"I'm sorry Faruru. I'm sorry everyone!" Laala exclaimed in tears.

The Paradise Coord had failed to work. Laala's Prism Voice wasn't strong enough, and a miracle didn't occur. No one spoke up. Everyone just watched the girl in tears, crying over how useless she was. Everyone knew that her failure would be broadcasted everywhere.

After the live, Laala tried again and again with the Paradise Coord. She tried solo lives, SoLaMi SMILE lives and SoLaMi♡Dressing lives, but none of them worked. The Paradise Coord didn't even Cyalume Change once after that live. Out of ideas, all the idols abandon PriPara. Within 1 week, PriPara was a deserted location with nobody except the managers, Meganii, Meganees and the lifeless Vocal Doll. Even SoLaMi♡Dressing started coming to PriPara less and less.

A few weeks later, Mirei gathered everyone together at school one day.

"Mirei? What's wrong?" Laala asked

"I... I've been accepted to go to a lawyer school in EuroPara..." Mirei said quietly

"Really? Congratulations!"

Mirei sighed. Like usual, Laala was slow at understanding what was going on. She looked over at the others. Sophie, being in Fancy Mode, also didn't understand. Dressing Pafé immediately understood what Mirei was trying to say, and just looked at her with shocked faces. After taking a deep breath, Mirei opened her mouth again.

"So... I'm moving there next week... And probably never come back..."

The smile faded off Laala and Sophie's faces. Their friend was going to leave them, forever. No one said anything. The bell rang for class. Shion, Dorothy and Leona rushed off, not wanting to think about it. The Royal Guard dragged Sophie off. Laala looked at Mirei. Mirei opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but decided not to and went off to class. Laala walked up the stairs to her class sadly. She wiped the tears off her face, and smiled at Nao, who was waiting for her.

Just when Laala thought things couldn't get worse, it did. Sophie's dad came and wanted to take her to Prifornia. Sophie didn't argue. She didn't want to stay in Parajuku, the place that would only remind her of painful things. Dorothy and Leona's grandparents recently passed away, so they needed to move there in order to make sure the house isn't stolen or sold by anyone. Everyone was leaving next week, except Laala and Shion.

One week came by way too quickly, and SoLaMi♡Dressing all gathered at the airport for one final meeting. SoLaMi SMILE gave each other hugs and promised to see each other again, while Dorothy just tried to look tough in front of Shion and Leona. She couldn't hide it anymore, and three of them hugged each other, also promising to see each other again.

Shion and Laala hung around together a lot after their friends left. Shion also taught Laala a little bit of go (why not xD), while Shion started helping Laala out in her store. The two of them tried to stay as cheerful and acted as normal as possible. However, one night...

"Laala, Non, we have something to tell you..." Himeka started.

"Nani?" Laala and Non asked.

"A famous restaurant in PriPari hired us to make pizza for them... So we're moving to PriPari..."

Laala was shocked. It was her turn to move. Move away from Parajuku and PriPara... forever...

"B-But... Shion-san..." Laala started.

"Laala, I know you care for your friends. However, we've already agreed and turning it down will be very impolite of us. We're moving next week. You have until then to tell your friends the news."


But what? Laala didn't know what to say. She just walked up to her room, and cried the entire night. The next morning, she tried her best to avoid Shion. After hanging around a lot Shion, she became similar to Nao, being able to tell when something was wrong with Laala. Of course, Shion noticed Laala was acting strange, and eavesdropped on her parents conversations one day. Shion decided to wait until Laala told her, instead of asking her if it was true or not.

One more day before Laala would be moving to PriPari. She knew she had to do it today, or it'll be too late. She asked Shion to come to the back of the school, and tried to break the news to her.

"Um... Shion-san...Actually... T-Tomorrow I'm-"

You guys know what happens next, so there's no need to continue xDDDDD It's (kinda) a cliffhanger xDDD

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