• Kinda sorry for being on my endless hiatus but anyways
    Hi, Maya!
    I hope you're well
    I was inactive here for years, wasn't I?
    Do you remember my mess that happened a long time ago before my hiatus?
    Just wanted to say that I'm still really sorry for saying that
    I didn't want to start a mess with you or something
    Now, when she died i have no reason to mess around
    If you dont me to be around anymore you can just remove my admin rights and I'll take my leave right away
    Anyways, i didn't really come back for that
    I found a code to remove Trending Fandom Articles and made a forum thread
    Well, if you have any template ideas you can always ask me
    i guess that's it

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    • Sounds great.

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    • anyways, do you have any template ideas XDDD

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    • Nop

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    • oh ok
      i'll try to come up with something new asap ^^^

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    • Thanks~ XD

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    • Hey

      Sorry for not being active lately

      I'm gonna make in Infobox for songs and albums asap ^^

      I'll try to think of any other templates but I'm not sure if I'll get any ideas

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    • Are you sure your making the infobox? It's been a week....

      Anyway, I kinda need help on improving the wiki, I'm not sure how.. but we need to do something.

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    • Making festival? Or either editing contest like if you make 500 edits on pages with certain category you will rank up to some extra rank idk XD
      You need to make ppl interested by making event or maybe making promotion vid on YT?
      ah and song infobox is dun

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    • I'm blank on what to name the extra rank though xD

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    • idk Hanako made some Unmei Class that can be reached by making 500 edits on Unmei Challange pages
      well, I could try to think of other ways but i'm bzy atm
      Do i need to make any other templates i'll get to 'em when i'll be free(somewhere in upcoming week since school is finally over =3=)

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    • Btw, How do you make those Kirakira backgrounds? Like with sparkles and stuffs =o=

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    • sparkles? you mean like performance sparkles? You can render these from performances...
      Ah and for any other you need to search up 'em in google
      Search up "sparkles png" or "transparent sparkles" and you'll be somethin' like this
      And after you download your pngs you can recolor 'em to needed color and add to your background?
      idk maybe i misunderstood something XD

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    • A FANDOM user
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