furanzu didn't say anything and she continues "You don't want to tell that to us?" Furanzu counters her words by saying "I won't tell,you must wait until the right time has come."shion left.And last Laala "Furanzu,i want to know,meganii said that you are the one that who will change pripara forever.what is your plan?" Furanzu says "Laala,you are the major part of my plan" he bows down to her and he holds her hand "Manaka Laala.i really want you,i need you to make my plan to success,trust me please,i just wanted to make pripara the most beautiful paradise ever.Laala agrees and he kiss her hands,mirei woke up and she heard everything.she is now completely jealous.The pripara goddess heard his plan too,she thinks that he is bluffing.she thinks her own plan.Julie thinks to make a reverse psychology,furanzu is choosing his love,julie thinks,instead he choose,julie will choose for him.she needs someone except his friend.she couldn't find someone,but she chose herself.she will sacrifice herself in order to stop him from performing.

Mysterious things in pripara

Pripara has an underground stage where can idols train.Solami dressing and the others are training in there in order to become the next divine idol.Sophy is training,she must upgrade her airy to become the best,while mirei is calculating her skills to win furanzu's heart and laala is taking a nap.Furanzu came and laala woke up.The dressing pafe are thinking about his airy.Shion walks to furanzu and she says "Can you perform again? i want to see that mysterious airy of yours"Furanzu agrees and everyone wants to see that again, falulu and hibiki came and they want to see his performance too.Furanzu is not in his mood,he thinks to make a silly performance.Furanzu says to everyone "Everyone,please hear me,i will perform my 10% power in order to become a divine idol" everyone is surprise about he told.Furanzu goes in the stage and he sings make it,On the way to the making drama,he use Ajimi's making drama,Hibiki is shock to see that and she faints.Everyone is wondering why did he do that.Next Furanzu says"im gonna use my Real airy,not the crystal airy"Every one is exited and hibiki woke up easily.Furanzu use the cyalume change and everyone is nervious to see his legendary airy.julie is hiding somewhere and she's watching furanzu's performance. Furanzu says "Airy change!" before the wings starts to come out he says "Bronze Airy!" and his wings is bronze.Everyone falls and burst intp laughter and hibiki faints again.After the live is over.Hibiki shouts "We were worried about you! and you gave us a silly performance?! i thought that your gonna use your 10% power!" Furanzu laughs gently and he said "Sometimes,your gonna make some jukes in your life" Hibiki is a little bit mad about him for tricking to use his 10%powers,Julie observe all his performance,she relises that his live is not a joke.She knows that Furanzu thinks that she is watching him from a distance.she is worried about that airy because the pripara system gains another little virus from it.Julie is now completely mad about him and she must create her cyalume baton in order to defeat him but it is not even in worth it for him.

A Great War in Pripara

Meganii is in the pripara system,trying to investigate Furanzu's species,The pripara system couldn't find it,and it is not functioning well.Julie came and meganii instantly bows down to her and She says "Furanzu, an unknown idol who can destroy the pripara system without gaining any thrill,i must stop him for the sake of pripara" Meganii ask "Pripara goddess,please tell.What is your plan to defeat an unstoppable Legend?" Jewlie replies "Meganii,his weakness is his love,i'll sacrifice myself to win his heart,i'll control his mind to stop performing,that is my only chance to save pripara"She blushes and meganii is shocked to hear that,a goddess who fall in love with a human.Meganii tells "My goddess,this is a great war when he performs,do you want to stop him from his real live?" Jewlie quickly replies"This is my fate,i mean.the fate of pripara.I Don't want to start a war with him,No one could defeat him" Jewlie creates her cyalume baton to break her limits. The pripara system accepts this new things when performing.Meganii keep this as a secret to his master in order to make things normal to him.Furanzu doesn't know this and every meganee was hiding the secret of pripara. Jewlie will perform her full power to test her cyalume baton to make a miracle.A great war will happen in pripara if this continues,Meganii prepares a plan,A plan that saints will come back,all great idols will join together to stop A legendary idol.Julie ask the prism goddess to help her on stopping furanzu.The prism goddess help her by giving her a powerful accessories to make her limits go beyond the goddess powers.

