"T-Team?" Mizuki said. "A-Are you SURE about that?"

"Why?" Shion asked.

"Well... First off there's Dorothy and Leona... Then there's the fact that we might drag you down since we're not even Major Class Idols yet..." Hikari said.

"I don't really mind." Dorothy said as she came up to them. "Leona isn't here so doing a live with Shion by myself wouldn't be interesting anyway."

"I think it's a good idea~" Sophie added as she approached everyone with Dorothy.

Mizuki and Hikari both looked at each other. They were unsure what to do. Both of them all thought of forming a team ever since their first live together, but were both afraid of dragging Shion down. So far, they'd managed to scrape by without anything major happening, but continuing would make it likely they'd make a mistake.

"Um... Can you give us some time to think about it?" Hikari said after a while.

"Y-Yeah... It's just... really sudden..." Mizuki said.

"I understand."

"Mizuki and Hikari... Where did those two disappear off to?" Shion asked.

It had been a few days since Shion had proposed the unit, but she hadn't heard anything from any of them. Mizuki had continued to stay silent and always seemed to be deep in thought when Shion was nearby. Hikari acted as normal as possible at home and at school, but was most likely was trying her best to not let it bother her too much.

"It's almost time for PriPara TV to air!" Dorothy added.

"Maybe they're still thinking..." Sophie said.

"Shion-san!" Meganee opened the door to their dressing room. "It's almost time to air, are you ready?"


"We'll go find Mizuki and Hikari, you jump in front of the cameras and make something up!" Dorothy pushed Shion towards the studio, then grabbed Sophie and they both rushed out.

"What should I do..." Mizuki sat down in front of the PriPara lake and went deep into thought.

"Oi, Mizuki."

"Joining Shinocchi's team with Hikari will definitely be a lot of fun... But..."


"My dancing and singing are only so-so... I'll only end up-"


Mizuki got startled and almost fell into the lake. Dorothy grabbed her hand and pulled her back. "Man, be more careful!"

"Gomen, Dorothy-senpai..."

"What's wrong? You still haven't decided?" Dorothy sat down next to Mizuki.

"Y-Yeah... I mean, Shinocchi and Hikari can both memorize a dance or song after seeing it once... Not to mention they're always in sync... Someone like me will just be a nuisance..."

"So that's it. I have a lot of trouble in Dressing Pafe too you know?!"

"You do? Dorothy-senpai?"

"Shion is Shion with her stubbornness... but she's good at dancing. Leona's starting to become more independent as well, I feel like he's better at this than me... I feel like the worst one in Dressing Pafe..."

"That's... unexpected..."

"Well, I'm still the best in the team with my max cuteness and everything!"

Mizuki started giggling, which then turned into laughing.

"What's so funny?! I'm being serious!" Dorothy said with an annoyed tone, but she eventually started laughing with Mizuki.

"I have to say, you're charm might match up with mine... Not to mention we're not Dressing Pafe anymore so... Mizuki! Join Shion's team and teach her a lesson about how we can be just as good as her with effort!"

"Effort?" Mizuki said. She thought for a while, and then smiled and got up. "I got it! Thanks, Dorothy-senpai!"

"Drop the -senpai, would ya? It sounds great and all, but you and I are the same age!"

"You're my senpai in idoling though..."

"Well, then call me Dorothy and come to your idol-senpai for advice! Do your job as the new Dressing Pafe's me properly!"


Hikari sighs as she looks at her PriPass.


Hikari looks up. "Sophie-senpai?"

"What's wrong?" Hikari moved aside and Sophie sat down next her.

"Well... I'm still unsure what to do..."

"About the team?"

"Yeah... I'm the youngest one... I don't know what I should do... I might end up just dragging them down..."

"Leona-chan is the youngest in Dressing Pafe too."

"Eh? He is? I thought he and Dorothy were twins though!"

"They said Dorothy came out a few minutes before Leona, so she's a bit older. Laala feels some pressure too in SoLaMi SMILE. She doesn't say anything though."

"You can tell?"

"I can."

Hikari went silent for a few minutes.

"Hikari-chan, what do you want to do?"


"Forget about dragging people down. Do you want to be in the team?"

"I..." Hikari thought back to the two lives she did with Mizuki and Shion. She thought about how much fun she had on the team. "I... want to be on the same team as those two!"

"Then do it."


"You'll regret it. Laala and Mirei are the ones who taught me that if I want something, I shouldn't just sit in the cage and wait. I have to spread my own wings, grab the key and act to do what I want."

Hikari went back into deep thought. She placed the pieces on her imaginary go board. She opened her eyes, saw the clock and quickly got up. "Sophie-san, I need to go!" Hikari got up and rushed off. Sophie watched as Hikari ran off and smiled.

"Gambatte... Pshu~"

"Now then! Here comes today's live corner! Shion-san, are you going to do today's live by yourself?"

"Well... I'm-"

"Hold it!"

Hikari and Mizuki rushed into the studio. They both hugged Shion and they all fell onto the ground.

"Mizuki? Hikari? Are you two ok? You're both out of breath." Shion said.

"Well... We definitely didn't walk here..." Hikari said. "Mizuki, get off me!"

"Ah! Gomen!" Mizuki quickly got off and helped Hikari and Shion up. "Ne~ Meganee-san, can I borrow that mic for a sec?"

Mizuki gave Hikari a look, and she nodded. She grabbed the microphone and walked towards the camera.

"Today we have a special announcement!"

Hikari grabbed Shion's hand and walked up to Mizuki. She grabbed another mic from Meganee. "We are forming a new unit!"

Hikari and Mizuki both looked at Shion and smiled. Shion smiled back and grabbed another mic. "The unit, of course, will compose of Mizuki, Hikari and me!"

"EEEEHHHH??????????" A lot of fans watching the TV were shocked. "Shion, Mizuki and Hikari? That's a really good team!"

"Maybe it's a good idea to return to PriPara..."

Leona, who was watching TV, also smiled.

"Oneechan!" Non quickly rushed into Laala's room. "There's a new unit! In PriPara!"

"EH?" Laala quickly rushed into the living room with Non. "Shion-san, Mizuki-san and Hikari-san are forming a new unit? Why now? There aren't any visitors in PriPara..."

"Oneechan, your PriPass is ringing!"

"Hello? M-Minami-inchou?"

"I'll be your manager-usa!" Usagi flew into the studio. "I was originally Dressing Pafe's after all!"

"No objections!" The three of them said. Then they turned and faced each other.

Shion snapped two of her PriTickets. "Promise, believe in friendship."

Mizuki snapped two of her PriTickets. "Rhythm, carved in our hearts."

Hikari snapped two of her PriTickets. "Paradise, our goal."

The three of them trade tickets. "We swear to stand on stage as one."

"Hai! That was the birth of a brand new team! It's very sudden, but would you mind doing a live for us?" Meganii asked.


As the three of them walked to the live stage, Mizuki suddenly stopped.

"AH! We don't have a team name!" Mizuki said.

"You're right!" Hikari said, also realizing.

"I actually came up with one..." Shion said.

"What is it?"

"SHiMer. It takes the S from my name, the H from Hikari and the M from Mizuki. We'll start small like a shimmering star, but one day we'll shine brightly as Divine Idols!"

"I like it!" Hikari said.

"I don't." Mizuki said.


"I love it!" Mizuki hugged both of them, and they all rushed towards the live stage.

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