"T-Todo-san! B-Both of you!" Ookanda yelled.

Hikari and Shion looked at each other.

"Don't tell me..." Shion started.

"No! We need to go check!"

Shion and Hikari rushed to the room and saw that Ookanda had indeed opened the safe. They looked at each other quickly, then at Ookanda who was slowly turning towards them. Hikari gulped as Ookanda got up and got closer. She grabbed Hikari's shoulders.

"Eeek!" Hikari yelled.

"Your heirlooms are gone!" Ookanda yelled on top of her.

Shion peeked over Ookanda's shoulder and saw that she was right. The safe was completely empty. Rina was asleep, so Shion knew she couldn't have sucked up the tickets.

"So they're actually gone..." Shion thought to herself.

Thinking about what to do, she suddenly noticed a note under her sliding door. Hikari saw it too, but Ookanda didn't since she had her back turned. "Did Hikari write this?" Shion glanced over at Hikari, who shook her head. They looked at each other a bit more, then both nodded.

"Ookanda Headmistress! Oneechan will take a look for the heirlooms. Please, come with me and we can have some tea!" Hikari said nicely.

"B-But" Ookanda tried to say something, but Hikari already dragged her out of the room and closed the door. Shion took the note and read it.

Meet me in front of Prism Stone at 5pm. I took your PriTickets coz I was worried about them, you should be grateful!

"You should be grateful?" Shion said to herself. She thought about it a bit more, and does her go thing. Shion immediately figured out who it was, and was surprised. She looked at the clock. It was already 4:50pm. She had to get Ookanda out of the house as quickly as possible. Shion rushed out of the room and went to the kitchen, where Ookanda and Hikari were sitting down and chatting.

"Ookanda Headmistress, tonight Hikari and I have to go somewhere at around 5pm... So..."

Ookanda looked at the clock. "Oh my! I'm so sorry to take up your time! Did you find any clues?"

"Not yet... but we'll try our best."

After Ookanda left, Hikari looked at Shion with a confused face.

"Where are we going at-"

"That was a lie. We're leaving now!"

"Hu- Wait Oneechan!"

Shion was already out the door, and Hikari had no choice but to quickly lock the door (I'm being really realistic here xD) and follow Shion. They both headed for Prism Stone and saw Mizuki standing there.

"M-Mizuki?" Hikari said, surprised.

"Hey you two! I'm surprised to see you here!"

"D-Did you take our PriTickets?" Hikari asked

"Wha... I don't know what you're talking about..."


"The one who took our PriTickets was-"

Shion was interrupted by someone suddenly hugging her from behind, making them both fall onto the ground.

"SHION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Dorothy yelled.

"D-Dorothy-san?" Hikari said, surprised.

"Yo! Hikari and..."

"Hoshizora Mizuki ^^ Nice to meet you, Dorothy-san!"

"AH! You're the one that took my spot in that No D&D Code performance!"

"Can you get off me now..." Shion asked.

"Ah, gomen." Dorothy quickly got off Shion and helped her up.

"So it was you..." Shion asked while brushing the dust off herself.

"Wha..." Hikari and Mizuki were both confused.

"Yep! I stole your tickets coz I was worried about them! *Gives Shion and Hikari back her PriTicket bags* Ah~ My PriTickets! You were lonely while I was gone right? I'm so sorry for leaving you behind!" Dorothy hugged her PriTicket bag.

A mysterious shadow from inside Prism Stone watches Dorothy as she hugs her PriTickets.


Shion senses somebody and quickly turns around. "Who's there?"

The mysterious shadow had already disappeared.

"Oneechan? What's wrong?"


"Ok... Dorothy-san, are you here by yourself? Where's Leona?"

"L-Leona... Well..." Dorothy explains everything to SHiMer. They are all surprised, but Dorothy quickly covers up her tears. "So I'm not losing to you guys!"

"That's the spirit!" Mizuki said.

"Oh, I did come with somebody though? Right?"


SHiMer quickly turn around and see Sophie, like usual, in her Fancy Mode. "Do you have any Red Flash?"

"Etto... No... But I think that store has some!" Mizuki rushes to the nearest convenience store and buys a packet of picked plums. She rushes back and puts one in Sophie's mouth. She immediately gets up in her idol mode.

"Parajuku's Red Flash... There's something about them my cagebirds in other countries can't do..." Sophie said.

"Okaeri! Dorothy-san. Sophie-san!" Hikari hugged both of them. She never really had a chance to interact with any member of SoLaMi Dressing except Shion, so she was happy to finally be able to.

"He~ This is the little sister you talked about... She is the total opposite of you!" Dorothy said after a while.

"What does that mean?" Shion and Hikari said together.


"Anyways... SoLaMi SMILE's Sophie and Dressing Pafe's Dorothy have returned!" Mizuki said. "Let's all have a party!"

"Agreed!" Sophie, Dorothy and Hikari said.

"Then. Let's igo!"

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