Kanji ユニコーン
Romaji Yunikōn
Personal Info
Hair ColorPink (fur)

Sky Blue (hair)

Eye ColorDark Purple
OccupationPriPara Mascot


Idol Info
Voice ActressIkue Otani

Unicorn is one of the original characters of the series. She is a PriPara mascot and Falulu's manager. She is a special mascot originally tasked with investigating the mystery of the Paradise Coord. Her birthname is Julius Mpampis Adamantios Nicholakopouloulou Anaxagolas Odysseus Procopius Tondol - Zlatkova Nikodemos Metrophanes Ceasar Yorgos Sebastianos Paraskevas Zenon Parthenova Krysanthe Akhnasia Euterpe Harmonia Demetrian, the second longest in the series. This character is RPed with WakaFromStarAnis.


Unicorn 2

Unicorn as an alicorn.

Unicorn is a pale-pink unicorn with dark-purple eyes. She has a long sky-blue ponytail with curled bangs. It's held in place with a large, yellow bow and a yellow bead. Her large angel-styled wings are yellow with white tips, while her white horn has a soft green band with a purple heart charm wrapped around the base. She also wears a purple-and-white cravat neck-piece with a heart on top.


Unicorn thinks very highly of Falulu and is somewhat overprotective of her. She does not let Falulu interact with "Rubbish Idols" of a lower rank, such as Laala. Though it seems that Unicorn only thinks of Falulu as a tool to use, in truth she deeply cares about Falulu and wants to become her friend instead of her manager. But because Falulu is a Vocal Doll she must hold back her feelings as Vocal Dolls are born with one intention: to observe and become Divine Idols, therefore they cannot understand feelings.

After Falulu's system is shut down Unicorn begins to cry and show her real emotions towards Falulu. She trusts Laala to revive Falulu and makes up with Falulu after. Despite being more friendly with her, she is still slightly overprotective of Falulu. She ends her sentences with "~dechu".


Falulu Bokerdole - She is Falulu's manager in PriPara. She deeply cares for Falulu and will do what it takes to make Falulu a true Divine Idol.

Laala Manaka - Initially, she brushed Laala off as a "Rubbish Lower Rank Idol" and refused to interact with her. After Laala is able to revive Falulu, she shows more trust to Laala and her friends.

Koyuki Bokerdole - She was Koyuki's former manager in PriPara.


  • She is the first female mascot introduced in the series.
  • She is the currently the only mascot to have another form.
  • She and Chiho resemble each other, but they are not related.
  • She shares her voice actress with Pikachu from Pokemon and Candy from Smile Precure!.
  • She hacked the PriPara system before the start of the series to ensure that Koyuki would win the Paradise Coord, resulting in Jewlie turning Koyuki into a Vocal Doll.