Kanji 定子
Romaji Sadako
Personal Info
Hair ColorBlue
Eye ColorSandy Blonde
Home PlaceParajuku
Idol Info
Voice ActressAina Kusuda

Sadako is a one of the original support character of the series. She is a student of Paprika Private Academy and the leader of Sophie's Fan Club.


Sadako has long, layered sandy blonde hair with sharp bangs. She has blue eyes. She wears a pink headband with an "S" on it over her bangs, which stands for "Sophie". She is typically seen in the Sophie's Fan Club jacket with her school uniform underneath.


Sadako is very protective of Sophie. She makes sure not to let anyone near her and will do anything to be of help. She is determined to go to great lengths to protect Sophie, such as cutting the power to keep Sophie's Fancy Mode a secret. She is aso very loyal and friendly.


Chanko - They get along well with each other as members of Sophie's Fan Club. She often gives orders to Chanko to fight off anyone trying to get close to Sophie.

Sophie Hojo - She protects Sophie from anyone trying to get close as part of Sophie's Fan Club, and will go to great lengths to do so.


  • She is calls herself Guardian Sadako.
  • She and Chanko are the only named members of Sophie's Fan Club.
  • Her hairstyle is similar to Bell Renrōji's from Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live.
  • It is shown that she has a Cool-type PriTicket, meaning that she would be a Cool-type idol.
    • It is possible she is already an idol along with Chanko.
  • She shares her voice actress with Eiko and other members of Sophie's Fan Club.
    • She also shares her voice actress with Honoka Kōsaka from Love Live! School Idol Project, another idol anime.