Love Tochiome
Kanji 栃乙女 愛
Romaji Tochiome Rabu
Personal Info
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorOlive Green
Tennis player
Idol Info
Favorite Brand(s)Holic Trick
Idol TypeCool
Voice ActressYukiko Morishita

Love Tochiome is one of the original characters of the series. She is a supporting character who is usually seen with the other side characters. She is a tennis player who attends Pararis Girls' School. She is a Cool-type idol. He brand is Holic Trick. While inside of PriPara she uses the name Cool Lovely.



Love inside of PriPara as "Cool Lovely".

She has short, spiky light brown hair and olive coloured eyes. While in the real world, she's tan, very muscular and generally appears more masculine, in PriPara, her hair becomes much longer and wavy with a crown braid, and her skin grows paler as well. Her casual coord is the Lunatic Moon Coord. In Pripara, she goes by the name 'Cool Lovely'.


Love is generally very shy around others, and gets easily flustered. When she becomes too flustered, she says "Love-15!", "Love-30!" or "Love-40" and breaks out into tennis swings to calm down. She is also excitable, as shown when she made her PriPara debut.


Eiko - She and Eiko became friends after a tennis match. They now often practice together.

Laala Manaka - Laala was the one to convince Love to become an idol, and now she is one of Laala's fans.


  • Her sayings used for calming down are tennis references.
  • She is the second character to not attend Paprika Private Academy.
  • She is 10 Kuma-heads tall, an estimated 195cm or 6'3".
  • Though her name is written in kanji ( ai ), it is pronounced in the English translation (ラブ rabu ).
  • She shares her given name with Love Momozono/Cure Peach from Fresh Pretty Cure!.