Minoru Hoshiiro
Minoru Hoshiiro
Kanji 星色稔
Romaji Hoshīro Minoru
Personal Info
Age36 (as a father)
17 (as an idol)
BirthdayJuly 17
Blood TypeAB
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorRed
FamilyHikari Hoshiiro (wife)

Akari Hoshiiro (daughter)
Rain Shiratama (sister-in-law)
Daisuke (brother-in-law)
Hanabi Shiratama (niece)
Momo Shiratama (niece)
Two unnamed younger sisters

Home PlaceHoshido
Idol Info
Voice ActressMamoru Miyano
Minoru Hoshiiro (MINO on stage) was a former idol not affiliated with PriPara. He is a supporting character of the series. He is the father of Akari Hoshiiro and the wife of Hikari Hoshiiro. This character is RPed with GanbareHannahChan.


He has neck-length, spiky brown hair. Like his wife, he has red eyes.

As an idol, he wore a cross necklace with an unzipped jacket, revealing his chest. He wore black pants with black boots. At times he also wore a fedora, and finished it off with a microphone earpiece.

As a father, he now wears a T-Shirt with fan art drawn of him along with blue jeans.


When he was an idol, he was very popular towards young teenage girls. He loved all his fans, and he'd welcome them all with free hugs along with autographs. He loves when fans draw him and he accepts all fan art. Overall, he's very friendly towards the opposite gender. His wife was actually one of his fans, as Akari mentioned they got married on stage.

He also has a joking personality, as he likes to tell Hikari that during their wedding concert she fainted in his arms because she got married to him.

He is the smartest out of everyone in the family. His birthday is July 17th.


Hikari Hoshiiro - Minoru's wife.

Akari Hoshiiro - Minoru's daughter.


Hoshiiro: Hoshi (星) means star and mixed with Iro (色) meaning color, Hoshiiro means star-colored. It is commonly miswritten as "Hoshiro" which has a totally different meaning.

Minoru: Minoru (稔) means harvest or ripen.


  • He was mentioned in Episode 23 because Akari talked about him.
  • Akari became an idol because she loved him and wanted to be just like him.