"3-1!" Shion put the last go piece on the board.

"MOU! Oneechan that wasn't fair!" Hikari cried as Shion stole the game.

"It's getting late, maybe you should go sleep now." Shion said as she turned toward the clock. It was already 10:00, and Hikari was supposed to be asleep.

"Aw... One more game?"

"I still have homework to do, so I can't play anymore."

"Fine~" Hikari got up and climbed into their bed. Since the PriTicket Safe with the history-like smell was still in Shion's room, Hikari and Shion were temporarily sharing the same room, until Ookanda stops looking for their tickets.

"快食快眠 (kaishokukaimin)" Shion said.

"I already ate!" Hikari replied and started giggling. Being called the Yojijukugo Dictionary by Mizuki, she understood what Shion just said. Kaishokukaimin. To have a good appetite and a pleasant sleep. Within minutes, Hikari was asleep and Shion just looked at her and smiled. She sat down and started doing her homework. However, there was one thing still on her mind. It had been a week since Dorothy and Sophie came back, but they hadn't succeeded in getting any new visitors in PriPara. They did as many lives as possible, but everyday they only got Meganees as guests and the other 4 girls when one of them was doing a live. They also couldn't contact any other SoLaMi Dressing members except Leona, who Dorothy called almost everyday to ask how they were doing.

"A plan..." Shion started thinking and placed the go pieces on her imaginary go board. "I see it!"

"Mou..." Dorothy groaned as she got up. It was 9:00 in the morning, and there was no school. Her PriPass was vibrating and Dorothy answered it.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT IT'S SO EARLY IN THE MORNING!? Dorothy yelled into the PriPass.

"I see you had a pleasant sleep..." Shion said after she recovered from Dorothy's sudden yell.

"Shion? What do you want?"

"Come to Prism Stone, now. We have a plan to bring more idols back." Shion hung up before Dorothy could say anything. However, Dorothy was wide awake after hearing that. She got dressed and ate breakfast really quickly and made it to Prism Stone 5 minutes after Shion had called her. She saw that everyone else had already arrived.

"Well? What's the idea?" Dorothy asked.

"We'll explain later." Hikari replied. "For now let's igo into PriPara!"

After PriPara Changing, all 5 girls looked at the entrance to PriPara. It was still that deep dark place that Shion, Hikari and Mizuki saw when they entered for the first time in a long time. However, one thing was different.

"Ne~" Mizuki started. "Is it just me, or is this entrance a bit more... sparkly?"

Indeed, the entrance almost looked like how it looked in the original PriPara. It still had a few cracks, but compared to everything else in PriPara the gate looked like a diamond compared with a bunch of rocks.

"That's again thanks to you 5." Meganii approched them.

"What do you mean?" Dorothy and Sophie asked.

"I researched and found out that doing more lives will help PriPara return to normal. The gate has already been restored thanks to the 5 of you performing a lot." Meganii explained.

"Naruhodo..." Mizuki and Hikari said.

Now, explain your idea already!" Dorothy turned towards Shion and waited for her reply.

(Few days later)

"PriPara Pang Pong!" Meganee said on the TV. "Now we'll begin our new program, PriPara Music TV!"

Lots of Paprika students were watching that TV and were wondering what was going on. They saw 3 idols on TV and were shocked. "PriPara is reopening???"

"Now then, today our special guests are Shion Todo, Hikari Todo and Mizuki Hoshizora!" Meganee said. "Please give a self introduction for those who may not know you three yet. After they were asked to do one on this program, they spent a few days thinking up one. Now then, let's hear them!"

"OhaMorning! (Ohaiyo + Morning) Hoshizora Mizuki-desu~ I'll even outstrip the stars to meet all of you!"

"Min'na! Tadaima!" Hikari yelled.

"Okaeri!" Mizuki, Shion, and Meganee yelled. Hikari had told them her idea, and were asked to go along with it.

"Hehe~ Todo Hikari-desu~ Let's all have fun today~"

"和気靄靄! (wakiaiai!) Todo Shion. Please sit back an enjoy the show! igo!"

"Oh, Wakiaiai means... Harmonious, peaceful... you get the idea. ^^" Hikari added in.

"Right. That was the self introduction corner! Now then, we'll move on to the Live corner! Who's doing our live today?" Meganee turned to the three girls.

"We're gonna do a trio live!" Mizuki said. "Oh... Dorothy-san... And the Leona-san watching the TV, it won't be No D&D Code this time, so it's ok. ^^"

(Click here for the performance ^^)

"Those three were in perfect sync!" Meganee said after their live. "Of course, the audience was just me and my fellow sisters, along with Dorothy-san and Sophie-san. ^^ Oh, I'm afraid that's all the time we have for today. Please tune in next week for our other two guests ^^"

"AH! That was fun!" Hikari said as she sat down on a chair.

"I agree. Doing lives with you two is a lot of fun!" Mizuki said before taking a sip of water.

"You two..." Shion started.



"Translations, Ms Yojijukugo Dictionary?"

"Swift decision. Looks like oneechan's decided on something."

"I'd like you two to team up with me. Not as the new Dressing Pafe, but as a brand new unit."

"Eh... EEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHH???????????????????"

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