Mayu mascot
Kanji モノッコ
Romaji Monokko
Personal Info
Hair ColorBrown (fur)
Eye ColorBlack
First AppearanceEpisode 36
Idol Info
Voice ActressYuki Kaida

Mono-Ko is one of the characters of the series. He is a PriPara mascot and Mayu's manager. This character is RPed with MidnightManacchi.


Mono-Ko is a plump, brown hamster with pale pink cheeks and a large tuft of curled fur above his forehead which goes from brown to dark brown. He has a small curled moustache above his mouth. His white belly is decorated with three bow ties - one black and two white. He wears a black top hat with a bronze cog decoration on his head. A large monocle is over his right eye. Two small brown wings sprout from his back.


Ham is an easy-going and laid-back, much to the annoyance of Mayu. He takes his time and can sometimes act very naive. He ends his sentences with "~mono".


Mayu - He is Mayu's manager. They get along well, although Mayu occasionally becomes annoyed at Mono-Ko's laid-back outlook.


Mono-Ko: Mono-Ko is a pun on the word "monocle" as he wears one over his right eye.


  • Though he resembles Ham, the two are not related.