Yokoyama Natsuki
Yokoyama Natsuki
Kanji 横山 なつき
Romaji Yokoyama Natsuki
Personal Info


SpeciesNine tail fox deity
BirthdayAugust 8th
Blood TypeA+
Height1'50 cm
Hair ColorCyan
Eye ColorCadet Blue
FamilyYokoyama Mori(Big brother)

Yokoyama Kousuke(Second brother)

Yokoyama Naoki(Third brother)

Yokoyama Nobuhiko(Younger brother)

Home PlaceTokyo(Now)

Green hill(Original)

OccupationIdol、Green Hill Empress、Student
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Polaris
Favorite Brand(s)Star Rabbit Sugar
Idol TypeLovely
Voice ActressMinako Kotobuki

Yokoyama Natsuki(横山 なつき) is one of the characters of the series,She is a Lovely-type idol,5th grader at Paprika Private Academy,Her brand is Star Rabbit Sugar


Yokoyama Natsuki

Natsuki she was wearing school uniforms

Natsuki has a small cyan medium-length lavender hair worn in a side-tail held with a light purple scrunchie,cadet blue eyes.

In Pripara,Natsuki reveals her final and true Idol form. In this form she retains her eye and hair color but has become taller,with her hair worn in a very long and curling side-tail.


Natsuki's appearance is innocent,but the heart is a mischief like a prank,doing things are very careful,chic and humorous,overbearing and domineering,most afraid of owning people

Significant Coords

1st Casual︰Milkshake Striped Girl Coord

2nd CasualCream Twinkle Ribbon Sweet Cyalume Coord

Super Cyalume︰Super Cyalume Natsuki Coord


  • Leila►Natsuki's Manager
  • Yokoyama Naoki-Natsuki's third brother,also the most loving Natsuki people
  • Yokoyama Nobuhiko-Natsuki's younger brother,Very much worship their own elder sister
  • Kojima Haruka-She knew her was a ghost princess,is also a human,they become friends,and Rena composition Constellation★
  • Takahashi Rena-Its words and deeds have "Chunichi Disease"problem,claiming the devil from hell「Renon」(レのん),and Haruka composition Constellation★


  • She likes to drink fruit wine
  • She used to get lost,but now it is very good
  • Natsuki usually like to repair some small parts
  • She usually likes to become a fox type to scary,often loved to scare her younger brother
  • She like to joke with a serious expression,and then easy to say:"of course is false~"

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