Min'na tomodachi

Hibiki is leaving pripara,she want to go back to europara.And falulu and the others are going back to priparis for some reasons.Furanzu cares this a little,all he want is to make pripara the most wonderful place ever. However it is hibiki's birthday and everyone will celebrate her birthday,but her schedule for leaving pripara is the same as her birthday.Everyone decides to celebrate and throw a party for her.But Furanzu didn't care about her birthday.after they decided,they perform as a dream team and they didn't use an airy change. Laala and the others is somewhat sad because they are leaving.After the live,hibiki and the others leaves pripara and they go back to their own country.Furanzu is on the top of pripara tv building,watching everyone and he saw something.and laala and the other are worried about furanzu,they didn't saw him today,he was always in their side.Everyone leave pripara and mikan has some kind of a bug when she left pripara. everyone didn't realise but they focus on finding fururanzu.Laala is worred about him,because everyone is a friend and an idol,she knows that she is his close friend and he will appear from time to time,but this is not the same.The next day,furanzu is eating in the cafe,Laala and the others saw him,Mirei ask "Furanzu,where have you been yesterday~pri?" Furanzu replies " i was in the pripara system,there's so many virus in that computer,the pripara may shut down."everyone is shock to hear that and he continues "I'm sorry,all this virus were created by me,i need to clean this before i could hang out with you" Everyone talks about this and the conversation is over,Furanzu left without any trace and everyone is worried again,He found some mysterious things like the bokerdoll baby.He didn't notice that there are so many new things in pripara create by the pripara goddess herself and he realises that meganii announce that there's a kami idol grand prix,furanzu thinks that this is way too early but it doesn't matter to him for now,if there's so many divine idols.He would make a new idol rank,the mysterious Eternal rank,higher than the kami idol.Furanzu is somewhere in pripara,testing the new things and he investigates The baby.He calls the baby, jururu.Laala is still worried about him and she didn't saw furanzu.Laala thinks to herself "Furanzu,where are you? Min'na tomodachi,Min'na aidoru! i haven't seen you late,it is the first time that you leave me alone!" Furanzu is somewhere in pripara.He is nowhere to be seen,and now there's a new things in pripara.including the baby Jururu.

Jewlie's Move

Furanzu is nowhere to be seen in pripara,his feelings is complicated because of solami smile.Pripara,12:00 pm, Jewlie is the pripara goddess,she wants to stop furanzu by loving him and controlling his mind to stop performing,It doesn't matter to her if he will be the god of pripara but still he can't perform when julie win his heart.Furanzu is sleeping on top of pripara tv building.Solami smile tries to find him everywhere.Meganii is walking around and they approach to meganii,they ask where is furanzu is.Meganii tells the girls that he is sleeping on top of the tv building.They rush in there.Furanzu is still sleeping but the girls hasn't there yet, Jewlie came and She wakes him,but furanzu ignores her.She is upset and makes a girl act like laala to attract him but he still ignores her,She makes a final move, Jewlie drags furanzu on the elevator and he wakes up,the elevator goes down but on the half way to the bottom,she stop the elevator and she blushes and says "Furanzu,i am yours now,please! do as you want to me" Furanzu stops her and says "Jewlie,I-i can't" Jewlie thinks "this is my final move,i'll use my trump card" Julie makes a scandal like furanzu did to mirei,she drags furanzu on the wall and he is in pain,He is breathing so fast, Jewlie hugs him and tries to kiss him,Furanzu is cornered and he can't do anything now,he's weakness is he can't do anything when a beautiful girl wants to do with him.Furanzu quietly says "s-stop,P-please,i don't wan~" she kiss him on the lips and furanzu start to tear up. Jewlie says "I am your girlfriend,promise that you will do anything for me" She slips the ring onto furanzu's hand to seal his ability from using it,his power is sealed and he became a normal human.Furanzu falls and kneel to her and says "Y-yes m-my beautiful princess" Jewlie hugs him again and then opens the elevator and she exits leaving furanzu behind and the elevator goes down to the bottom,The solami smile quickly goes to the elevator to take a ride to meet furanzu.on the way to the elevator.they open it and they saw furanzu lying on the ground.they are shock to see him,laala tries to wake him but he is still sleeping. Meganii was there and he didn't tell everything,he knew this would happen.he slowly left the girls and went to the pripara system. Jewlie was there and she is crying,Meganii kneels on her and he ask "my goddess,why are you crying?" Julie replies "I broke his dream,he just wanted to love laala,but i make my wrong move,i can't redo this,when i kiss him,i see his vision of his main goal in his life.Why? i just wanted to love h-him,but i mess up.please forgive me Ibara" Meganii understands her feelings but he didn't say any words,julie continues to talk "And now,he is under my control,he can't do anything now" Furanzu is sleeping and the girls can't wake him up.the meganees help the girls to carry furanzu and drag him on the bench.The girls sit next to him and they talk about what happen to him.suddenly,furanzu woke up and he is lifeless,his eye becomes dark blue.The girls are happy that he woke up and furanzu can't say anything,Mirei ask "Daijoubu na ~pri?" Furanzu didn't say anything.solami smile are worried about him and laala ask him to rest at their house,furanzu says "H-hai..." And laala and the others help him to go outside of pripara,and now they walk to laala's house,furanzu can barely use his perfect ability to hide his feelings.and now they on their house, laala take furanzu in her room and she lay him down and she leaves.her family is worried about him.Julie regrets what she did and she thinks this everytime.In pripara,Melody disappear and she is nowhere to be seen,it is impossible that she went back to future pripara.

