A few days after that trio live of Mizuki, Shion and Hikari, Dorothy and Leona had begged and asked their parents, and they agreed on one condition; Only one of them goes while the other stays behind and helps with their store in Canada. Dorothy and Leona went into their room, and had a huge talk over who should go.

"Dorothy, you go..." Leona said after a while.

"Leona! I'm not going if you're not! We're twins, so we have to be together!" It hurted Dorothy to say that. She wanted to go back to Parajuku badly, but also wanted to stay with her brother. Leona noticed Dorothy's hesitation and grabbed her hand.

"Onegai, Dorothy... If anyone can save PriPara, it's you! Just relax and you'll be fine ^^"


Leona looks at Dorothy and waits for her reply.

"Fine... I'll go and perform for both of us! Make sure you watch it Leona! Tension Max!"


With that, it was decided that Dorothy would go to Parajuku. In Prifornia, Sophie explained the situation to her father, who gave her a huge thumbs up of approval. Her father was slightly sad that Sophie was going somewhere, but also happy she finally got her spark of life back. Dorothy and Sophie both left their respective homes the next day.


"Hikari! It's time to get up!" Shion walked into Hikari's room and found her sister still sleeping. However, Shion knew her tricks, and could tell Hikari was just being lazy. "Breakfast is pancakes."

Hearing those 3 words, Hikari got up as quick as a flash of light. "Really? Good morning oneechan! I'm gonna go wash my face!" Hikari rushed out the door.

"Always works." Shion went down to get breakfast, and soon she heard Hikari's footsteps as she rushed to the table.

"Where are the pancakes??!!"

"Calm down! The pancakes won't go anywhere!" Shion laughed as she gave the pancakes to Hikari. Hikari's eyes shined at the pancakes, and quickly sat down and began eating.

"Wait... Ookanda Headmistress is coming here today right?"


"I'll go put the PriTickets and DreTickets in the safe then ^^" Hikari ate the final piece of her pancake and rushed to put the tickets in the safe. She closed it up and sprayed it with the ancient-smelling spray and hid the spray in the floorboard underneath it. "That should be good!"


After school, Shion and Hikari met and waited at the gates. Soon, Ookanda came out and followed them to her house.

"I shall now perform a PriTicket inspection! Rina-chwan, go go!"

Rina immediately came to life and Ookanda started inspecting the house. She started by looking on both Hikari and Shion, but found nothing. She checked the traditional garden, the bathroom, everywhere she could, but still couldn't find anything. Finally, she reached the room with the safe and the PriTickets inside it, and inspected it.

"Everytime I come in here my sensor goes off!" Ookanda yelled as she inspected the room. Shion and Hikari just watched Ookanda check every single drawer and cupboard for anything that could be a clue. Like the other 15 times she checked, she found nothing. However, she reached the safe and got slightly annoyed.

"This safe... it smells like some weird smell mixed with PriTickets!"

Shion and Hikari both were shocked. Ookanda had never said anything like that before, so they thought it was fine. Shion was the first to react.

"That's just our ancestor's heirlooms. It's possible one of their heirlooms was a PriCoupon, the old version of PriTickets that you had in your childhood."

"Hm..." Ookanda took another sniff and Rina started making a weird noise. Ookanda looked at Rina and then at Shion and Hikari.

"I want to check this safe!"

"B-But... If they're exposed to light they'll break!"

"Just close the lights then!"

"It's bright outside though..."

Ookanda sighed. She always had difficulty arguing with the elementary girl with a mind good enough for high school and the middle school girl who had superhuman reflexes. The two of them were impossible to win against in an argument. However, Ookanda knew she had found the treasure, just waiting to be dug. She took a closer look and saw that the lock wasn't on properly.

"This is my only chance..." Ookanda thought to herself. After looking at both Shion and Hikari, who looked at Ookanda with a really truthful face (they're good liars ok xD), she got an idea.

"I would like some tea, if you don't mind."

Hikari rushed off to prepare the tea. Shion thought it was strange, since Ookanda never had anything at their house, and stayed behind to keep an eye on Ookanda.

"Todo-san... D-Don't you have homework?"

"I finished it all in the library doing lunch break."

"T-Then... Don't you have anything to do right now?"


"Oneechan! Come help me with the tea! It's too heavy to carry by myself!" Hikari yelled from the kitchen. Shion walked over to the kitchen to help. After confirming Shion had actually left, Ookanda quickly turned around and opened the safe. Then...

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