"A live????????"

"Yes!" Meganii replied, more enthusiastically, similar to the time before PriPara was abandoned. "If you three perform we might get people to return to PriPara!"

Mizuki looked at Hikari, who looked at Shion. They were all surprised by the sudden request, and weren't sure what to do. They needed to work out the coords, choreography and lots more. Suddenly, Hikari had an idea.

"Ne~ Meganii-san! Can we use a song sung by another team?" Hikari asked.

"I don't see why not... Singing a popular song will attract more idols too... Are you going to sing Make It! by the Saints?" Meganii asked.

"Nope!" Mizuki understood what Hikari was trying to do. Hikari looked at Mizuki, confused, but Mizuki just winked at Hikari, letting her know she understood. Hikari realized what was going on, and the two of them nodded to each other.

"We'll sing No D&D Code!" Hikari and Mizuki cried out together.

"EEEEHHHHH???????????" Shion gasped. She didn't predict that.

"Hm... No problems here! I'll go get the system set up! Oh, you'll need these too." Meganii hands Shion, Mizuki and Hikari Cyalume Charms.

"What's this?" Hikari asked.

"It's a Cyalume Charm. You'll understand how to use it when you get on stage. Go over there *points to the Dream Theater Gate* and wait for the lights to go on. Then scan your tickets. Good luck!" Meganii runs off to the control center.

"Why do you two wanna sing that song?" Shion asked after Meganii left.

"Hehe~ Sisters know what the other is thinking (not really xD). "I really wanna sing as Dressing Pafe again!" is what you were thinking, right?" Hikari asked.

"Can't get anything pass you, can I?" Shion smiled.

"We won't be able to fill in for Dorothy and Leona, but we'll try our best!" Mizuki said.

"But you two don't know the choreography, do you? Coords are a problem too... There's also a Making Drama and-"

"We'll work that out! I watch Dressing Pafe really closely you know? I secretly practice the moves while you're not looking!" Hikari interrupted Shion.

"Me too! I think I can copy Dorothy pretty well ^^" Mizuki added in.

The lights in the Dream Theater gate go on. It was time for the live. Mizuki and Hikari grabbed Shion's hand and quickly ran towards the gate. At the gate, the three of them snap Friend Tickets...

(Click here for the live ^^)

(Somewhere in Canada)

Dorothy watches the live on TV, and spits water out. "L-Leona! You need to see this!"

Leona comes into the room and sits next to Dorothy. Dorothy replays (somehow xD) the live. "S-Sugoi..."

"That's our song! As Dressing Pafe! Mou..." Dorothy complained.

"But... It was a great live, wasn't it?"

"I-It wasn't bad... for two amateurs..."

Dorothy looks at the screen. Something felt different. After watching the live, Dorothy figured it out. She felt something was missing ever since she left Parajuku, and now she realized what it was. "Mum! Dad! I wanna go back to Parajuku!" Dorothy rushed out of her room and went to find her parents. Leona started cleaning up Dorothy's mess she made with her chips and drinks while reading her manga earlier. Leona also looked at the screen. "PriPara... I wanna go back too..." Leona thought as he continued cleaning up.

(Somewhere in Prifornia)

Sophie, who was watching TV, suddenly gets up, filled with energy. After leaving Parajuku, she had stayed in her weak mode, and Red Flashes wouldn't last very long. Her father got worried and went out to search for better pickled plums than the ones they bought at their local store. Cosmo, who was also watching TV with Sophie, gasped in surprise.

"Sophie, cosmic what's wrong?" Cosmo asked.

"Cosmo-oneesama, I want to go back... To PriPara!" Sophie said.

(Back in PriPara)

"That was fun!" Hikari said as they walked out of the stage.

"So the Cyalume Charm is just a substitute for the PriPass..." Mizuki said while holding her Cyalume Charm.

"And this thing..." Shion added, holding up her DreTicket. "Where's Meganii when you need him to explain things..."

"Here! Meganii at your service!" Meganii approaches them. "Those are your DreTickets, basically the same thing as your PriTickets, but used in Dream Theater Lives! Also, the Coord Ticket part contains an entire coord!

"You're right!" Hikari said, holding up her DreTicket to take a closer look. "What? THE PARADISE COORD??????"

Shion and Mizuki immediately took a closer look at their DreTickets, and realized Hikari was right. The Coord Ticket part contained a Paradise Coord, but a different color variation for all 3 of them.

"That's a present from the system." Meganii explained. "The system is grateful to you three for doing a live, so it printed these tickets for you. Tokimeki Paradise Coord For You!"

Mizuki, Shion and Hikari all looked at Meganii.

Meganii clears his throat and then continues. "I explained it earlier, but the Dream Theater can only be used for 5 member teams. When you form your team, your Cyalume Charms will glow. They're also capable of something amazing when performing with 5 people."

"So, we don't get to choose our members?" Shion asked.

"I'm afraid not... but that's the system! Please do your best to search for your destined partners!" Meganii walks off.

"I'm still having a hard time getting used to the fact that he just appears out of nowhere..." Shion said.

""Search for your destined partners!" is what he said..." Hikari said. "But there's only the 3 of us in PriPara right now!"

"So first up is getting more people into PriPara..." Shion thought. "Hold on... Mizuki you need to explain yourself!"

"Oh right..." Mizuki said quietly. "Well... I'M MOVING BACK TO PARAJUKU!"

"Really?" Hikari asked. Mizuki nodded, and Hikari immediately jumped onto her and hugged her. "That means we can hang out more again!"


"Gomen!" Hikari quickly got off Mizuki, who started laughing. Soon, Hikari started laughing too, followed by Shion shortly after.

"AH!" Hikari exclaimed suddenly.

"What?" Mizuki and Shion asked

"I just remembered..." Hikari started. "Ookanda is checking our house for PriTickets tomorrow! Not to mention she might've seen the live just then!"

"Wha... I thought Ookanda Headmistress stopped collecting PriTickets..." Mizuki asked, confused. Shion quickly explained, and Mizuki looked at the two of them, worried.

"Are you two gonna be ok?"

"W-We'll work it out... Somehow..."

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