Jewlie's Daughter

Furanzu is sleeping in manaka's house,he is sick.Laala and non are taking care of him and the others.In pripara Jewlie has a secret daughter named elina orihime,she is hiding and investigating furanzu's life.She can't stop him as well but she needs to observe furanzu everyday in pripara. Jewlie is talking to her own daughter,she said "Elina,my daughter,i created you because of Ibara,please help me to stop him from performing.i can control him but we need to prepare for something" she agrees and julie continue her talk "before you come close to him,you need to think that he is your Fa-father" she blushes and elina is shock to hear that.On the way to pripara.elina is a friend of the solami dressing and they talk to each other,they talk about the performance,enjoying outside of pripara and they talk about furanzu.Laala said that "he is sick,he needs to rest in my house" mirei and sophy becomes jealous about her for taking care of him.Mirei said "I really love him!,i wanted to be with him forever ~pri" sophy and laala says the same and dorothy and leona says "we just wanted to be a kami idol"And shion "im only interested in go!" Laala ask elina "what about you? what do you think about him?" she says "I-im sorry,i never see him yet but i have an interest on him" Solami smile are happy to hear that and they continue to talk.elina thinks that he is awesome but she is afraid because her mother warns her about him.the conversation is over and they got separated.Julie is always thinking about furanzu,she broke his dreams and she regret this,to her,she just wanted to stop him from changing pripara and his very end.Furanzu is sick and has a high fever.He is lifeless because of Jewlie's kiss.He has a girlfriend,the pripara goddess,but he cried about his future daughter,Melody's existance disappear and his dream about forever with laala and now he's life was taken by the pripara goddess,he become the god of pripara however,he can't perform. Jewlie is now controlling for the rest of his life.Elina's mission is complete but she wants to be a pripara goddess when the right time comes.

the meganii conversation

All meganii have a meeting in priparis,they are talking about kami idol grandpri.They talk about the top idols, the solami smile,dessing pafe,falulu,hibiki and fuwari.Laala became a kami idol and furanzu is still sick,his fever wont go down and it keeps getting higher.Laala and the others are worried about him.In the general headquaters,meganii,the butler of furanzu announce that laala is a kami idol.before he end.he announce that furanzu is the legendary idol.All the meganii are shock to hear that and they talk about him.Meganii said "Furanzu,my master.He is the most powerful idol who ever live,our goddess fear him from saying his name" Meganii from pripara ask "who is this furanzu? he doesn't have a rank yet,there's no detail about him" furanzu's meganii counters his word "he didn't debut yet,but i am saying that you will all praise him and he will be the one that will change pripara forever" All meganii freaks out and they panic about this.They think that furanzu's butler is joking,however,they didn't believe to what he said.Meganii from priparis says "prove to me that he is a powerful idol who can change pripara.i want to see an evidence right now!" Meganii said "Here's my video,his 5% power" meganii shows furanzu's test performance.All the meganii couldn't believe that there's an who has the power of beyond an imagination.All meganii bows down and believe to him.As now.The meeting ends and they went back to their pripara.


Jewlie is somewhere,she feels pain.she remembers about the kiss and now,she became a baby and she goes back to the heaven of pripara.Furanzu's ill has been cured instantly by an unknown power.Laala is in pripara,she follows a mysterious color falling down and she sees a baby.the baby falls and she catch the baby.Laala couldn't belive that there's a baby falls from the sky,the baby though that laala is her mother and wont go seperate from him.Furanzu sits on laala's bed and he feels nothing.he remember about jewlie kiss him and he become very sick.he saw a mysterious vision unknown fate will decide in pripara.laala is in danger and he needs to protect her.Laala takes the baby home.her parents are completely shock about her because of that baby.they believe that laala is secretly pregnant.she goes to her room where furanzu is resting.she opens the door and she saw him.Furanzu is shock upon seeing the baby,his eyes saw that baby resembles of jewlie.he didn' say anything and laala sit next to him.Laala told everything to him and she wants to take care of the baby.Furanzu said "Laala,if your going to take care of that baby,i will be her father.we need to be couples so that everyone wont be worried about you" Laala blushes and she agrees. furanzu continues his talking "Laala,you need to be mature.i am your husband now,we are going to take care of her and she will grow into a beautiful person.They talk about how to be a parents.Laala's parents to take care and accepts the baby and they help them.himeka and mr.manaka are happy that they already have a grand daughter.they believe that furanzu make laala pregnant.but it doesn't matter to them because furanzu is mature and he will do all the support for her.they talk about what is the name of the baby.They think and laala says "i'll name her jururu! because she resembles of falulu!" non is surpise and she quickly agrees,furanzu,mr and mrs. manaka agrees too and they named her Jururu.Furanzu is thinking that this baby is very special.she could be jewlie because of her beautiful eyes.