"Welcome to PriPara!" Meganee said.

SHiMer, Sophie and Dorothy watched as people started returning to PriPara. It was only a few girls, but to them it felt like they made more progress. It first started with Eiko, Love and Iroha, but eventually more people started coming into PriPara. SHiMer, Sophie and Dorothy continued performing lives in PriPara. Sometimes as teams, sometimes a solo live. The gate had now returned to its former glory, and trees around PriPara were starting to become greener. Meganii also started showing other girls around PriPara and explaining the Dream Theater system to them. Some idols preferred the old system, while others were eager to try and started searching for the other members of their Dream Team.

One day, when everyone was about to head into PriPara, somebody tapped Dorothy on the shoulder.

"Who is it?" Dorothy quickly turned around. Her annoyed face quickly turned into a happy one, then a teary one. "L-LEONA!!!!!!!!!" Dorothy hugged Leona. She had missed Leona ever since she came back to Parajuku.

"Why are you here?" Shion asked.

"Our mum saw you on TV, and wanted me to come back ^^ She wanted to see more lives in PriPara."

"Leona's not the only one who came back."

SHiMer, Sophie and the West Twins turned around and saw two girls. One who was in elementary school with lavender hair tied up into twin buns. The other was older and had brown hair tied up into a ponytail and glasses.

"Mirei!" Shion said.

"Laala!" Sophie said at the same time as Shion.

"Sophie!" Laala and Mirei said as the three of them hugged each other.

"Why?" Sophie asked.

"Mama saw SHiMer's live on TV and before I knew it, I was on my way back here!" Laala replied.

"I was in the same situation as Laala. I guess deep down, I did want to come back to Parajuku..."

"What about your lawyer school?"

"I quit."


"I told you before, didn't I? I've only thought about becoming a Pop Idol. I haven't thought any further than that."

"Now SoLaMi Dressing is back together!" Mizuki said.

It was true. With Laala, Mirei and Leona back, SoLaMi Dressing was complete again. They all rushed into PriPara along with Mizuki and Hikari and saw PriPara.

"This is... PriPara..." Laala said quietly

"It doesn't look like that sparkly place anymore from before anymore... pri..." Mirei said. After not being in PriPara for a while, she had to get used to saying "Pri" at the end of her sentences again.

"That's right! Where's Falulu?" Laala asked Shion.


"We don't know." Hikari replied. "When we first came into PriPara, Falulu had already disappeared from that area. We haven't seen her at all."

"No way..." Laala said with teary eyes.

"Perhaps I have the answer." Meganii approached them. "Welcome back, SoLaMi Dressing."

"What do you mean by that-pri?" Mirei asked, jumping straight to the point.

"The Charm Bell of Beginnings. Did I tell you girls about that?"

"Er... I don't think so..." Mizuki looked at Shion and Hikari, who both shook their heads.

"That must have slipped this Stylish Tough Guy's mind then!"

SoLaMi Dressing, Mizuki and Hikari all fell.

"Meganii! Stop making jokes!" Dorothy yelled, annoyed.

"Dorothy, relax!"

Meganii cleared his throat. "The Charm Bell of Beginnings can grant the wish of the Dream Team who rings it. Perhaps we can use it to revive Falulu-san."

"Really?" SoLaMi SMILE asked.

"I can't be 100% sure yet. In order for the Charm Bell to appear, first we need to restore PriPara, as well as have a miracle occur."

"Miracle..." SoLaMi Dressing all thought back to the Falulu Comeback Live. It had completely failed. Will they be able to make the miracle happen this time?

Meganii broke the silence. "I understand you're all worried about what is going to happen. However, you guys are in possession of the Paradise Coord. Only you girls can-"

"About that..." Mirei interrupted.

"Eh? You too?" Leona asked.

"EH? I'm not the only one?" Laala asked.

"What?" Sophie, Dorothy and Shion all asked.

Laala, Mirei and Leona all held out their Paradise Coord PriTickets. Everyone was shocked; It was blank. There was no coord on it. It was just a blank Premium PriTicket.

"What happened?" Dorothy asked them.

"I don't know, Dorothy..." Leona replied. "When I opened my PriTicket bag, it was already like this..."

"Me too (pri)" Laala and Mirei replied.

"The Paradise Coord is a legendary coord of PriPara. You girls took it outside of PriPara, so it has lost it's power and disappeared." Meganii explained.

"But... Our coords are fine!" Dorothy held out her own Paradise Coord PriTicket. It was still normal. Sophie's was the same, and SHiMer had gotten new ones from their Dream Theater Live.

"You girls barely made it in time. If you had left the Paradise Coord outside PriPara for any longer, it would've resulted in the same thing as their PriTickets." Meganii explained. "So now, our only option is to have the 5 of you perform, as a Dream Team..."

"EEEEHHHHHH????????" SHiMer, Dorothy and Sophie exclaimed.

"System-desu!" Meganee said.

Shion, Sophie and Dorothy looked at Laala, Mirei and Leona. All three of them were depressed, but knew they couldn't do anything.

"Sophie, do your best!" Laala said, forcing a smile.

"That's right! Do your best for our sake too-pri!" Mirei said.

"Laala... Mirei..."

"You don't need to worry about us-pri. Laala and I will cheer you on as hard as we can-pri!"


"Yeah... I'll do my best ^^" SoLaMi SMILE hugged each other.

"Leona!" Dorothy hugged Leona again. "We finally returned to PriPara and now we can't even perform together anymore? This sucks!"

"Dorothy, this is only going to be for one live, you know?"

"Eh?" Dorothy let go of Leona and looked at him. "Now that you mention it..."

"You jumped to conclusions..." Shion said.

"S-Shut up!" Dorothy yelled back. "I knew that!"

"That's why..." Leona grabbed Dorothy's hand. "You need to do your best. Perform a live as great as the two of us can do together. Right, Dorothy?"

"I-If you say so... Leona..."

"Shion, take care of Dorothy, ok?"

Shion nodded. "You have my word." Dressing Pafe also hugged each other.

"Um... I hate to break your sad moment..." Mizuki said quietly.

"Now that you mention it... Shion, who are those two-pri?"

Mizuki and Hikari both fell. "It took you THAT long to realize?"

"It's my childhood friend Hoshizora Mizuki and my younger sister Hikari..."


"I-Igo yoroshiku! Senpai-tachi!"

"Senpai?" Laala asked.

"Hikari, Laala's the same age as you." Sophie said.

"Well she's still my senpai in when it comes to being an idol! I have to show my respect!"

Dorothy looked at Mizuki, who blushed at the thought that she was treating Dorothy the same way before. Dorothy gave Mizuki a smirk and tried hard to hide her laughing.

"Anyways, we're all PriPara idols right? Min'na Tomodachi! Min'na Idol! Hikari-chan, Mizuki-chan, let's snap!"


Laala, Mizuki and Hikari got out their PriTickets and snapped with each other.

"Ah! I'm snapping too-pri!" Mirei rushed over.

"Then, me too!" Leona got out her PriTickets.

Dorothy and Sophie also rushed over to snap tickets. They hadn't snapped with Mizuki and Hikari before either. Shion just watched them and smiled.

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