(Ichigo 8 years ago)

Ichigo's Mom: She's getting really sick... I'm worried...

Ichigo's Stepdad: I know... She can't even eat spicy foods...

Ichigo sees a leaf slowly fly into a concert room, and for some reason, finds it interesting. She walks in, and finds a lot of people in rows of seats, and a boy who looks 6, the same age as her, with a guitar on the stage. The boy counts to 3, and starts playing beautiful guitar music.

"What is this music? It's like it's shining..." Ichigo says as she moves even more across the ile to get to the stage.

"This radiance.. What is it?" Ichigo says as she gets even closer to the stage.

"We were worried sick about you!" Ichigo's dad says as they grab Ichigo's arm and ragequit with Ichigo out of the concert room.

"RAINODY!" The boy says on the stage as Ichigo's parent takes her outside by an alley.

"Gomene...But, What is this Rainody? I want to know more about it.." Ichigo blurts out before her parents could even take a breath.

"Huh?! Oh... Well, Rainody is.. a melodic radiance. It only shines when it knows your meant to be an idol. And when you have a whole BAND of Rainody, then you can do some special stuff.." Ichigo's mom explains to her.

"Mom..Dad..." Ichigo says as the tone of her voice sounds annoyed.

"What?!" Ichigo's parents yell out as their desperated to know what's wrong.

"...I want to be an idol." Ichigo says.