"Oneechan! You need to get up or you'll be late!" An elementary school girl with her hair tied up (similar to Non's hairstyle) yelled.

Shion woke up. She didn't need to even open her eyes to know who was yelling at her. It was Hikari, her younger sister. Shion got dressed, went down the stairs and found breakfast waiting for her.

"Mou! You woke late so I had to make breakfast instead!" Hikari scolded.

"Sorry... Just had a weird dream..." Shion replied

"What kind of dream?"

"Not really a dream... More like a flashback..."


"EEEEEEEHHHHH??????? You're confiscating our tickets?" Dorothy yelled loudly

"There's no reason to keep them! You aren't even going to PriPara anymore!" The headmistress yelled back.

"But each ticket contains important memories..." Leona said quietly

"That's right!" Dorothy added in

Gloria hesitated, then continued. "I shall keep your tickets!"

"Yikes! Run!" Dorothy grabbed Leona and the two of them ran as fast as they could to Shion's house. Shion was sick that day, and SoLaMi SMILE had gotten permission from their parents and teachers to take the day off to take care of her since Hikari was on a school camp and couldn't help. Dorothy was behind on schoolwork so she couldn't skip, and Leona was helping her.

Dorothy knocks down the door to Shion's house (xD). "S-Shion! Everyone! Help!"

"Dorothy, relax!" Leona said.

Shion walks towards the door. "There goes my door... What are you doing here Dorothy?"

"Ookanda Headmistress is after our tickets again!" Dorothy yelled. "Can we keep them here?"

"Why?" Laala asked. Dorothy tried to explain, but was out of breath and SoLaMi SMILE and Shion couldn't understand what she was trying to say. Leona explained instead.

"Anyways! Shion! I know you have a place where you put your hidden go pieces! Where is it?" Dorothy asked.

"Er... Think it was..." Shion went into her room and moved her bed. She opened the floorboard and inside were lots of go pieces and go boards.

"W-Woah... I mean-" Dorothy quickly threw both her tickets and Leona's tickets in there and shut the floorboard. "Do you have any kind of spray? ANY spray!"

Shion sighed, grabbed her bug repellent (I'm being really realistic here xD) and sprayed it. The room's scent immediately changed. A strange scent filled the room.

"Looks like I'll be moving to Hikari's room then..." Shion coughed and moved her bed. SoLaMi SMILE helped her, and Dorothy and Leona returned to the school. The assembly had already been called off, so Dorothy and Leona quickly sat in their seats in their separate classes before their teachers came in.

The next day, Hikari returned from her camp and was surprised to find Shion in her room. Ookanda called another assembly and told them if PriPara was ever reopened, she'd return the tickets. She made frequent visits to SoLaMi SMILE and Dressing Pafe's homes, but could never find their tickets. SoLaMi SMILE all hid theirs the same way Mirei did, and moved them to another member's house when Ookanda came over. Shion's dad built them a safe, big enough for 4 PriTicket Bags, to put them in. Shion and Hikari kept spraying the safe, except with a history-like smell instead. They both lied, saying the only thing inside was items passed down by their ancestors and would break if exposed to light.

~End of Flashback~

"I still don't get it... I thought the Headmistress understood how important Friend Tickets are..." Hikari said after hearing about Shion's dream.

"正体不明!(shoutaifumei!) She really needs a haircut!" Shion said while grabbing her slice of bread.


"By the way, Hikari..."


"I thought you said you needed to get to school early today because you're in charge of cleaning the classroom..."

"AH!!!!!! I forgot! Gomen, oneechan! I'm going on ahead!" Hikari grabbed her schoolbag and dashed off.

Shion washed the dishes and left the house. She realized a few minutes later that she was walking on the way that passed the Prism Stone shop. Realizing it was too late to turn back, she continued walking. As she walked past the Prism Stone store, took a quick look. There were no more Meganees left in the store. It was completely dark and was locked at the front. As she turned away, she suddenly heard something. She turned back, and listened more closely. It was a voice. Realizing that school was about to start, Shion rushed off but was still confused.

"Who's voice was that..." Shion wondered as she sat down in her seat in class.

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