Serena Yoshida
Kanji 吉田セレナ
Romaji Yoshida Serena
Personal Info
BirthdayMay 5th
Hair ColorBlack (Outside PriPara)

Red (Inside PriPara)

Eye ColorBrown (Outside PriPara)

Purple (Inside PriPara)

Home PlaceParajuku
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)§Rainbow (i☆Ris)
Idol TypeCeleb
Serena Yoshida is one of the supporting characters in the series. She is an 8th grader at Paprika Private Academy who was an old friend of Dorothy and Leona at their old school. She is also a daughter from a very rich family. She is a Celeb-type idol. This chara is RP'ed with Ivanly912.


Outside of PriPara, Serena has short black hair tied up into a high ponytail, held by a clip with a jewel on it and straight cut bangs. She has brown eyes.

When she enters PriPara, her hair becomes much longer and is now red. It is tied up into two pigtails that reach her thighs, and curls at the end. Her eyes also change to purple.


Serena is a very kind girl who always loves talking with new people. She excels in both academics and sports, but she is mostly good at maths. She is also quite knowledgeable about idols, but she keeps this a secret due to the fact her parents don't like idols.


Moving Schools

Despite being a girl from a rich family, she is quite nice to everyone. However, her parents' work made her move schools a lot. Her classmates also found it hard to approach her due to the fact she seemed to be in a different world. Due to this, she usually sits alone at lunchtime and when she does make friends, she loses them quite quickly when moving.

Dorothy and Leona

This changed when she moved to Dorothy and Leona's old school. When she was sitting alone at lunchtime like she usually does, Leona approached her and sat down near her, to Serena's surprise. Serena could really feel herself relating to Leona due to the fact they both had to follow a family member (Dorothy for Leona and Serena's parents for Serena) and agree with them. The two of them became fast friends. Not long after, Dorothy followed Leona and became friends with Serena too.


One day when Dorothy, Leona and Serena were hanging out together, Dorothy suggested that Serena goes into PriPara and sees her show. Due to her parents heavily objecting idol activities, she was scared. She also hadn't received a PriTicket yet, so she had to decline. Dorothy and Leona looked at Serena weirdly and both said "What are you talking about? You're PriTicket's right there!". To her surprise, Serena found her PriTicket in her pocket. Before she could say anything, she was dragged into PriPara. She learned more about PriPara and gradually started liking it.

Moving Schools...

A few months later, after Dorothy and Leona formed Dressing Pafé with Shion, Dorothy and Leona told Serena they were moving to Paprika Private Academy. Serena was quite sad and wanted to go with them, but didn't want to inconvenience her parents. However, Dorothy and Leona encouraged her to at least ask, as nothing bad comes from it. Her parents said no, due to the fact they were in the middle of a very important project. Dorothy and Leona, after finding out, decided to ask their parents something too...

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Hibiki Shikyoin - Their families are quite close. Hibiki considers Serena a genius, but Serena hates her so she turned down her offer to help her with CelePara.

Dorothy West - The two of them are friends, and hang out together at school occasionally.

Leona West - The two of them are friends, and hang out together at school occasionally. Serena secretly had a crush on Leona, but gave up after seeing her with Sophie.


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