"A voice?" Hikari asked.


Hikari opened the lid and her eyes sparkled at the mame daifuku, all arranged neatly in her lunchbox. "Yay! I love mame daifuku! Especially when oneechan makes them!"

Shion sweatdrops. Hikari and Shion, being the only ones living in their houses, had a system planned. Every week one of them was in charge of breakfast and packing their lunchboxes, and the other was in charge of dinner and spraying the PriTicket safe once every 2 days. This week, Shion was in charge of breakfast and lunch, while Hikari was in charge of dinner and the PriTicket safe.

"Can you pay attention?" Shion asked, slightly annoyed

"Gomenasai..." Hikari replied while stuffing the mame daifuku into her mouth.

"Oi! You're eating too fast!"

Hikari grabs her water and chugs it down. "Phew... That surprised me..."

"That's my line..."

"So... Oneechan you wanna go investigate it after school right?" Hikari asked.

Shion nodded. It was her first time back in PriPara after Mirei and the others left. They planned on dashing home after school to grab their PriTickets, then somehow sneak into PriPara. However, after school, as they ran towards the entrance, Ookanda stopped them.

"Wait up! Todo-san, where are you going?" Ookanda asked

"Um... Etto... Home?" Hikari said.

"And why are you heading there in such a hurry?"

"T-Thats..." Hikari couldn't think of a response. She looked over at Shion, who was already doing her go prediction thing.

"Our parents are coming back, and their flight comes in 30 minutes. We're rushing home so we can pick them up." Shion lied.

"Oh, you two are good children. *Steps aside* But you two still need to hand me your PriTickets! I shall be at your house tomorrow to inspect it!" Ookanda walks back to her office.

"That's like... the 1000th time she's checked..." Hikari said while running.


"What are we gonna do though? She's coming tomorrow and she'll realize our parents aren't actually here..."

"We'll just say they only came back to grab something, and left again in the morning."

Hikari and Shion rushed into Shion's old room and unlocked the safe.

"EW!!!!!! I hate this smell!" Hikari wrinkled her nose as she grabbed her PriTicket bag

"Bear with it. If we don't, Ookanda will confiscate it." Shion grabs her PriTicket Bag. Just as she was about to close the safe, she looked back inside at Dorothy and Leona's PriTicket bags, still sitting in there gathering dust. Dorothy and Leona either forgot about them, or they just didn't want to take it with them. Either way, they were still in the safe, and Shion and Hikari have done their best to protect them from Ookanda.

"Do you miss performing as Dressing Pafe?" Hikari interrupted Shion's thoughts

"I have no idea what you're talking about... Dressing Pafe was disbanded."

"Don't lie! I'm your sister for a reason you know!"

"A-Anyways... Let's head off." Shion grabs Hikari's hand and rushes out. Hikari could tell, Shion didn't want to talk about it anymore. They headed off to Prism Stone in silence. After messing with the lock a little bit and having a few people passing by giving them weird looks, they finally unlocked it. Just as they were about to enter, someone covers Shion's eyes.

"Who's there?" Shion turns around and sees a girl the same age as her. She had her hair tied up in a braid, and was wearing glasses. Shion and Hikari both took one look and immediately recognized her.

"Mizuki!" Shion and Hikari both hugged their old friend. Mizuki was originally Shion's classmate in Paprika Elementary School, and the two of them were very close at that time. However, Mizuki's parents had to move houses due to work, and Mizuki transferred schools. Shion and Mizuki only met on Christmas and other holidays, and Hikari eventually started tagging along with Shion.

"What are you two doing here?" Mizuki asked.

"That's what we wanna ask you!" Hikari replied back.

"We'll do the explanations later! Mizuki, do you have your PriTickets with you?" Shion asked

Mizuki was confused, but pulled out her PriTicket. Next thing she knew, Hikari and Shion dragged her into Prism Stone. They scanned their tickets, and were surprised it still worked.

Mizuki's braid became undone, and grew longer. They got tied up in to long pigtails. Her coord changed to the Galaxy Ribbon Cyalume Coord. Shion stayed the same, and changed into her Baby Monster Cyalume Coord. Hikari grew taller and her hair also grew longer. It got tied back in a high ponytail, and she changed to the Silky Monster Cyalume Coord.

"T-This is... PriPara..." All 3 of them said.

PriPara was no longer the bright and happy place the three of them remembered. It was now dull, and didn't have any colors. It also lost it's sparkle, and the trees all shriveled away. The buildings had cracks and their windows were boarded with wooden planks. The sleeping Vocal Doll also disappeared, and was nowhere to be seen.

"Maybe Usagi and the others are still hanging around somewhere. Let's igo and look for them." Shion rushes off, with Hikari and Mizuki following closely behind her. They eventually arrive at PriPara lake, and see a strange dome in the middle. It is surrounded by 7 PriTicket looking structures, each colored one color of the rainbow. It also had a crown.

"How do we get there... And what is that?" Shion, Mizuki and Hikari all thought.

"My, welcome to PriPara! I believe it's Dressing Pafe's Shion, along with Mizuki Hoshizora and Hikari Todo, correct?" Meganii approaches them.

"Meganii-san, what is this?"

"It is the brand new system, called the Dream Theater. Well... It obviously won't be working anytime soon... Unless..."

"Unless..." The three of them said...

"You three can do a performance! It's supposed to be for teams of 5, but I can make a special exception and allow you three to perform!"


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