Nana Naitou
Personal Info
BirthdayDecember 24th
Blood TypeA+
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorMagneta Red
FamilyNatalia Naitou (Twin Sister)
Takumi Naitou (Father)
Usagi Naitou(Mother)
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Doll ♡ More Cute Now

Masquerade Reencounter
Tutu Dancer

Favorite Brand(s)Dreaming Girl and Marionette Mu
Idol TypeLovely

Nana Naitou is one of the characters of the series. At the start of the series she was Natalia reincarnation after she disappeared when she go out of PriPara, but later in PriPara Nana and Natalia separate become sisters. She is a Lovely-type idol. Her brand is Dreaming Girl and Marionette Mu.This character is RPed with Nattysakura.


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Nana have a fun personality, she likes to run and do things suddenly like sing in the fountain. She wants people to call her Doll but she gets depressed because the image of a Fairy in the opinion of people fit her better. She loves cute dresses and her new sister, even she is technically the older sister she is treated and has the personality like the younger sister. She has the costume to be lost in some places and become very sly with Natalia,sometimes she hide that she not have some confident in herself.


  • Natalia Naitou - She loves her, she thinks is very mature and cool. She cries if she don't know where she is.
  • Chibiko Little - Chibiko was her friend in her past life, but she don't have this connection with her as Nana, but she was touched by her feelings to see Natalia again.
  • Laala Manaka - Nana like Natalia is one of the fans of Lala, because all of her cute dresses.
  • Aroma Kurosu -Nana is a big fan of Aromageddon
  • Mikan Shiratama - Nana is a big fan of Aromageddon


  • Gemini
  • Gemini  


Nana loves cute dresses, she uses Dreaming Girl, Marionette Mu and Twinkle Ribbon. Its revealed that her main brand is Dreaming Girl but she likes to use more Marionette Mu.

  • Idol Lawyer Coord (1º Casual Coord)
  • Flower Garden Rose Coord (2º Casual Coord)
  • Dreaming Girl Cyalume Coord (1º Cyalume Coord)
  • Gorgeous Pearl Coord
  • Strawberry Floral Coord
  • Love Story Rouge Coord
  • Happy Colorful Cyalume Coord
  • Milk Fruit Tea Coord
  • Angelic Coquelicots Coord
  • Angelic Horse Chestnut Coord
  • Flower Garden Rose Coord
  • Red Rouge Cyalume Charm Coord
  • Happy Honey Cyalume Charm Coord
  • Dream Jewel Cyalume Charm Coord
  • Gemini Masquerade Premium Princess Coord
  • Aqua Jewel Pirates Coord
  • Cupid Heart Coord
  • Baby Metal Lolita Coord
  • Crystal Fur Coord
  • Fancy Pink Unicorn Coord
  • Fairy Flower Coord


  • Masquerade Reencounter
  • Tutu Dancer
  • Love Trooper
  • Feeling *Chromatic * Kaleidoscope
  • Doll ♡ More Cute Now
  • Butterfly Fly

Making Dramas

  • After the Rain, Sunshine Printemps
  • My Dolls Lullaby Musical
  • Fly High! Prism Muses
  • Me and my magical world
  • Dance Constellation Birds


  • Coord: Flower Garden Rose Coord
  • Cyalume Coord: Dreaming Girl Cyalume Coord
  • Brand: Marionette Mu
  • Songs: Devi&Angel Reversible Ring 
  • Idols: Garumageddon,Laala and her sister
  • Best Friend : Natalia Naitou and Reyna Osei


  • Her Cyalume Change Aura is hearts with wings
  • She is the first idol to not use a casual coord of her main brand , she use a Marionette Mu Coord as a casual coord
  • Even she states that her main brand is Dreaming Girl she uses more Marionette Mu because she likes it more. But she still uses the dreaming girl cyalume coord.
  • Like Natalia she born 24 December