SHiMer PAS Ver

Shion: The S in Shion...
Hikari: The Hi in Hikari...
Mizuki: Followed by the M in Mizuki and an E and R...
All 3: We're the twinkling stars in the sky, SHiMer!


SHiMer is a 3-member team consisting of Shion Todo, Hikari Todo and Mizuki Hoshizora. It was formed after Mizuki and Hikari debuted in PriPara. The unit made an unofficial debut in place of Dressing Pafé. Their official debut was in Episode 9 with the song Sweet Sp!ce.



After both Mizuki and Hikari debuted as PriPara idols and ranked up to Debut Class (the class under Major) Mizuki suggested making a 3-member team with her, Hikari and Shion. This idea was supposed to be a joke, due to Mizuki and Hikari worrying about dragging Shion down, being two inexperienced idols. Shion also took it as a joke and declined due to the fact she was already part of Dressing Pafé, so that idea was never heard of again for a long time.


One day, Dressing Pafé was scheduled to perform, but Ninja-Monja was strangely busy and Dorothy and Leona had to help. While Shion and Usagi thought about what to do, Mizuki and Hikari (conveniently xD) walked past and Shion dragged them into the live. Mizuki and Hikari were extremely confused, but managed to perform No D&D Code in place of Dorothy and Leona. Ever since that day, the three of them all thought of forming a unit, but all 3 of them were a bit embarrassed after they all treated it as a joke.

P.S. I will probably never write this live so don't ask xD

Proposal (Unit, not love xD)

Many weeks after the Shion-Hikari-Mizuki live, Mizuki, Hikari and Shion were still considering forming a unit, but could never bring themselves to say it. Sophy, who hangs out with them, noticed they were all thinking about something and talked to all 3 of them separately, finding out the truth. She brought the three of them together and Mizuki accidentally blurted out that she wanted to form a unit. She was surprised and happy to know Hikari and Shion were thinking the same thing. They performed the ceremony with Aurelius and Usacha as their witnesses, and officially became SHiMer.

More TBA as I RP with them ^^


Unit Relationships

Mizuki and Shion are childhood friends, and therefore understand each other pretty well. Hikari, as the youngest of the group, occasionally feels uncomfortable, but eventually relaxes more as she performs with them. Unlike Dressing Pafé, the three of them are usually never seen fighting, usually only fighting over small things like Making Dramas and coords, which are usually solved easily.


Mizuki Hoshizora

Shion Todo

Hikari Todo




SHiMer is formed from using Shion's S, Hikari's H and Mizuki's M and adding a few extra letters. To them, this means they'll start small, like a shimmering star, but eventually glow bright like the sun


  • Despite only having 3 members, there is no confirmed center of SHiMer.
    • Rather than having one center for one song, SHiMer changes its center depending on the song and audition.
    • However, in Ivanly's RP series, Paradise Stars, Shion is confirmed to be center.
      • This was most likely due to the fact that Shion was the main protagonist in that series.
  • Even though she is part of SHiMer, Shion still continues her activities as part of Dressing Pafé.
  • Although this has been unconfirmed, some fans have seen Sophie hanging out with SHiMer, and there are rumors about her being the 4th member of SHiMer.
  • This is the first known unit to have only Cool-type idols.
    • This makes it the first known unit with only one idol type between its idols.
  • This is the first team to debut with team Cyalume Coords
  • This is the first team to debut without a PriPara song.
    • This also makes them the first to debut with an Aikatsu! song.
  • This is the first known team to have two managers (Usacha and Aurelius) instead of one.

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