Momo Shiratama
Momo happy
Kanji 白玉百
Romaji Shiratama Momo
Personal Info
BirthdayJuly 5
Blood TypeA
Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorRed
FamilyAkari Hoshiiro (cousin)
Hanabi Shiratama (older sister)
Daisuke (uncle)
Rain Shiratama (mother)
Home PlaceNohr
OccupationMiddle School student
Nohr Princess
Idol Info
Favorite Brand(s)Marionette Mu
Idol TypeLovely
Voice ActressAya Uchida
ManagerKishi (Also Akari's plushy)

"Um...I'm Momo, and I, painting and stuff...oh dear, I don't know! I also love my uncle...and something...uh, uh, help?" -Momo

Momo Shiratama is a supporting character of the series. She is a thirteen year old girl who is the younger cousin of Akari, and the younger sister of Hanabi. She is a 7th grader  at Paprika Private Academy. She is a Lovely-type idol. Her brand is Marionette Mu. This character is RPed with GanbareHannahChan.


Momo is small in structure, but tall enough to not look like a little kid. She has long pink hair with some of it tied in pigtails. Her pigtails are held up with black bows, which were given to her by her uncle.

In the PriPara world, she wears a chopped off overcoat with a long blue sweatshirt. She wears an aqua blue skirt with a white brim. She wears white socks and pink shoes.


Momo is, what most people call her, cute in terms of personality. She is shy, but friendly, and can be a bit of a crybaby. She can be a bit clingy with her close friends and relatives, seeing as she loves giving long hugs to her uncle.

Momo is a painter, as she enjoys drawing and painting anything. Axes scare her the most, as they look big and scary.

She is close friends with Niles, and has a slight romantic interest in him.

Momo is the hardest to anger out of the entire family. Her birthday is July 5th.


Akari - Momo's older cousin.

Hanabi - Momo's older sister.

Niles - Momo's closest friend.


Shiratama: Shiratama can be split into two parts. Shiro (白) meaning white, referencing Hoshido, and tama (玉) meaning jade, pearl, or any other jewel.

Momo: Momo (百 hyaku) means one hundred. This name was chosen for her because it mirrorizes Niles' Japanese name, Zero.


  • Momo's singing voice is provided by a denpa artist.
  • Her original name was going to be "ten" but was dropped, because it didn't sound like a natural name.
  • She shares her last name with Mikan Shiratama, although they aren't related.
  • She is the seventh idol to prefer Marionette Mu.