Meganee Akai
Kanji 赤井めが姉ぇ
Romaji Akai Meganē
Personal Info
Age19 - gave by furanzu
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
FamilyFuranzu Ibara - Master
Home PlacePriPara
OccupationPrism Stone/PriPara staff


Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Vitual Real Idol
Favorite Brand(s)Prism Stone
Idol TypeUnknown
Voice ActressKanae Itō

Meganee Akai is one of the original characters of the series. She works at Prism Stone and inside of PriPara. She has recently debuted as an idol. Her brand is Prism Stone. This character is RPed with MidnightManacchi.


Meganee has long brown hair that reaches her shoulders, with her bangs short-cut and tucked with the rest of her hair. She has very bright brown eyes. True to her namesake, she wears a pair of red glasses.


Meganee is a friendly and cheerful person. She is very helpful and supportive of the idols who enter PriPara. Despite that she can also be quite vague, such as when something goes wrong. Instead of explaining, she simply says "This is the system~!" (システムで〜す! Shisutemu de~su! )

Significant Coords

Cyalume: Prism Stone Cyalume Coord


Furanzu Ibara - Her master


  • She looks similar to Meganii Akai, though it has never been confirmed if they are related.
  • There are more than one of her active in PriPara, suggesting that she is not human, but is instead part of the PriPara system.
    • She also cannot age as she looks the same in Gloria's flashback of her time in PriPara decades before the series started.
  • It is shown that she can perform in PriPara, though only in emergencies where no other idol can perform.
  • She currently does not have a confirmed idol type.
  • She shares her voice actress with Kokone Kurisu from Aikatsu!.
    • She also shares her voice actress with Kaname Chris and a young Sonata Kansaki from Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream, PriPara's predecessor and sister series.
  • She is the only character to have appeared in all iterations of Pretty Rhythm/PriPara.
  • She and Cosmo Hojo are the first characters to share a Cyalume Coord. They are followed by Falulu Bokerdole and Garuru.