Meganii Akai
Kanji 赤いめが兄ぃ
Romaji Akai Meganī
Personal Info
Age20 -Gave by Furanzu
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
FamilyMaster - Furanzu Ibara
Home PlacePriPara
OccupationPriPara staff

Songwriter Butler

Idol Info
Voice ActressJunichi Suwabe

Meganii Akai is one of the original characters of the series. He is a popular PriPara songwriter and has written songs for SoLaMi♡SMILE and Dressing Pafé. He is the Butler of the Saikyou Aidoru. This character is RPed with Furanzu Ibara.


Meganii has short dark brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a blue butler uniform inside of PriPara. True to his namesake, he wears a pair of red glasses.


He is a kind a calm person with a gentleman-like personality. He likes to keep idols excited with new ideas and competitions, which attracts the attention of many idols.


Meganii is very famous in PriPara. He is a songwritter and the keeper of PriPara system. 15 years prior to the story, the Prism Goddess told him to take care of a child, and says that the child will be the one who will change the PriPara forever. He takes great care of him, and takes him to PriParis 4 years later.

Three years pass. The child grows into a beautiful person, mature and with incredible skills. Another year passes. Meganii teaches him how to become an idol in the underground stage, making it a secret.


Furanzu Ibara - His master. He instanly obeys Furanzu and calls him "Lord Furanzu".

Melody Ibara - His mistress. Meganii takes great care of Melody when Furanzu is away.


  • He looks similar to Meganee Akai, though it has never been confirmed if they are related.
  • He is one of the few known males associated with PriPara.
  • It is shown that possession of his red glasses gives you access to the PriPara system.
    • Hibiki had his glasses after CelePara Opera won the Winter Dream Idol Grand Prix. To replace them, Megani alternated between lots of different glasses, like the chocolate glasses given to him by Leona.
    • They were returned to him after FriendAll won the Spring Dream Idol Grand Prix.
  • He is the second character to be a butler, preceeded by Andou.